Friday, January 31, 2020

Friday Favorites {Edition Five}

Happy Friday, friends!  I'm linking up with Andrea from Momfessionals, and her friends Erika and Narci, for this blog post. 

In some ways, this week crawled by, but in other ways, it flew.  It's weird how that happens, depending upon what went on during the week.  One thing I do know: I wasn't at home a lot at night this week, and tonight I am pretty sure my husband will be working and I will be sitting enjoying a nice quiet night at home alone.  I'm sure all the other guys will have plans.  I'm okay with this.  I watched one episode of New Amsterdam last night that I'd fallen behind on, and that's what I'll be watching tonight until I'm caught up.  Anyone else watch that?  I love that show, and all the actors.  I also have an episode of This Is Us to watch. 

I love television, it's seriously my favorite past time, other than reading.  I love having all the streaming devices, too, because my options are ENDLESS.

Just for fun, other shows I love are The Resident, The Good Doctor, and Madam Secretary. 

Well, here are a few favorite things from my week.

This would be good on anything.  I make my own ranch dressing at home, and it would even be good in that.  Here's my favorite way I've been eating it all week, though:

I'm on an avocado toast kick, but the hard boiled egg puts it over the top.  This is an extremely filling and satisfying lunch. 

Drew has been helping me eat all the avocados.

This is my favorite spot in my kitchen.  I love the little lamp, I love displaying tea towels, and the cute sign is a new edition from Hobby Lobby. 

I love lamp lighting, and prefer them to other, harsh lighting. 

I'm going to my favorite place today!  {The library.}  I'll be returning this book and picking up some more for the weekend.  I hope to find some new and different authors this time around.  It seems as if lately all the books I've read have been predictable.  They've been great, but predictable.  If you have some suggestions, I'm open to them.

{This book was great, and not predictable or boring.}

Remember these from a few weeks ago?  I've had a request to buy them again, for Sunday night.  I told the boys they could have the living room so they could watch the game downstairs with their friends.  These are one of my favorite things that Costco carries these days.  I'll be making a trip there tomorrow morning, most likely.

Scripture writing is one of my favorite parts of my morning quiet time, and since tomorrow is February the first, I thought I'd share the new plan again.  I love doing this everyday.

I shared this on social media a few weeks ago, but I can't remember if I ever shared them on here.  I ordered these from Amazon a couple of weeks ago to replace the Papermate Flair felt tip pens that ran dry finally, and though they're not the same, they're a pretty good dupe.  I can write with them in my bible, and there is a little bleed through, but nothing too terrible.  The Papermate pens have become ridiculously expensive in price, and I refuse to pay $15 for a six or eight pack of them.  I got all these, plus a black one, for less than $6.

Colored pens are my favorite.

We should own stock in Wilson.  Over the years we have spent so much money on things this company makes, and one day in passing through the dining room, this was what I saw on the table.  My guys love basketball so much, and they love to play in our own driveway, when they're able.  I will be SO GLAD when the guys who have been doing the siding on our our house get their trailer out of our driveway.  It's been parked there since before Thanksgiving, and I am more than ready to see that go.  Our house is finished, for the most part.  They're coming back tomorrow to make some repairs my husband found, and we will need to replace the porch railing with new and add in some landscaping, but I love the look of it and how it turned out.  I'll share about it next week, though. 

Well, my dad is coming over today for lunch, and I need to get moving.  I hope your weekend is great!  Love to all. 

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

catching up

I never mean to let days go by without writing on here, but every once in a while, that happens.  I guess it just depends on life and what all is going on, but anyway, it's Tuesday and here I am. 

I thought I'd share a few things that have been going on lately. 

First up is the fact that I can FINALLY talk about this!

My beautiful niece posted this on social media just last week, and I shared it on mine as well.  Kinsley (left) and Kylie (right) are going to be the best big sisters to their little siblings!  Yes, you read that right, my niece who has twins is having twins again!  All we want and are praying for are healthy babies, but we're all so anxious to hear what they will be.  I am almost beside myself with joy for them.  I have known about this since Christmas eve, and still, when I saw this picture I immediately burst into tears. 

I would love to go there for a week after she has them, and after everyone else returns to life as normal and stay with her and help her out.  I pray that can happen. 

I've been on an avocado kick lately.  This was my lunch on Saturday, as I sat at the kitchen table and studied the Bible.  Also, that seasoning you see?  It's my newest favorite thing in my spice cabinet. 

It would be good on some roasted vegetables, on a baked potato, or on a bagel with cream cheese.  

On Saturday night, my mom-in-love and I went to an Amy Grant concert.  I had seen an advertisement on Instagram, of all things, and I got the tickets for us to go.  She was okay, but playing behind her while she sang was the Memphis Symphony Orchestra, and they were phenomenal.  Before we got to the venue where she was performing, I picked her up and we ate dinner at Humdinger's, which was new for both of us.  It was really good, too!  

The concert was at the Cannon Center downtown, and in that second picture above, you can see the Memphis bridge.  We were so high up that I was terrified.  I hate heights!  I went out onto this floating floor area to take a picture and look over the edge, and I could feel the floor move beneath me.  I was a nervous wreck for the rest of the night.  

This was about the eighth attempt of a picture, and we said it was good as we would get and called it a day.  It was a fun night!

We ended the night with a hot fudge sundae and a milkshake.

It's almost February!  Shannon from Sweet Blessings put out the latest Scripture writing plan.  Want to join me?

I've been reading like crazy, and finished my sixth book of January yesterday.

I had a stellar month of reading, and every book I picked up, I loved.  This one was no exception, and was a fascinating quick read.  

It's based in the time of WWII and spans from then to present day almost.

I'll save the books for another post, but if you need some recommendations, reach out and I'd be glad to help a sister out.

Well, my stepdad is having surgery today, and because of that, I need to wrap this post up and start with the day.  I need to make my bed and do some laundry, then I need to make a run to Kroger before meeting them at the hospital.  Say a prayer for him, please.  It's outpatient surgery, but I know he's nervous.  His name is Bill.  Thanks in advance, friends.  

Love to all.  

Thursday, January 23, 2020

not your typical Friday faves, and on a Thursday

Do you ever have those weeks when it seems as if the Lord is really trying to show you something?  I have had a week like that.  Well, let me back up a little.  I've had a couple of days of that.  I was sick from Sunday through midday on Tuesday with a terrible stomach virus that knocked me off of my feet for all that time in between, and thus the reason for no Friday favorites this week, but since Wednesday morning, this is how it's been. 

Let me explain.

First off, I think a lot of this stems from where I'm reading in the Bible.  I've been in Job since Sunday, and I have seen a main theme over and over and over again.  That is that the Lord is sovereign.  That word's meaning, when used as an adjective and according to when I typed that word into the Google, is possessing supreme or ultimate power.  Job was a righteous and upright man, and we see in the beginning of the book that Satan comes from prowling the earth and asks about Job.  And God gives him permission to test him.  Everything Job has was taken from him, his cattle and other livestock, his home, all of his children.  Immediately we read that he tore his clothes and he bowed and worshiped the Lord, and that's where this that I so love comes from.

And he said, "Naked  I came from my mother's womb, and naked shall I return.  The LORD gave, and the LORD has taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD."  Job 1:21

I don't know about you, but if I were to lose everything of importance to me in such a short time, I'm not sure that would be my first response. 

But, it is Job's, and even though his wife basically tells him to turn from God, he doesn't, and he mourns, and then his three friends come to comfort him.  Though they weren't really of much comfort to him, and they hurt him with their words.  I'm purposefully leaving out a whole lot, because you should read it for yourself, but by the end of the book, everything turns out alright for Job.  This is where I see in between the lines in this book in the Bible, and I recognize God's sovereignty.  (When I say that, what I mean is that before I read the Bible each day, I pray that the Lord would give me knowledge, wisdom, and insight as I read, and that He would speak to me through His word.)

I don't know why He allowed the enemy to test Job in such a way, but He did.  Just like today, I don't know why certain things happen to friends and other loved ones, but I know that God is sovereign.  God is complete control, and He possess that supreme AND ultimate power that the word means.  He was around even before anything on earth was here, and His word tells us that He simply spoke things into existence, and He has known from the beginning of time everything that happens in this world. 

In these two days, I have been thinking so much about God's sovereignty.  I have also thought about it a lot in the last year, as people I know and love have walked through tremendous grief.  And THREE times in about a twelve hour span, the Lord has either brought into my path or into my social media feed names of women who've lost their husbands.  Three.  I'm not making this up!  And I have to wonder why He would do such a thing, but whatever the reason is behind it, I'm here for it and I am opening myself up to be used by the Lord.  I pray that every single day, so I know He uses me, for His glory and honor. 

Today I was getting my nails done.  (It's amazing who the Lord brings across my path while I  indulge in this lovely task.)  I overheard a lady next to me talking, and I commented something, and then that was all it took.  She tearfully told me her husband had just passed away a mere two or three days ago, he had just fallen asleep and didn't wake up again.  She was getting her nails done to make the trip back to where they were from for his memorial service tomorrow morning, and the Lord just happened to put her in my path today.  I just let her talk.  She shared a little about her sweet grandchildren who are all adults or almost adults, and I just listened.  At one point I asked her what her name was, and when she told me, I promised Twila (?) I would pray for her during these next few days and weeks, and I meant it.  I've already prayed for her several times, because I can't imagine being in my home without my husband.  She is a believer already, we talked about that, and I told her I would be thinking of her as she travels to Michigan tomorrow.

The point in all this is isn't the fact that the Lord has given me the ability to carry on a conversation with a brick wall, but it's that when I slow down and take notice of all that is around me, when I engage with the people I come into contact with, that is when the Lord brings someone to me that I can share with or encourage.  He brings these people right to me.  I couldn't avoid them if I tried, and I'd much rather talk to someone while my nails soak rather than sitting in silence for twenty minutes. 

Again, I will say, the Lord is sovereign.  I have to trust that these moments are packed with a very significant purpose, and I have to be bold enough to share my faith.  When I say that, this does not mean that I share all the parts of the gospel every time, but I share about my relationship with the Lord, and I will sometimes ask if they know Him.  (They almost always say yes, because I think so many people think they're believers based on the fact that they're good people~but that's for a whole other blog post.) 

I just talk to them.  They usually ask me what I do, and today Twila asked me that and I told her I'd somehow become a very typical housewife who does a lot of volunteer work.  And I do~I do a lot of things for free.  I told her that I help my friend who is the director of women's ministry at our church, and that I write.  She immediately asked me where I went, and when I told her, we started a whole side conversation, but I have to trust that the Lord used those significant moments before to really comfort and encourage her. 

The other two people who lost husbands are people I don't even know, but I've prayed for them by name, as well.  One is an acquaintance of another friend and the other is a client of my husband's. 

God is sovereign.  He is in total control, and I take such comfort knowing that I can trust Him with my life.  He is the Creator of everything, and if He was able to do all that, I think I can trust Him with however many years He blesses me with here on this earth.

I love this image I came across on social media this week.  We have a choice in life~we can complain about everything or we can thank the good Lord for everything.  Everything is from Him, and in Him, all things hold together.

He is before all things, and by him all things hold together.  Colossians 1:17

He is so good, my friends.  I say that all the time, because I don't want to be "that one" who only says it when things go well for them.  He is good, because He is God, and He cannot be anything but.  Regardless of circumstances, He is amazingly good and kind and gracious and merciful and beautiful.  I was sicker than a dog this week, and I was thanking Him for helping me through it all, even while I was sick.  (I detest stomach viruses.)  We should all live life like this, because if not for one, not a one of us would be here.  When we take the time to really open our eyes and behold what is around us, we cannot help but see Him everywhere. 

God is also trustworthy, and we can rest in His plan for our life.  I just read that today as I wrote out scripture for the day from Proverbs 3:5-6.  It's comforting knowing that I can trust Him.

All of this is true, but to really know it for yourself, you must be a believer in and follower of Jesus.  If you're not, would you reach out to me so that I can tell you about Him?  Or would you reach out to anyone?  I'd be willing to bet, if I were that kind of lady, that you could walk into any Bible-believing church in your area, and a pastor would be willing to talk to you.  If you need a church home and you're local to me, why not come and try mine?  That is not necessary for salvation, but the Bible tells us not to forsake the assembling of ourselves.

And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works, not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near.  Hebrews 10:24-25

(Day refers to the day when Jesus returns.)

I pray these words reach the person who needs to read this. 

Thanks, as always, for reading.  Love to all. 


Here is where I was reading in Job yesterday that prompted this whole post.

Friday, January 17, 2020

Friday Favorites {edition three of 2020}

Happy Friday, friends!  I'm linking up with Andrea from Momfessionals, and her friends, for this blog post.

It has been a WEEK!  It was every bit as busy as last week, actually a little more, and I am looking forward to a day of nothing today.  Normally my dad comes over on this day each week, and I will miss him terribly, but I'm also kinda glad to have a reason to stay comfy all day long.  Even Jonah said to me last night that I'd been gone a lot this week.  I don't always like weeks like this, but it couldn't be helped.

Most of you know that I help my friend Amy with the women's ministry at church, and this was the week our Bible study started back.  We had to meet for several hours about that one day, and then I was there the following day to help out with the actual Bible study (we offer an a.m. option and a p.m. option), and to put out coffee and refreshments for the morning group.  Then I was back at church that afternoon around four to set up some rooms and to pray with a sweet group of ladies.

I'm going to be really honest for a few minutes, here.  I lead one of the small groups on Wednesday nights, and I am always a nervous wreck before that time each week.  I always pray over it all before we start, and I like to get there really early to set up my room and to pray over each seat.  Sometimes that eases my nerves, and sometimes, it does not.  I thought I'd be okay by the time last night rolled around, but I was so nervous!  I think it was because I was a little busy placing people in groups who hadn't signed up online, and it all just escalated by the time we went to small groups.  I'm rolling my eyes at all this, because though I've done this a lot before, my nerves always kick in.  I guess it's a good thing in a way, that I'm not overly confident.  I desperately need Jesus!  Always, but especially when I do something outside of my comfort zone.

Anyway, last night was just an introduction night as we all started the process of getting to know each other.  I opened us up in prayer, I talked a little about the homework and workbook and what each week would look like, and then we just went around the room and shared a little about ourselves.  By the time fourteen of us had shared, it was almost time to go.  We talked for a few minutes, and then I asked someone else to close us in prayer, and then I dismissed everyone ten minutes early.  And that's about how each week goes, but along with discussing the homework.  It's not brain science or anything, but I need women to talk.  I'm not a teacher.  I'm not being self deprecating, I literally am not a teacher according the spiritual gift tests I've taken.  I can lead and facilitate, but teaching?  No.

I don't know why I shared all that, but if you read that and you know me at all, please pray for me each week.  This seems to be the year that God is getting me out of my comfort zone.  My best friend and I were talking about this yesterday, and it's true for the both of us.  He's got her teaching women Chronological Bible Study, and I'm doing the small group thing, but I'm also working on something I'm writing with some other ladies from my church.  I'm excited to do these things, but none of it is easy, at least to me, and more than one time, I've felt VERY overwhelmed and intimidated.  I have to be careful there, with that intimidation, because I think that is a work from the enemy.

Needless to say, if you pray for me, it would not be wasted.  Thank you, friends.

Moving on, I will miss my dad today.

I took this last week as I was getting ready for him to come over.  I'd been doing laundry that morning and cleaning and straightening things up, and in doing all that, I got his spot on my couch ready for him.  I keep that blanket nearby because he gets cold easily.  He has an eye doctor appointment today, so that's why he won't make it to my house, and I think it makes his head bother him after he goes to this appointment.  I totally understand, and will be extra glad to see him next week.  Our Fridays are my favorite.

The Bible reading has been so good this week.  I read about Joseph this week and am almost finished with reading in Genesis.  Up next is Job, which I love, though most people do not.

I am a day behind, though, and I'll use my time today to get caught up again and to do some personal studying on my own.  I had two really sweet mornings with Jesus this week, and He knew I'd need those two days to sustain me for the rest of this week.  I tell people all the time to try to never neglect time with God each day.  I always pray, but for two days in a row this week, I spent a lot longer time in prayer, and I could feel the Lord so near to me.  Times like that are always my favorite, and I am looking forward to that again today.

On a much lighter note, I found a new favorite thing from Costco this week.

This bag holds almost four pounds, and costs around $15.  These were DELICIOUS.  Next time I'll buy two bags, and I'll add a couple of other things to the meal that night.  The chicken had the best flavor.  These were teenager and husband approved.

I found a new show on Netflix that is my new favorite.  You may have heard of it, lots of people are talking about on the internet.

Cheer!  I started watching this on Sunday night and I'm dragging my feet, because there are only six episodes.  My niece Erika used to cheer competitively, and this show took me right back to watching her practice and perform.  It's intense!  I keep catching myself holding my breath while watching them do stunts.

I also found a new favorite pen from Amazon, and it's their Amazon Basics brand.

They're comparable to the Papermate Flair felt tip pens, and though they're not the same at all, they are pretty great and cost little to nothing.  These were less than $5, and the Papermate Flair pens have gone up to almost $15!  I refuse to pay that.  Can anyone else testify to school supplies being their favorite thing ever?

This is my newest favorite album to listen to on Spotify.  Particularly, the songs Lead Me, King of Kings, and On and On.

I love music and listen to worship music while I get dressed and while I'm piddling around downstairs in the daytime and don't want the television turned on.

And last, but not least, two of my favorites turned three on Thursday!

I love how much they love each other!  I cannot believe they're three already.  Those years went by so fast!  I don't know if their mommy and daddy can say that, but for the rest of us, it sure did.  I sincerely wish I could be there for their party on Saturday, but I'm looking forward to seeing some pictures.

What are your plans for this weekend?  I'd love to hear!  Thanks for reading my blog.  Love to all!

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

some Tuesday things

Happy Tuesday!  This week is shaping up to be a great one, and for that, I am always thankful. 

For two days in a row now, I have had such excellent time with the Lord each morning.  I always do this, but some days are better than others...I know you know what I mean.  I've been trying not to rush on these days when I don't have to rush off somewhere, and in that time, I've really been praying some specific things regarding those I know and love.  I pray for all of both our families each and everyday, but sometimes the prayers are very specific.  I trust the Lord with these things I'm praying, and I have faith that He will move on behalf of those I cried out to Him for.  I have loved just sitting and soaking in the Lord's presence, and for two days in a row when I had this time with Him in the mornings, He has felt so very close.  The bible tells us in James 4:8 that as we draw near to Him, He draws near to us.

I know a lot of you have experienced that, and I love that feeling.  I usually get so overwhelmed that I cry a little, or a lot sometimes, and I can't help but worship Him and sing in those moments. 

If you're feeling a little dry in this area, may I encourage you a little?  Go somewhere private and get alone with the Lord.  Sit at a table, get on your knees in a closet, go and hide in your car, just get alone with Him.  And then pray!  There is no formula for this.  Just praise Him for who He is, give to Him the thanksgiving He deserves, ask Him to show you any unconfessed sin in your heart, and then pray for yourself and for others.  Don't neglect yourself, though.  Just today I asked God to help me to remain someone who doesn't envy others.  I want to be a champion for my friends and sisters, both literal and figurative, and I want to be genuinely excited for other people. 

Just this morning, the Lord helped me with this, and I reached out to someone I don't text very often.  It was sweet!  I know that was Him helping me do that, and I hope that He prompts me to do that more and more.

I mentioned worshiping and singing to the Lord.  Sometimes there are choruses we sing at church that are stuck in my head, and I'll sing those.  I also sing that old chorus, I Love You Lord, a lot.  It's so simple, but it's beautiful.  Other times, I turn on Spotify and I worship while others sing about God.

This is what I had on yesterday.  It's really good, and I encourage you to give it a listen for yourself.  Singing songs to the Lord is biblical, though, and even though it may come natural to me because I sing in choir, this is NOT just for singers in choir.  Everyone is to do this!  Read for yourself in Colossians 3. 

My time reading the word of God has been sweet so far this week, too.  I'm going in chronological order again in 2020, and today I read about Joseph in the book of Genesis.

I'm a note-taker by nature.  This is something I've been doing more since I read a book by David Platt and how reads the bible, though.  I read a little and then I summarize.  Sometimes it's just a little bit of summary on my part, and some days it's a lot.  I try not to get weighed down with this, but I do always try to at least give a brief summary of each passage of scripture that I have read.  This helps me to pay attention and to retain what I've just read.

If you've never done that, you should try it for yourself.  It also helps me later to pray that I'm able to apply something I've read that day. 

I pray that as the Lord has been faithful to me, that I am faithful to Him in this.  I want to give Him my best, because He deserves that and so much more.  If you've not yet spent time with Him today, why not go and do that now?  Sometimes we all just need a simple reminder. 

Thanks for reading.  Love to all! 

Friday, January 10, 2020

Friday Favorites {edition two of 2020}

Happy Friday, friends!  I am linking up with Andrea from Momfessionals, and her friends Erika and Narci, for this blog post.

I sort of feel like I am limping into the weekend after a busy week.  It was a really good week, but after not having to be any place in particular with no time schedule for weeks in a row, it's hard to get back into the groove of being a little busier again.  This was the week I decided to go back to working at my church, and aside from that, I also had plans for all the rest of the days.  Here's a little of what I've been up to.

I had to get out and make a Costco run last weekend, and after I did that, I went to my happy place, also known as our local library, and stocked up on books for the week.  I always get a pile of books when I go, because especially if I'm in a hurry and don't take the time to really see if it'll hold my attention, I'll bring it home to try, but I'll put it down if I don't like it.  So, one of these books I knew I wouldn't like from the start, and one of them is one of a series, so without having read them in order, I decided to skip that one.  The other one, I'm not sure about yet.  Three of them, I have already finished.

Which means that so far for this month, I'm working on book number five.  This pace won't continue, but I always start strong after not reading a lot for a month or two.  Every book I've read so far is one I've loved.  Reading is my favorite.

This was me on Sunday after church.  Todd had run into Popeye's to grab us some lunch to take home, and I was in his truck waiting.  His truck is my favorite vehicle.  It's so comfy to sit and ride in, and the windows are nice and dark, so people can't see inside, which is really nice.  It's so dark that I don't need sunglasses.

I saw this on the interwebs this week and it made me laugh out loud, because this is so me.  I immediately texted it to my husband, because we are forever searching through what he calls my hiding places for things he needs.  I hate clutter, therefore, I'm forever putting things in a different place.  This quality is not my husband's favorite thing about me, but what can I do?  I am my mother's child.

Nail day is one of my favorite days.  I love the place I go to now, and I love this dip powder that I've been using.  My nails are so much better than they've ever been, and the sweet girl who does mine doesn't layer it too thick.  That is a complaint sometimes with having your nails dipped.  I had red sparkly at Christmas, then white sparkly for the new year, and now I'm wearing this glittery berry color.  She dips them twice in the color, and twice more in the glittery one, and the above picture is the result.  I was browsing on Pinterest one day this week looking for something, and I saw that glittery nails is a big trend right now.  Who knew?  I didn't, I just know that for now, I love the look.

Currently, this is my favorite snack.  The mixture of all these things is really good.  It's salty and sweet, crunchy and soft.  I picked this up at Costco last Saturday, and the bag is a lot bigger than it looks in this picture, and only cost about $5.  I'll definitely be buying this again.

Please excuse the selfies I took, but getting new glasses is my favorite thing ever.  I can see again!  Recently, mine had stopped working as well, and I was way overdue for an eye exam.  It'd been three years since my last visit.  I go to a place called Eyes For You, and if I go to their store in Cordova, which is about thirty minutes away, I can have them back on the same day, in a little over an hour.  These are the pairs I chose, both almost identical to each other.  They're both neutral, and a tortoise shell color, so brown and black.  I have never picked this shape before, but I love them, and I love that I can wear them with anything.

I'm far sighted with an astigmatism in both eyes that gets worse the older I get.  {All that means is that it's hard for my eyes to focus, especially when I look far away, and then try to read right after that.}

This is one of my favorite places to be.  This is my church home, and where I spend a lot of time.  I was there yesterday for a couple of hours almost, doing a few things for women's ministry and eating King cake from a bakery in Louisiana, and laughing and talking with some really sweet ladies.  Thursdays are a day that could be so monotonous and boring, but thanks to the sweet ladies who run these training sessions each week, it's always a fun morning and it FLIES by.

Sweet Callie.  I don't ever share too much about her, because she's not my favorite dog, but I think it's only because of her hair.  She sheds terribly, and I have to vacuum every single day to not lose my mind.  I don't always do that, but I should.  She is so protective of all her people, and this was where I sat and ate lunch one day this week, in our dining room.  She was at my feet the entire time.  Her nerves are on edge because of all the hammering happening on our house as they put up our new siding.

I've shared on here that I'm reading the bible in chronological order again this year, but I'm also doing scripture writing, and this is my favorite thing to do.  I loved this verse in Ecclesiastes chapter three one day this week, so much so, that I wrote down what it said in the margin of my bible.  (That is verse 14.)

Last night was my favorite dinner that I've made in a long time.  I just drowned some chicken tenderloins in a bottle of Sweet Baby Ray's and then I tossed together some salad with Olive Garden's brand of Italian dressing, and I found a copycat recipe for hashbrown casserole from Cracker Barrel.  Judging by how much everyone ate, it was their favorite, too.  A Christmas miracle has happened twice this week~the six of us have eaten dinner together!  This rarely happens these days, but twice in one week is amazing.  I'll take any amount of time I can get.  Even if one or two are missing, the rest of us sit down at the table and eat together, but it's not the same.  I like having them all here at the table, even if it is a little cramped with those four grown guys.

It's been a really great week.  Next week is lining up to be every bit as busy, but I will have one full day at home for the week, and for that, I am thankful.  (It's Monday.) 

How was your week?  I'd love to hear from you!

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.  Love to all. 

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

simply Tuesday

I am excited about my day today!  I have an appointment to have my eyes checked, and I will be getting some new glasses to wear.  I love getting new glasses, especially ones that work.  The last couple of weeks, the ones I'm currently using haven't been great. 

Also, I'm spending time with my mom-in-love today.  I'll pick her up after my eye appointment, and we plan on lunching and shopping.  I need some hand soap for the guys bathroom upstairs, so hopefully this will include a trip to Home Goods.  I love days like this, days when I get in some good quality time with the people I love.  We made these plans a few weeks ago, and I know she is looking forward to it as much as I am.  Aside from these things, that's about it for this day.  Noah works tonight, so we'll probably get pizza for dinner, because we get it half off the regular price. 

I thought I'd also share a little about my quiet time lately.  For 2020, I am reading through the bible again in chronological order.  My church offers a class you can attend for bible study each Wednesday night, but because I'm leading a small group for another bible study, I won't be able to attend most of those.  I do plan on joining in when I'm in between these other bible studies I help lead. 

The reason I say all that is to say that I believe that doing such things, like attending a bible study, is really good for accountability reasons.  All too often, in my personal life, if I don't have accountability, I can fall away from a reading plan, or a study.  The smaller group settings always provide an environment that fosters friendship and doing life alongside other women.  It also helps when listening to others share.  I think all of these things are faith building. 

In reading the bible each morning, and in this way, I know from past experience that though the reading is easy for now, there will come a day when it's harder to read and to understand.  But even when it gets like that, it is so important to stick with the plan.  Sometimes we just have to muddle through, and that is okay.  Also, I am an avid reader and note taker, and it is almost impossible for me to read the bible without taking exhaustive notes.  I've been praying about this, though, because I can also be legalistic about this, and I've asked God to not let that hinder me from reading in His word.  That means, some days I will take a lot of notes, and other days, like today, I will not.  The point is not my notes; the purpose in reading the word of God is to know Him more.

This is all hard for me.  The not being legalistic about things.  I've prayed about it so many times, though, and I keep on asking the Lord to help me with it all each morning.  I hope to not have to miss days doing this each week.  I know some days will be busy, but I'll have time at some point in the day, I know, to remain current each day.  I also know from experience in reading the bible in this way that if I miss too many days in a row, it is hard to catch up again.  I always prefer to do this in the mornings, but any time in the day in the word is better than no time that day. 

So those are my intentions in reading the bible this year.  I think it also helps to have a plan, and if you don't have one, I would encourage you to find one.  There are a million ways you could read, but one way is one chapter a day for five days a week.  Read that chapter and then write about it to summarize or focus on one verse that jumps out to you.  My pastor is doing this by starting in Genesis and Psalm.  So each day he will read a chapter in each until he makes his way through the old testament.  Last year we did this method with the new testament and we finished the week of Christmas. 

Reading the bible is crucial for those of us who are believers in and followers of Jesus.  The bible contains everything we need, and it tells us all about who He is.  And right up there with reading the bible is prayer.  I always have to pray before I read, because so many times, I have to ask the Lord to give me wisdom on what I'm reading. 

Tell me what your bible reading plan is this year, I'd love to hear!

And thank you for reading my blog.  Love to all!

Monday, January 6, 2020


This picture pretty much sums up this first Monday of the year, am I right?  I know it's how I feel, as this week, things return to normal.  I've written down things in my weekly planner/calendar, I've thought about meals (because guess who hasn't been?!), I've moved things around for this week, and I'm already tired.  I had hoped to have one complete day at home this week, but it's not working out that way, so I guess I'll finish the painting next week. 

Oh, and about the whole not cooking or thinking about meals, one thing I've made twice this weekend are those yummy no bake chocolate-peanut butter-and oats cookies.  I just ate two of them, as I was typing.  Those are my favorite cookies and are so easy.  I got the recipe from Shay Shulls ( years ago, and they are fool-proof. 

Anyway.  It was a great weekend.  I kicked it off by being with Dad all day Friday.  Todd and Graham came home a little early because they had a call out (with the sheriff's department on a missing person, whom they did end up finding), and then when they left, I took Dad home.  I made a bad decision and got Zaxby's for dinner, and it made my stomach hurt.  BLEH.  I went to bed early, and the boys had made it back home hours before. 

Also, on Thursday of last week, Drew's friend Zack texted me and asked if he could come here for the weekend to surprise Drew and spend two nights with us, to which I answered that of course he could!  Drew was shocked, and Zack got here about five minutes after Drew had been home from work.  I know they had a great time together.  They went to some local basketball games, they bowled, they watched football here, they had a guys' poker night on Saturday night, and they ended by going to church on Sunday, then to lunch, and then to a final basketball game. 

On Saturday, I went to Costco for a few things, mainly coffee, and then I went to the library and stocked up on some books.  I came home and started and finished the first one, and man!  It was so good.

It was The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren.  I'm giving it a strong PG 13 rating, because of language and a couple of scenarios that I skipped over.  Other than that, it was really good and I could not put it down.  I think I broke my record and read those four hundred pages faster than I ever have before.  It only took me about three hours to read it from start to finish.

After that, we went to some friends' house with another couple for dinner, and had fun just sitting and chatting.  We rarely all see each other, and it was nice to get to sit and talk.  Next time we're playing games, though.  ;)

On Sunday, I was at church, along with my hubby, by eight thirty.  It was such a sweet morning of worship!  I loved every single song we sang, and I was privileged to be able to help lead in worship and sing a duet with my worship pastor.  I love the song we sang, it's one of my very favorites, and it's called Psalm 23, by the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir.  You should listen to it, it's so good!

After church, Toddley and I grabbed some Popeyes and brought it home to eat.  I took a nap, the boys all came and left again for whatever reason, and then Missy came and picked me up for church.  Todd worked last night, and we like to sit together.  Noah worked, as well, so we were all over the place.  It was a really great weekend.  How was yours?

I'm looking forward to getting things back to normal this week.  I'll be going to work some at our church this week, which I haven't done in ages, it seems.  (I volunteer.)  And then I have plans for today with my mom, tomorrow with my mom-in-love, and then I have a meeting on Wednesday and I'm meeting with one of the girls I used to help teach that same night for coffee so we can catch up before she goes back to school later this week.  It'll be Friday again in a blink.

Well, thanks for reading!  Love to all. 

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