Wednesday, February 26, 2014

a week gone by

I thought I would hit the highlights from our past week.

On Thursday night of last week, Noah had his basketball awards ceremony.  This guy came and did tricks for them (think Globetrotters, but not one of them) and then spoke afterward.  At the end they received their trophies...we added our first basketball trophy to the collection.

Left to right are his teammates Andrew, Carter and Alex.

When we got home, we found that Andy had bled all over the downstairs floor.  His nail had somehow come almost completely loose and it had to be taped up until we took him to the vet the next morning.

No, I did not call 911.  Todd and his partners came to the awards ceremony and were still in The Ville when this happened, and he came home to look at it.

Poor Andy the Wonder Dog.  This was his temporary cast.  Which he promptly pulled off five seconds after I took this picture.

Friday night I celebrated my best friend's birthday with her by eating at Pancho's.  That is still my all-time favorite Mexican food restaurant.  And it was a treat, because the next day, I started watching what I eat.  I think I may have a thyroid issue going on, and the way to cure it is by diet and exercise.  Today will be day five of no soft drinks and minimal carbs.  I'm not cutting them out totally, I'm just cutting way back.  I'm also not skimping on fruit and veggies, and the carbs that are in those things, I am not counting.

Anyway, Friday night I came home and went through old pictures.

I found these.  The left one is the summer I graduated, the top right is the summer my sister Debi graduated from college and the bottom one is on my graduation day.  Todd has been part of my life now for longer than he hasn't.  :)

On Saturday, Noah had a basketball game, and that night we went to a friend's house for dinner.  It was so good being with them again, it had been over a year since we'd gotten together.

On Sunday we spent the day at church and/or home groups, then Monday found us starting our week.  Monday night was ladies night at my church, and when I got home, I learned that Drew couldn't find his phone.  It turns out he had placed it on the back of my suburban and I drove off with it.

Said phone was shattered and completely ruined and is now living in our trash can.  :/  He's been reduced back down to a dumb phone for the time being.  We simply don't have the money to replace it with another smart phone.  And even if we could, I'm not sure we would.  To assure you that we're not completely horrid people, he does at least have a dumb phone and he still has an iPod touch.

Yesterday was a really good, long day of school work for the boys.  I found this picture on Drew's iPod that he had taken a week ago and posted it to Instagram for him.  He loves when I do that, but the kid has some talent.

Here are some images from what we do in the day time:

We write in journals.  We use fun pens.  Because, why do school work in boring old black pens or pencils, when colored pens aplenty are available?

Today will be another long school day for the boys, then church tonight.  Todd left to go out of town for maybe two nights.  The boys and I will muddle through without him and pray that nothing catastrophic happens while he's away.  Because you know that happens.

Thanks for reading~the two of you who read.  ;)  Love to all.

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