Tuesday, January 14, 2020

some Tuesday things

Happy Tuesday!  This week is shaping up to be a great one, and for that, I am always thankful. 

For two days in a row now, I have had such excellent time with the Lord each morning.  I always do this, but some days are better than others...I know you know what I mean.  I've been trying not to rush on these days when I don't have to rush off somewhere, and in that time, I've really been praying some specific things regarding those I know and love.  I pray for all of both our families each and everyday, but sometimes the prayers are very specific.  I trust the Lord with these things I'm praying, and I have faith that He will move on behalf of those I cried out to Him for.  I have loved just sitting and soaking in the Lord's presence, and for two days in a row when I had this time with Him in the mornings, He has felt so very close.  The bible tells us in James 4:8 that as we draw near to Him, He draws near to us.

I know a lot of you have experienced that, and I love that feeling.  I usually get so overwhelmed that I cry a little, or a lot sometimes, and I can't help but worship Him and sing in those moments. 

If you're feeling a little dry in this area, may I encourage you a little?  Go somewhere private and get alone with the Lord.  Sit at a table, get on your knees in a closet, go and hide in your car, just get alone with Him.  And then pray!  There is no formula for this.  Just praise Him for who He is, give to Him the thanksgiving He deserves, ask Him to show you any unconfessed sin in your heart, and then pray for yourself and for others.  Don't neglect yourself, though.  Just today I asked God to help me to remain someone who doesn't envy others.  I want to be a champion for my friends and sisters, both literal and figurative, and I want to be genuinely excited for other people. 

Just this morning, the Lord helped me with this, and I reached out to someone I don't text very often.  It was sweet!  I know that was Him helping me do that, and I hope that He prompts me to do that more and more.

I mentioned worshiping and singing to the Lord.  Sometimes there are choruses we sing at church that are stuck in my head, and I'll sing those.  I also sing that old chorus, I Love You Lord, a lot.  It's so simple, but it's beautiful.  Other times, I turn on Spotify and I worship while others sing about God.

This is what I had on yesterday.  It's really good, and I encourage you to give it a listen for yourself.  Singing songs to the Lord is biblical, though, and even though it may come natural to me because I sing in choir, this is NOT just for singers in choir.  Everyone is to do this!  Read for yourself in Colossians 3. 

My time reading the word of God has been sweet so far this week, too.  I'm going in chronological order again in 2020, and today I read about Joseph in the book of Genesis.

I'm a note-taker by nature.  This is something I've been doing more since I read a book by David Platt and how reads the bible, though.  I read a little and then I summarize.  Sometimes it's just a little bit of summary on my part, and some days it's a lot.  I try not to get weighed down with this, but I do always try to at least give a brief summary of each passage of scripture that I have read.  This helps me to pay attention and to retain what I've just read.

If you've never done that, you should try it for yourself.  It also helps me later to pray that I'm able to apply something I've read that day. 

I pray that as the Lord has been faithful to me, that I am faithful to Him in this.  I want to give Him my best, because He deserves that and so much more.  If you've not yet spent time with Him today, why not go and do that now?  Sometimes we all just need a simple reminder. 

Thanks for reading.  Love to all! 

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