Monday, June 24, 2019

hello Monday link-up and a little bit of weekending

The weekend went by way too fast!  I'm linking up with Tanya from The Other Side of the Road and her friends for this blog post. 

My dad came over a little early on Friday, and he and I went to Olive Garden for lunch.  It was so good!  We both got the soup and salad combo.  I had to make a quick run into Costco, then we came back here for a bit before I took him home, also a little early.  My best friend's brother had a massive stroke last week and ended up passing away early yesterday morning...I say all that to say that a sweet friend from church (Teresa) and I went to the hospital to be with Missy that afternoon.  We stayed for a couple of hours and then left when they were about to leave.  The hospital isn't in the greatest area in town, and while I was not scared to go alone, I was a little iffy about leaving alone.  Parking garages and all that...I am so glad Teresa went with me. 

When I got back home, Todd and the boys here were about to leave for dinner.  He asked me to go, but I opted to stay in and eat leftovers.  It was not a burden. 

Especially once I turned my favorite movie on.  They came back home, and I went to bed shortly after. 

On Saturday, Toddley was up and out of the house by seven something for training with the sheriff's department, and I headed to a friend's house to swim with my sister Trish. 

It was GLORIOUS.  The water was still cool, which I love, and we caught up while we floated around on noodles.  I got some color, but I didn't burn.  I was back home by two and showered, then fell asleep for thirty minutes.  That night, we went to my dad's house to see my niece Amanda, her husband Mike, and my great niece Claire.  They were passing through on their way across country. 

Three out of my four were there (Noah's at beach camp) and Claire and them enjoyed playing tag.  She definitely gave them a run for their money. 

Todd was too sick to go with us, we think he was suffering from dehydration from that morning out in the woods.  Poor thing.  He felt better by the time we got home, and was completely normal again yesterday morning when he woke up. 

I was supposed to have sung on praise team at church yesterday, but after talking to my hubby about it Saturday, we decided I should find someone to cover for me, in case I went to the hospital again with Missy.  I am so glad that he urged me to do that, because I had a text from her when I woke up at six, that her brother was declining quickly.  He ended up passing away pretty early, but I still felt like I wanted to go and be with her, and I'm glad I did that as well.  One of her sons, his wife, her hubby, a pastor and friend from church were there as well, all for Missy.  We didn't stay long, after I got there, and I actually made it back home before church even let out. 

Missy and I were talking about the shortness of life, and not knowing when our time on earth is over, and we have agreed even more so than ever before, that now is not the time to be lazy about sharing the truth of the gospel with those we know and love who are lost.  This time last week, Mike was fine.  Today, he is with his Maker.  If you're not a believer, this is for you. 

"For God loved the world in this way: He gave His One and Only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life.  For God did not sent His Son into the world that He might condemn the world, but that the world might be saved through Him."  John 3:16-17

Because of mankind's sinfulness and because of God's holiness, we should be forever separated from God.  But God sent His Son Jesus to live and then die on a tree on behalf of the world's sin.  Jesus didn't stay dead, though.  He was buried, and then resurrected three days later.  After His resurrection, He walked on earth for a short time, then ascended into heaven to sit down at the right hand of the throne of God.  Once we believe He is Who His word is says He is, and once we repent of our sin and ask His forgiveness, and believe in Him and accept Him as our Lord and Savior, then we are no longer separated from Him.  Jesus bridged that gap that eternally separated us, when He died, was buried and then resurrected.  It sounds simple, and it is!  Believe.  Repent, and ask forgiveness.  Accept Him as Lord of our lives and Savior.  That's all.  If you've lived a life of wretchedness and did all this now and died right after, you would be in heaven with Him forever. 

Praying is easy, it's just like talking to a friend.  There is no script for this, just talk to the Lord as if you were talking with a friend.  I think sometimes we way over complicate things, but it's all so easy.  We never know when our time on earth will be over.  Let today be the day of your salvation! 

I pray this falls where it needs to fall and that the Lord Himself would use those words out of the bible that I wrote above from John to pierce your heart. 

Love to all. 

Friday, June 21, 2019

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends!  I'm linking up with Andrea from Momfessionals, and her friends Erika and Narci, for this blog post. 

This week has gone by so fast.  It's been moderately busy, too, which I never mind these days, and yesterday I spent the entire day with Noah.  That never happens!  I was getting him ready to leave for camp this morning, and we shopped, ate lunch, and ran errands to our heart's content. 

My mom joined us as well, which was fun. 

Here are some of this week's favorites, either products or experiences. 

Newest favorite movie?  This one.  Missy and I went to see Aladdin last Friday night.  We both had popcorn, diet coke, and peanut M & M's for dinner, and it was glorious.  Recliner?  Check.  Sitting there singing all the songs at the end and being one of the last couple of people left in the theater?  Even better.

Running errands with Mom is always a favorite thing to do.  I love when we just do life together.  This was me waiting on her last Saturday and being all cool and comfy in one of my favorite and most worn purchases this summer, the infamous Walmart dresses.  I think they're all sold out online, even, but I am so glad my friend told me about them, and I am so glad I bought several.  Please excuse my tired eyes in this picture.  Also right after this, I found a wasp in the car with me and I almost died trying to get it out.

I also almost fell later that night outside of Barnes & Noble with my dad and Trish.  It was like slow motion.  I managed to save myself, but they were just watching it all go down, and somehow I jumped and jogged my way out of busting it on the concrete.  I'm already klutzy, but this boot makes it a hundred times worse.  I'm rolling my eyes again.

I am not at all a name brand person, but this does just so happen to my favorite purse, and it was one I was given.  I also don't know why I am obsessed with pink right now, because all of my life, I have hated the color, but now?  It's my new favorite.

More proof.  I've had this polish on for a solid week now.  It's Just Lanai-ing Around by OPI. 

I got these shoes last week.  I totally splurged on them, but the only reason I even say that is because I have ankle and feet issues.  I'm known for getting tendinitis in my ankles, and my foot is currently fractured for the second time in about three years.  I mention all that to say that I cannot wear bad shoes.  They need to be supportive, and they need to able to firmly encase my feet.  I cannot do cheap, flimsy, or flat shoes.  I have tried and tried, and every single time, I end up hurt.  This brand is Naked Feet, and like I said, were a total splurge.  My husband and I both have issues with our feet (his are completely flat, as are Drew's), and neither of us can do cheap shoes.  He wears boots with those expensive arches from The Good Feet Store in them 24/7.  These are currently "on sale", though it's not much of a sale. 

This is my current favorite view.  This is dad's house.  I will always consider this home. 

I made a visit to my favorite happy place (the library) yesterday.  I have been in a major reading slump all of June, and can't seem to get out.  I am hoping these books will change all of that. 

I am slowly making my way through this key lime pie I made Tuesday.  It is my favorite dessert during the summer time.  If you want the recipe, scroll down until you see this picture, and it's on that post.

I love to cook and come up with different things.  Last night for dinner we had a breakfast casserole and pancakes.  I made all theirs, and then I made mine.  These are lemon blueberry pancakes, and are now my favorite type of pancakes of all time.  I zested a lemon and squeezed in all the juice, then used Bisquick, an egg, milk (until it was the desired consistency), and blueberries.  I didn't even eat the breakfast casserole...I took one bite, then I just ate #allthepancakes.

Last but not least, is this picture that a friend tagged me in on FB nine years ago.  This was us, in Iceland somewhere between Vestmannaeyjar and Rekjavik, on a ferry in the North Atlantic Ocean.  It was windy and freezing, and this was right before I was so sick that I wasn't sure how I would make it all the way to where we were headed. 

Well, that's Friday Favorites, in a nutshell.  Thanks for reading!  I need to go get dressed for the day.  Love to all! 

Thursday, June 20, 2019

throwback Thursday (#tbt)

I have loved all my memories from Timehop lately.  Anyone else?  Some of the ones from Facebook make me cringe, but most of them, I love.  I thought that since I am spending my day running errands with Noah to get him ready for camp, that I would share some old pictures from this day in history. 

This is one of my favorite bible verses of all time, and it's one of the first I committed to my memory when I started memorizing scripture years and years ago.  I used to have a stack of note cards with me at all times, with all these verses written out on them, and anytime I had a spare moment, I would pull them out and work on them.  I wish I was still that good, but the truth is, if you don't practice this every single day, you lose a lot of what you've memorized.  With smart phones now, this is no longer necessary, the carrying around of all the note cards.  I miss doing that, though and sometimes hate the whole smart phone thing.

I'm just going to confess here that I've been a little nagging lately.  I'm rolling my eyes at my own self.  I needed this reminder today, to give myself a bit of perspective.  I accused my husband of being grumpy the other night, and though maybe he was, if that was the case, he wasn't the only one.  Again.  I'm rolling my eyes at my own self.  #perspective

On this day, two years ago, this was where Graham and Drew were.  This was the year that both of them went back to Arizona for the Navajo missions trip.  Drew was helping them with scripture memorization, and this boy you see pictured that he was talking to was his favorite kid there for two years straight.  This trip was not made this year, at least not in this capacity.  Things are changing and now the Navajo missions will be a part of NAMB (North American Missions Board).  Some people did return there this year, but it was more like a maps trip, where construction work is done.  I know Drew was so bummed about not going this year.  He went for three years in a row.  Graham went for two years in a row, and the first year, we all went. 

In honor of high school camp happening all around me, I thought I'd share about the year I stayed home to help my friend Abbey with her wedding stuff, and the year that Flat Jen went in my place.  Why, yes, I did make a flat version of myself and it went everywhere that Missy went.  I'm laughing.  This was a few of the girls holding me.  (Raven, Hannah, and BK.) 

This week, sweet Callie turns four!  I think we agreed that her birthday is the twentieth.  We got her in September, and she was three months old, just about to the day, when we got her.  I love the dog, I HATE HER HAIR. 

Speaking of camp, this is usually what my laundry looks like upon the return of campers.  However, this year, Noah is the only one in the family going.  For the first time in fourteen years, Todd isn't going and neither am I.  I haven't been in a few years and he wasn't able to this year, because of work and another trip he already went on.  It's so weird that only one of the boys is going.  Jonah opted not to go because he hates the beach (and it's at the beach) and also because of his summer job.  He didn't want to take the extra time off, because he missed several days in a row when he went to that truck meet at Daytona Beach with Graham. 

I was just thinking back yesterday, to how much fun we've had over these years of attending camps as counselors.  Believe it or not, my favorite camps of all time were always kids camp.  I loved the location, I adored the children's ministry pastor at the time my youngest two were that age, and I loved being around the teenage junior counselors as well.  We always had so much fun.  For years, that was what we did, and how we took our time off. 

Nine years ago this week, Todd and I had the privilege of going to Iceland on a mission trip with some great people.  These two guys are just two that were on the trip, but there were a few more with us.  This was on a ferry boat on the North Atlantic ocean.  It was a FOUR HOUR ferry ride from Vestmannaeyjar to Reykjavik Iceland.  I learned on that trip that when the ocean is rough, it is best that I go to one of the bottom levels of the ship and lay flat and just sleep.  It seems hard to believe that was nine years ago.  We met some dear people on that trip, who lived on the island that we were sailing from in this picture, and I am so thankful that I get to "see" them all the time on social media.  That is when social media is a beautiful thing.  Our friends, Gudni and Gudbjorg just celebrated their thirtieth anniversary yesterday.  Gudni is the pastor of the church we stayed at while were on the island, and they, along with their three children, became like family. 

Well, this was a fun post for me.  Thanks for reading!  Now on to all the pre-camp errands.  There is nothing quite like waiting until the last minute, huh?  We have several places to go today, and then I'll come home and chill (literally, it's a hundred degrees today it seems) and read until it's time to start making dinner. 

Love to all! 

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Summer lunches and dinners

I love to cook.  Except for when it feels like one hundred degrees outside and the oven makes it worse.   That being said, we do a lot of easy summer night dinners in these hot months.  I thought I'd share a little of what I do, and then I thought I'd ask for your help.  If you have a few favorites during these months, will you consider sharing?

Before I start with the dinners, I will mention lunches.  My boys have never been the type to eat sandwiches for lunch.  Well, not when they were little, anyway.  Almost everyday, they like something hot to eat, even if it's hot outside.  I am not like this.  I will eat anything.  A few of their favorites are anything leftover, ramen noodles, chicken strips with homemade ranch dressing (equal parts mayo, sour cream, salt to taste and any other seasoning of your choice-I use taco seasoning-and milk drizzled in slowly while you whisk it until it's the desired consistency you prefer), taquitos, or chef salad here recently.  Now that they're all older, I do actually pack lunches for Graham and Jonah before they leave for work, and of course I do the same for my hubby.  Just in the past couple of weeks, I have been packing PB&J sandwiches for them, and Graham and Jonah both love them now.  They used to hate them.

Needless to say, mornings are slightly crazy and chaotic.  It'll be worse when Drew starts school again in August, because I also make him breakfast before he leaves.  I think I'm just destined to spend all my time in the kitchen.  I am not complaining...I know that all too soon, this will no longer be an issue.  I just hope that when Graham and Drew move out, they're able to make their own stuff.  Drew better learn how to cook quick!  He is spoiled when it comes to this, and has never been interested in cooking for himself.  Graham will be fine.

Last night for dinner, Todd and I ate tomato sandwiches.  This is the ONLY time I want my sandwich bread slathered with mayonnaise.  I like big slices of tomato, and then I use plenty of salt and pepper.  We also had BLTs one night last week.  I am pretty sure I could eat that every night.  Tonight it's taco Tuesday!  My favorite night of the week, when I participate in this.  ;)  With the tacos, we will also have black beans and rice and key lime pie for dessert.  My mouth just watered!  I haven't made a key lime pie yet since it's been hot. 

I've been using this easy recipe for lemon/lime pies for a year now, and it couldn't be simpler!  All you do is zest and juice the lemons or limes until you have 3/4 cup (the zest adds a punch and makes it look pretty), add 1/2 cup sour cream and 2 cans of condensed milk.  Blend it all together well and bake at 350 for ten minutes.  I use a store bought graham cracker crust.  You can top with cool whip if you want, but why? 

As delicious as this as COLD, you should try it warm and fresh out of the oven.  Drew prefers it warm, but I'll take it anyway I can get it. 

Tomorrow night or Thursday night, I am making a breakfast casserole and pancakes.  We may have baked potatoes one night.  And then another night or two, we can have leftovers. 

I make big meals way less, in the summer time.  What are your go to ideas for summer dinners?  I would love to hear from you, I am always looking for inspiration.  (Chicken salad, tuna salad and anything similar are not favorites for a few of the boys.)  Mom will be glad if you answer my question.  I call her often and put her on the spot when I ask her this question. 

Have a great day!  Love to all. 

Monday, June 17, 2019

weekend/Hello Monday

Some weekends are good.  Some are kinda blah.  Some are GREAT.  This weekend was the latter.  We kicked it off by seeing my dad on Friday for lunch.  It's been a couple of weeks since he's been over.  One week my sister was here, and I went to his house a couple of times that week, and then last weekend, I left to go out of town.  It's always good to see him, and we went to Popeye's for lunch. 

I'll stop right there for a second, and share some real life.  You know how you love your kids all the time, but some days you don't like them?  Anybody?  Well, it was that kind of morning with Jonah.  He's such a sweet guy most of the time, but some days he wakes up on the wrong side of the bed, just like most normal people.  I have no idea why, but I wanted Taco Bell for lunch, and he immediately disagreed.  Then I suggested a couple of other places (Pyro's or Five Guys), and he disagreed with those.  I recommended Popeye's and he was good with that one, because it's his favorite.  I also need a car wash in the worst possible way, and he hates when we go through that drive through kind.  Well, he may hate it, but he's not offering to wash it, either.  So on this day, he actually told me just to drive through the one close by us. 

I wanted to slap him.  I didn't, but I really wanted to, just to smack some sense into him.  I did tell him, in a not so loving way, that he was being a major pain in the butt and that he needed an attitude adjustment. 

Needless to say, when my best friend called me and asked me if I wanted to go see Aladdin, I jumped at the chance.  I decided not to eat dinner and to have popcorn at the movie theater, and she came and picked me up.  Of course, any time we're together, we talk about all the things, and then when the movie started, we sat mesmerized for two hours.

I cannot say enough good things about this movie, but I'll just say that it did not disappoint, not even a little.

There are a couple of scary and intense scenes, and I told one friend that her daughter may not like those parts, but other than that, it was phenomenal!  The music has been in my head ever since, and I added the soundtrack to my Spotify library.

On Saturday, my mom and I went to lunch and I needed to make a quick run to Hobby Lobby.  We did those things, and had fun together, as usual.  I took a very quick nap when I got home and then I picked up my dad for our traditional Father's day daddy/daughter date.  I picked him up, then we met Trish back here at my house.  It was such a great night!  We ate at our favorite Japanese restaurant, then we people watched at the outdoor mall, we walked around for a few minutes at Barnes and Noble, we drove by the local high school to see it for the first time since it opened last fall, then we got peach milkshakes from Chick Fil A and took them to a nearby lake to watch the sun as it lowered over Halle Lake. 

We topped off the evening by taking this picture...which isn't the best of any of us, but hey, at least we have to remember the evening with.

Yesterday morning, Toddley worked with the sheriff's department for the day.  He missed out on going to church, which I hate for him, but he wasn't gone as long as I thought he would be.  The rest of us went to church, then to lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant afterward to celebrate my stepdad.  The rest of the day was kinda lazy, and Todd got home around five.  We ended the lovely night by watching a new Netflix original movie, Murder Mystery, which Jennifer Anniston and Adam Sandler.  It was pretty funny. 

Does a holiday even happen if you don't post it to social media?  This was mine.  ;)

I have grand plans consisting of grocery shopping today.  Jonah went back to work this week, Drew's at work, Todd and Graham left, and now it's just Noah and me.  He's doing some work for my dad this week, so I know he'll be happy to earn a little money.  I already even know what we're eating for dinner all this week, which is nothing fancy, but will be delicious.  I don't like to use the oven much when it's hot outside.  One night we will have BLT's again (or maybe just tomato and mayo sandwiches), I'm doing a breakfast casserole and pancakes one night, and on another night we're having tacos with all the fixings that go with it.  We will celebrate my dad-in-love tomorrow night, hopefully, if they're able to come over, and then there is no church this week, because my church is doing Backyard Kids Clubs all over the city.  

And at some time during this week, I am going to tackle this shelf.

I have GOT to put these books back in order, according to author and genre.  It is driving me crazy all of a sudden.  I also plan on going to the library, and I really hope I can swim with my mom-in-love at some point, because it's been a few since I've done that.  

Thanks for reading!  Have a great Monday.  Love to all!  

Friday, June 14, 2019

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends! 

I'm linking up with Andrea from Momfessionals, and her friends Erika and Narci, for this blog post. 

I know I did a similar post yesterday, but because I like link ups, I am still participating in this one today, and it won't be all the same stuff. 

First up on the list of favorites for the week are these cooler temps we've had all week.  This morning when I let the dogs out, it was fifty nine degrees outside! 

Unfortunately, today is the last day for this.  Tomorrow, it's back to hot and humid, per usual in these parts.

Speaking of these parts, will you help me pray for those in our city?  We have had an unusually large amount of crime lately, but on Wednesday night, there were terrible things that went on.  My prayer, like a friend posted on Facebook, is for the hearts of those here in the Memphis area.  The bottom line is that when things like this happen, like what took place on Wednesday night, their hearts are FAR from God.  I never post anything political or even somewhat controversial on this little safe slice of internet, and I am not starting that today.  But I will always ask you to pray for those in our city. 

I once heard Francis Chan talk about prayer and how people ask you to pray for things that may seem insignificant.  While I don't believe that there is no such thing is an insignificant prayer, he was suggesting that we just pray for what Ephesians three seventeen through nineteen says.  That is, that Christ would dwell in their hearts through faith, and that they would know the fullness of God's love.  (That is a major paraphrase.)  Our law enforcement officers and deputies and sheriff's department needs prayer (that includes my own husband and son, and the son of my friend who passed away in December), and families and friends affected by what took place need prayer, as well as the community in which it happened. 

Thank you, in advance. 

On a lighter note, I love looking back on apps that tell you what you were doing on this day in history a year or more ago.  I was looking at one such app yesterday, and found this picture from a family mission trip we took three years ago, to a Navajo reservation in Arizona.  We drove halfway across the country for what seemed like hundreds of hours, and on the start of our second day of driving there, we made a pit stop.

I had always wanted to see Cadillac Ranch, and when I realized it was outside of the town we spent that first night of traveling in, it was the perfect opportunity.  I'd love to go back, but I'm glad we all got to see it at least once.  For anyone who doesn't know, this is a piece of land with cars buried and standing up like this.  There are cans of spray paint laying around, for anyone who wants to commemorate that they were there, like Todd did with this above.  It was a fun little sight seeing opportunity.

Another favorite spot is when my friend and I went to Bentonville, Arkansas and visited this Frank Lloyd Wright house.

I loved being there and seeing that minimal, very simplistic and modern architecture.  I took pictures of the inside, too, even though we weren't supposed to do that.  I posted about the whole trip on Monday, so feel free to scroll down, if you want to read and see more.

Having painted nails is my favorite, and my favorite polishes are always by OPI.  Not only because of the cute names, but really because even Sally Hansen polishes from Walgreens are about the same price, but OPI polish stays on so much better, and I like the brushes better as well.  I have a whole box full of these, but I keep having to throw older colors away, so I have been replacing them slowly.  I bought this new color yesterday when my mom and I were out.  This one is called Just Lanai-ing Around, from their Hawaiian line from a few years back.  I even did a pedicure for myself, and I figured out a way to do that without hurting my fractured foot.  Toddley offered to do them for me last week, but I wanted to try one last way and it worked. 

Reading is my favorite, and so are Nora Ephron movies (like Sleepless In Seattle and You've Got Mail), and I plan on reading this book tonight.  I got this in the mail on Tuesday, after preordering it a couple of months ago.  Does Amazon recommend books to anyone else?  According to them, I'm going to love this.

These DW Home candles are my favorite.  I usually buy them at HomeGoods, but I found this one at Marshalls a couple of weeks ago.  I love the cute jars they always come in, and this one has a lid, which I also love.  This one doesn't smell as good as some of the other ones I've had by this brand.

I got a new pair of shoes yesterday, and I came home and put the one on.  (Rolling my eyes.)  These are quickly becoming my new favorite pair.  It is SO COMFY!  And it's the same height as my boot, so bonus.  (If it's not the same height, it makes my hips and back hurt.)  I had the boot off for a long time last night while I did my pedicure, and I can say that my foot is still definitely hurting and the boot is needed.  The last time I fractured the same foot and bone, it took right at eight weeks before it felt good again, and I know this time it'll be the same.  I have four more weeks.  (And the only time I take this thing off is when I go to bed, except for last night and one time before when I gave myself a pedicure.)

The inexpensive little Kroger bouquets of flowers are my favorite and they last for WEEKS.  These are two weeks old, or a little more than that, actually.  They're still going strong.  I just change the water every few days. 

This dog hasn't been my favorite this week.  He is crazy.  This is how he eats all his meals.  When we sit in there with him, blocking the other dogs from seeing or getting him, and he eats his food so slowly that it makes me lose my mind.  One piece at a time.  He is so cute, my little Chip, but he has acted like a punk all week.

Last weekend was my favorite part of the week, when Missy and I were here.  We had so much fun!  Of course, we don't need to travel to have fun and laugh our heads off, we could just sit in her van in my driveway, as she picks me up and drops me off. 

I am grateful for family, for friends God has given to me, and for times of laughter.  We shouldn't ever take ourselves too seriously, and my dad always says, "Don't be so heavenly minded that you're not earthly good."  I am definitely serious minded the majority of the time, but I do also know how to laugh and cut up and have a good old time.  The Lord gave us abundant life, the bible tells us, and He means for us to enjoy what's He has lavished us with. 

Thanks for reading!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend.  Love to all! 

Thursday, June 13, 2019

a few things I love

I love reading or hearing about what people love right now, and things I may or may not know about.  I thought I'd share a few of mine, but I really want to hear from you.  This could be any category of your choosing, if you have something right now that you can't get enough of, share it with me.  (i.e.: books, makeup, hair stuff, a product, a new place to eat, flowers, you name it, anything goes.)

First up is this makeup that my niece introduced me to.  It's Limelife by Alcone, and it isn't very expensive.

I do not sell this.  But I know people who do, so if you want to try this out, let me know and I can put you in touch with a gal who can help you.  Here is the thing about makeup, though, at least for me: I don't really think you have to have makeup all by just one brand.  Before my niece gave me this foundation and powder to try, I was using Clinique color correcting foundation, and everything else was from a drugstore.  Now, I use Limelife for foundation and powder.  I don't wear a lot of either of those, so the stuff lasts me forever.  The cool thing is that it comes in these little metal containers, so when your foundation starts to run low, hold a hot blow dryer to the bottom or place it on a flat iron, and it will melt back down to where it looks full again.  There is little to no waste.  The foundation is light and does not go anywhere, and I do not have the time setting spray they sell, because in my opinion, it's just not needed.  I sweat like nobody's business, and cry actual tears most days, and still, this stuff stays put.  The powder is translucent, but I apply foundation, then blush, then a bit of the powder and it kind of sets all that I just applied.

Now that I have tried this makeup, I will never be able to wear anything else.  It's really good for your skin, and doesn't contain all the other junk that most other makeups contain.

Two things about this picture: one, I want to start getting my nails done again, because LOOK how good they look.  I am still doing my own and do a good job, but I miss being able to do this.  That stuff is terrible for your nails, though, and ruined mine, so I probably won't start up again.  Bummer. 

Two, is this Pop Socket.  I love mine!  I had this one for a long time, but it all faded from this to white.  I still have one, even on the new phone I just got a few weeks ago.  The thing I love about the Pop Socket is that it helps me hold onto my phone better.  I drop it way less, it makes it easier for me to hold, and it's a great stand to prop it up on when I watch a show on my phone. 

Nowadays, I buy all mine on Amazon.  Here's the one I have. 

Next up is quiet time related.  I always, always sit at the kitchen table, but with my back to the window.  Yesterday as I was about to sit down, I wondered why I keep my back turned away from the window, so I switched spots and sat here facing the outside. 

I like to sit at a table or desk for this, because I write a lot during this time.  I also feel so close to the Lord in nature, so I enjoyed this change of scenery, and I was less distracted.  Bonus. 

When I came home from Bentonville Sunday night, this is what I came home to find.

Drew was eating dinner, Alex (my bonus son) was here hanging out, and this is his little brother Carson.  LOOK at how precious he was.  He was thoroughly entertaining us by singing Baby Shark and asking all kinds of questions.  He is the cutest, most funny little guy, and I have loved watching both him and Alex grow up.  I've known Alex ever since he was Carson's age, so it's crazy to think how long he's been in my life. 

Hello, my name is Jennifer, and I love lipstick.  The brighter, the better.  Although I've actually been in a phase where I'm wearing more neutrals now than ever before, the other day, I pulled out my Revlon lipsticks and mixed a couple of colors together to get to this look.  I mixed a cherry red with a bright fuschia.  (Um, hello spell check, that word is NOT misspelled.)  In my personal opinion, when everything else on your face is neutral and you're wearing a plain top or dress, it's okay to go all out with a fun lip color. 

And lastly is this that I saw on Instagram the other day that I cannot get out of my mind.

Man, that hits home to me.  This is who Jesus is to me, my friends.  When I mess up, I go straight to Him.  When I'm happy, I go straight to Him.  When I'm sad and/or overwhelmed, I go straight to Him.  I envision myself sitting in His lap, pouring out my heart to Him.  I don't have big fancy words I say to Him, either, though I do pray His word back to Him a lot.  I just talk to Him.  He is always with me, because His Spirit lives in me.  There is nothing I can ever do that would separate me from Him. 

Other things I love that I don't have pictures of:

I am on a fresh flower kick and have been buying cheap bouquets from the grocery store.  The ones I have right now are two weeks old.

Avocados and soft boiled eggs.  I could eat them both everyday of my life, but for now, lunch or dinner will do. 

Fresh fruit and veggies!  I am buying tomatoes today from the grocery store and plan on eating tomato and mayonnaise sandwiches this weekend. 

Beach towels.  They're all over the place in these warm months, and no matter how many times I wash them, they still smell like sunscreen.  I love that!  It's baked in, it seems. 

Having my car accessible to me again.  Drew had to drive it for several weeks while his truck was being repaired at the body shop, from the wreck he was in recently. 

Spotify summer playlists.  I follow several and created a couple of my own.

This cool weather we've been having!  It is GLORIOUS.

Fries and friends.  Every single Wednesday night for the last six, I have done this with a few ladies from church, after our bible studies.  Last night was so much fun, because it allowed me to get to know a sweet lady that I sing in choir with, and don't get to talk with that often.  I love the whole older lady/younger lady concept of disclipleship.  I have another lady that I meet with as often as possible as well, and I love our times together just as much. 

Well, I am having lunch with Mom today, so I have to run.  Thanks for reading, and share whatever it is that you love right now.  I'd love to hear from you! 

Love to all. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

a bunch of random things on a Wednesday

(Thanks, Google, for your image.)

Happy Wednesday, friends!  I wish I had a fun or wise post for you today, but I don't.  I do, however, have a list of random thoughts and things rolling around in my brain that I thought I'd share. 

I took this picture above yesterday morning, but check out that forecast!  It is unseasonably cool here this week, at least through Thursday, and then the humidity and heat will start to come back.  I opened the door yesterday morning to let my dogs outside, and I was shocked by how cool it was.  At the time I woke up, it was sixty four degrees.  If my back porch were nice, I'd sit outside for quiet time, but it's not and I'm slightly scared of it, so I will just stay inside. 

Also, this post reminds me of the kind of house I came home to Sunday evening.  It was moderately clean when I came home, so I'm grateful for that, but it was dark and kinda stale.  When I'm at home, I turn a lamp on in the living room, I plug in these mantle lights you see in this picture, I usually burn a candle.  I like for my house to always feel cozy and inviting, even if it's just me at home by myself.  I like the furniture to be dusted, so I do this every other day because we have three dogs, and for the floor to be as hair free as possible.  I will say that someone started the Roomba, but it had gotten stuck by the time I came home, and there was hair everywhere.  I just ignored it all until Monday, when I cleaned and fluffed and freshened things up.  It's just funny how things are so different when I'm away from home.  This is such a prime example of men and women and how vastly different we are.  I am so thankful that I didn't come home to a messy kitchen, though.  That is my biggest pet peeve. 

My church family is still reading along in the New Testament reading challenge, and yesterday, we finished out the book of Acts.  I'm so excited about today's reading, starting in Romans!  If you're doing this with us and have fallen behind, today is a great day to start again.  We just read one chapter per day, so this week we will read Romans 1-3.  I love the book of Romans. 

Speaking of the bible, I'm also doing a bible study on the book of Galatians.  We are doing this together as small group leaders during these weeks of summer, then in the fall, the women in the church will be offered this same study on either a Monday morning or a Wednesday night. 

Yesterday was a happy mail day.  I pre-ordered this book a few months ago, when I saw the reviews for it, and that Amazon recommended it for me.  The actual description on the back talks about Nora Ephron, and I read in a review that if you're a Nora Ephron movie lover, then this book will be one you love.  Nora Ephron was the mind behind movies like Sleepless In Seattle, and You've Got Mail. 

It seems like it will be a fun and lighthearted read.  I'll read it and let you know what I think.  I've only finished one book this month so far, so I need to get to reading.  I picked up a book last night and it's not holding my interest, one that I had already started.  I'm probably going to put it down after last night. 

Other random things:

I'm looking forward to tonight!  Wednesday night church is something I love, and I always look forward to catching up with friends afterward. 

Drew is at orientation for his first semester of nursing school this morning!  I'm so excited for him. 

Jonah is off all week at work, and this has been an unexpected blessing.  I miss him when he's gone!  Noah and Drew are my quiet ones, and now that Drew's summer schedule has started at work, it's just Noah and me all day.  He is like his mom and likes the quiet.

Graham and Jonah made it back home Monday in time for dinner, and it is SO GOOD to have them back home.  They're my talkers. 

A Christmas miracle has occurred twice in one week, and we have all eaten dinner together at the kitchen table for TWO nights in a row!  I cannot remember the last time we all ate together before this week.  Last night we had two extras join us, and the Lord multiplied our food.  (I had enough for six and there were eight of us.)  We had no leftovers and just enough.

I am more on top of the laundry this week, than I have been in AGES.  The only thing in the hamper is the clothes everyone wore yesterday.  I love it when that happens!

Chip is on the struggle bus and has been a punk this week.  He is on my last nerve. 

Not helping said nerve is that for two nights in a row I've asked someone in the house who drinks coffee to make it the night before because I keep forgetting, and TWO mornings in a row, I've had to come downstairs to no coffee.  Not helping this even more is the fact that we have no k cups right now, so I have to wait on the coffee to brew. 

I'll stop with that last thought, because I need to get started on my day.  I also don't want to think too long about that last statement, because I don't want to be even more grumpy than I was this morning.  I need some time with Jesus.  If you know me at all, you know I mean that and don't say it flippantly.  It's been a busy morning, getting everyone out the door, so I am just now having a quiet house.  (I need it to be quiet, so I can better concentrate.) 

Thanks for reading!  Love to all. 

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