Monday, February 28, 2011

Wishful Thinking

In a perfect world...

the sun would always shine
I would never get heartburn
milk would not spill all over my garage floor
schedules would be checked and scrutinized
people would actually hear me when I talk
thunderstorms would never happen
cats would never get sick
dogs would never get old
children wouldn't grow up
I would never have to grocery shop...or I would at least have a grocery fairy
kids would be sweet and not tattle tale
everyone would be as precious and wonderful as the infamous Mrs. Miles
...and ditto that for my sweet new friend, "Mr. Steven"
houses would stay clean
laundry would be put up in a timely manner
kids would remember their chores
I would actually be appreciated by higher ups at my job (because, really, who else wants my job?)
husbands would always sympathize with bad days
I could live in a cocoon and read all day
I would have the nerve to take a "mental health day"
I would actually pay attention to one of American Christian Writers mailouts that I get often
I would write a book...and immediately I would know what it would be about
nail polish would never chip
American Idol would come on a lot more often
I could have a girls night out with Christa
my house would be beautifully decorated
furniture would not have "accidental sharpie marks" all over the top

The world around me is not at all perfect...but I wouldn't have it any other way.  I promise to cherish the important moments with my family...not stress over stupid little things that I have no control a bad day, or not being thought of.  On days like today I am thankful that I have Someone to turn to.  I don't ever want to live a moment without Him. 

Saturday, February 26, 2011

another title-less post

So, this has been a strange weekend.  I'm not sure I like having just 2 kids.  I feel like an arm is missing...or like I keep forgetting something as I leave my house.  Graham and Drew are camping with friends this weekend.  Graham wasn't going to go, but at the last minute, changed his mind.  And for that, I'm glad, because now he's having a whole weekend of fun, instead of just one night of fun.  Originally, he had plans to attend Trivia Night for the CMS Band.  But camping won out. 

So, it's weird with just having the 2 younger guys.  Last night we ate at an actual restaurant without breaking the bank.  We went to Corky's, then ended the night with Baskin Robbins.  We did all this with the best neighbors in the world.  :)  We enjoyed some time with my 2 sisters that are here, then came home and crashed. 

Today has been...quiet.  Todd took the boys to a friend's game this morning, so while they were gone, I got caught up on all the Glee episodes I've had recorded.  :)  Have I mentioned that I love that show?  I do.  So much so that I would love to have the dvd's of the season before that I missed.  And the soundtracks.  AHEM

Just in case anyone important is reading this.

We had dinner with my sister Trish tonight.  Jonah and Noah took a swim in her huge tub and played with shower cream and listened to the radio. 

It's been fun.  It's been strangely quiet and argument free.  Because twins really don't argue.  Isn't that amazing?  I can count on one hand how many fights they've had in their almost 8 years of life.  And speaking of that...the almost 8 year's old thing...they've made their birthday wish list.  I cannot believe they're about to have their 8th birthdays. 

Anyway...I can't wait for all my kiddos to be back under my roof again.  I know that Graham and Drew have had a great time, but I miss their little selves!  Well...I'm about to hit the sack.  Love to all!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Spring in the South

We had our first taste of the weather that will be here before we know it.  All week, forecasters have been calling for crazy bad weather for Thursday.  Thankfully, at least in The Ville, it never got that bad.  Although, our tornado closet did get used when the sirens started going off.  I am so glad I cleaned that closet out last week!!  Perfect timing.  Anyway, turns out the sirens were going off for no reason for us here in The Ville...and they quickly went off. 

The thing I can't stand is how they interrupt the shows!  American Idol is NOT going to be on my DVR when I go to watch it later.  :(  And seeing how Wednesday night's episode ended...I am not a happy camper.  Jennifer Lopez was in the middle of having a breakdown on being the bearer of bad news.  I cried when she said goodbye to Chris Medina...the guy who is engaged to the paralyzed girl.  :(  Huge crocodile tears. 

So...I had a first happen to me yesterday.  Drew and Graham were invited to go on a w/end camping trip with Drew's best friend since kindergarten, Nate Wylie.  Graham isn't going...he had already made a commitment to a school event, but Drew is going.  For the entire w/end.  He leaves today after school and comes home Sunday afternoon.  I'm so excited for him....kinda sad for me, but mostly excited for him.  This family he's going with is amazing...I've always told everyone that these are the people you would let your kids go anywhere with, and I meant it.  Their son, Nate, is like our 5th son...and they're always so nice to invite Drew AND Graham over.  Graham's a little disappointed that he's not going, but he is looking forward to being with his school friends tonight. 

It'll be a quiet w/end without Drew around, but I'm still looking forward to it.  I don't know what we've got planned...but we'll have fun being together.  Tonight, Todd will probably be playing catch up on sleep, since he stayed out all night last night on a call.  The bad weather did hit Millington, and there were trees down everywhere.  The chief called Todd and asked if he could come in with one of the trucks.  He's on his way home now, so I'm praying he makes it here safely before he crashes...especially since he's been awake almost 25 hours now. 

Well, I'm going to run and get started on my day.  I hope you all have a fantabulous, HAPPY FRIDAY!!!  Love to all!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Favorite Blogs?

Do you have blogs that you love?  I do...mine are all on the sidebar to the right.  What are yours?  I'd love to hear them. 

Also...I wonder, what makes good blogs so good?  Is it the writing?  The subject matter?  Mine is kind of all over the place.  I don't have any one subject...although if I had to pick, it would be family. you prefer one subject blogs?  Like a couple decorating blogs I read...I eventually get bored if that's all it's about.  I like to hear details.  I'm definitely a people person, and I love to get to know new and different people.

What do you most love to read?  One of my favorite blogs is from a girl I went to high school with.  Her blog is called Love Laughter Lyrics.  It's about her life...her family, her hobbies, her side business, and she always posts tons of pics. 

I've fallen off in that area.  The pictures, I mean.  Here's the problem: I got a new phone back in December and the camera on it is ahhhhmaaaaazing!  I do still carry my Nikon (the small version), but my phone is so much easier to access.  And I can instantly post on facebook.  :)  Yup, that makes me happy.  I should still post some pics...even with my limited time.  When I'm home, that's usually the last thing I want to do, though. 

Maybe I will work on that. 

Or maybe not.

I would post one now, but I'm on the PC and our hard drive crashed several months ago, eliminating all my pics.  On the grand scale of things, it's not that important. 

Well..I need to go finish lunch and go lose a little of my sanity...otherwise known as work.  Love to all. 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Under Construction...

I was tired of all the fuss on my blog.  So, please excuse it while it's under construction.  And if you're reading this on facebook, go to my actual blog to see what I mean.

So tonight I did my civic church duty.  I attended (well, kind of) our annual church's business meeting.  I say kind of because though I was there, I was in the video room with my hubby.  And seventeen other people.  Not really.  Although it did start getting pretty warm up in there!  And the room is small.  I was shocked that we finished as fast as we did.  Of course it took sweet forever trying to convince 5 kids to walk out of the all-amazing church gym.  We pretty much got kicked out.  Not really...but I was glad they started asking the kids to wrap it up.  I hate being the bearer of bad news.

Anyway.  It's raining here.  It's been thinking about it all day and it would randomly start pouring at the weirdest times.  The boys all got drenched one time b/c it came out of nowhere.  The fun time comes tomorrow, when we're expecting the fun weather.  And yes, that is supposed to be read with a sarcastic tone to it. 

Well...that's about it.  Not much going on today in my life.  I'm drawing a blank on what else I can write, so I'm going to turn in for the night.  I have a good new book I'm reading.  I took Jonah and Noah to the library yesterday for about 30 minutes of bliss for me.  I love that place.  I could stay in there for hours.  Nothing new there, right?

Good night.  Love to all. 

How To Reach Your Potential...Part 1

...according to our pastor, Thomas Lindberg.  I don't usually do this kind of thing, but I enjoyed Sunday's messages so much that I thought I would share them for all of bloggy world!

"How can I reach the potential God has for me?"

10 Key Principals

1.  Fill conversations with faith talk.  Psalm 19:14 says this:  "May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing to You, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer." 

The Holy Spirit draws you to God.
The Holy Spirit gives you faith to believe God.
After repentance, the Holy Spirit encourages you and builds you up.

Jude verse 20 (there's only one chapter in Jude) "But you, dear friends, must build each other up in your most holy faith..."

2.  Expect God to send someone into your life to help you succeed.

God has people in strategic places at the perfect time.  He gives you the discernment you will need about these people in your life.  Some will be there to help you...but some will be there to hinder you.  Be sure and ask for that discernment and the guidance you need from Him to help you to determine which is which.

In Romans, Paul talks about Phoebe...she helped him along in his life.

*The person who doesn't INcrease you, will DEcrease you.*

3.  Understand that fear in your life can be the death of your dreams.

Matthew 25 tells the story of the 3 servants who were given money while a man went away on a long trip.  One servant buried it, for fear of losing it.  Two of the servants went and invested it and earned double the amounts they were given.  The one who buried it let his fear take over his life, thus preventing the blessing the others received.

*Fear knocked on the door.  Faith answered the door.  When Faith answered the door, no one was there.*  Fear cannot stand in the presence of faith.

4.  Realize the Bible is your only sure foundation.   

Psalm 119:105 says "Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path."

5.  Learn that seasons of your life will change when you use your faith.

Hebrews 11:11 says, "It was by faith that even Sarah was able to have a child, though she was barren and was too old.  She believed that God would keep His promise."  

When we are our most frustrated, that is when our faith should be the most evident!  Let go...and let God.  
I'm out of time.  I'll finish this later...if it makes you feel better, it was given to us in 2 parts as well!  Love to all...and remember, these are my notes from our message on Sunday.  Some of it our Pastor said, but some it is what I took it for.  I hope you all have a warm and dry's nasty out.  Love to all! 

Monday, February 21, 2011

Oh Happy Day!

It's Monday and we are out on break!  After church last night, some of our best friends invited us over to their house for food and games.  I called it our revamped Taco Night.  It was great fun...we had the best nacho's ever (some of us had barbecue nacho's) and we learned a new game...Skipbo.  It turns out that I already knew that game...I played it with my friend Beth and her sisters when we visited them in Tampa a couple years ago.  It's a lot of fun...and it's one that we can all play.

So...if we don't have it already, guess what I'm going to buy today?!?!

We were at their house until after midnight.  We had to stay extra late because the season premier of The Amazing Race started last night and it wasn't set up to record on our DVR.  Luckily, Brad and Marcia recorded it.  So we watched it with them.  We got home close to one a.m.  And 3 out of my 4 boys are still snoozing away upstairs.  :)  Lol...I am about to go wake them up.  Warm weather and sunny daylight is a-wastin'!

It's been a great weekend.  Lots of time with friends, lots of time with family, lots of awesome worship at church yesterday, good services at both church times, great food, warm weather, learning a new sport (and getting beaten kinda bad), and now a holiday!  My little cup is just overflowing today!

We're having lunch with my sweet Daddy today.  He mentioned 'Osaka' and Jonah went nuts.  His favorite thing in the world is chicken fried rice from Osaka.  (He might get that from his mom!)  I love their salad with ginger dressing.  (If you didn't already know, Osaka is Japanese, which is my all time favorite food!)  I could drink it, to be honest.  And have been tempted on several occasions.  :)

I'm hoping that the weather stays nice.  I want to take the boys to the park today.  It's been ages since we've been, and I'm itching to get outdoors.  I'm pretty sure Pappaw won't mind tagging along.  Poor guy...I tag him along to a lot of places!  One of which was the dentist a few weeks ago.  I had to get my teeth cleaned and I asked him to come with me to keep me company on the drive and in the waiting room.  He obliged.  He's sweet like that...and I do love my time with him.

Anyway, if the rain stays away, we have Lacrosse practice this afternoon.  And a couple shows to catch up on tonight!!  Ummmmm, American Idol anyone??  I'm ashamed to say that we have not watched last week's episodes yet.  Have I mentioned that I love Steven Tyler?  If not...well, there you go.  I think he makes the show so much better this year.

So, that's about it.   I know...exciting stuff, right?  I can't help that we lead a simple life.  The little things in life make me happy...days when we're out of school, sandal weather, sunshine, parks, reality tv long as we're doing what we love with the ones we love, I am content.  I am happy and fulfilled.  I am blessed.  My cup overflows with blessings.  (Psalm 23:5, New Living Translation) 

Friday, February 18, 2011

weekend thoughts

I love Friday's.  I guess that never goes away, does it?  I especially love Friday's when it's a long weekend!  Even better than Friday is a Monday that we are out.  *I'm sorry to all my teacher friends who have to work.  :(

I love weekends...still.  I used to love when I was going to a friend's house, or when a friend was coming over to mine.  Both is the case for my 4 boys tonight.  Graham is going to a friend's house, Drew is going to a friend's house, and Jonah and Noah are each having one friend over.  :)  So we'll still have 4 kids, even if they're not all ours. 

I'm excited about tomorrow's first Lacrosse game.  I can't wait to see my boys out on that field!!!  I'm hoping I catch on pretty quickly.

I still have an annoying cough.  I even took cough medicine on Wednesday, but it didn't help.  And if it doesn't help, I am NOT drinking that nasty stuff again.  The good thing is that my head no longer feels like it's going to break. 

I'm excited about 2 nights in a row of not having to worry about what we're having for dinner!  Tonight we're going to the in-love's house for pizza (along with the 2 friends that Jonah and Noah are having over), and tomorrow night we're eating at my mom's.  :)  Yay!  I love to cook, but I really love when I don't have to think about dinner.  I don't know what I would do if that fact ever changed.  We've been having dinner with my mom and Bill on a weekend night since Todd and I first got married.  Fourteen and a half years is a long time to have one night a weekend that I don't have to think about dinner. 

I dislike the show that comes on Disney, Zeke and Luther.  But at 6:30 on a weekday morning, the pickins' are slim. 

I always set my alarm clock (with 2 alarms) for 5:00 and 5:30.  I do good to make it out of bed at 5:45.  Like this morning...and my shower is great at waking me up.  I've also learned that if I do not let Sambo and Skippy into the bathroom with me, Sambo will open the door, forcing the bright light to shine directly onto my sleeping hubby's face.  Seriously.  And Skippy just sits in front of the tub and meows, in hopes of getting sprinkled with water.  She loves getting wet.  I know.  Weird, right?  All of our animals have some sort of issue. 

Another reason I love Friday is because two out of my 4 kids buy their lunch at school on Friday.  :)  Meaning...I only have to make 2 lunches.  Not 4. 

Well, I must go.  Happy Friday and love to all!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sometimes My Kids Drive Me Nuts

Sometimes I have bad days.  Today was not one.  Well, not at work, anyway.  My bad day started when Graham and Jonah started in on each other.  Ugh.  I get so tired of the fighting and the bickering and the being mean to each other, and...AND...AND...


I know I can't be the only one.  I threatened to make Graham and Jonah sleep in their rooms tonight by themselves.  If you know my kids, you would know the horror of this statement.  My kids all have sleep issues.  If you don't believe me, ask their Auntie Trisha.  She can testify.

I'm always reminded me of the episode of Mad About You about the 2 moms fighting when my kids fight.  And I could tell you why, but I'll probably mess it up somewhere in the middle.  I know, I know...random statement. 

So, I did more stuff that makes me happy today.  I've been needing to clean out our tornado closet.  It was horrific.  We could shut the door ONLY by shoving everything inside at the same time.  I had a process...I pulled everything out, then threw away most of it cleaned all that out, then put things back where they belonged.  I am not Martha Stewart, but I love some organization.  I'd show you a picture, but when I took one, it doesn't look all that impressive.  But it is.  To me, at least.  :)

 Sooooo...what else, what else...oh.  I was a little overwhelmed with Lacrosse stuff today.  It is a LOT of remembering things.  A lot of people are asking me things I don't know, and for some reason, everybody thinks that I am a human calculator and can figure out at the drop of a hat how much money they owe.  Or if they have even paid.  ???  Seriously??  If they knew what it took for me to remember my own name, they would not ask me all these questions.  I'm okay now, though.  The lady helping me is awesome...and patient.  Her son moved to the next team, so I took over her position as team secretary.  Only because nobody else would do it. 

It's not all that bad...I'm just venting here.  The good thing is that it's forcing me to learn how the game is played.  What's really funny is that I'll probably be the time keeper on Saturday.  Should be interesting!!!

Speaking of...their first game is Saturday.  I'm really excited about it!!  I just pray they don't get hurt.  I'm kinda nervous about that.  At least the weather is going to be nice.  And sunny...and somewhat warm.  :)  It makes my heart so happy!!!  I'm still sad about Graham and Drew not playing baseball, though. 

Oh, well.  Well....I hear my name being called.  So, adios.  Love to all. 

Spring is in the Air

For this week, anyway.  I love spring.  It's a time for new life, new beginnings, and it holds lots of promises to come.  The promise of longer nights, warmer weather when we can all enjoy the great outdoors again, greener yards...ahhhh.  I love this time of year.

Yesterday (because Noah was sick and I was bored) I started cleaning up a little bit downstairs.  And then I started moving things around.  I love making things look new and fresh, but my problem is that I'm not always motivated to do just that.  Yesterday, apparently, I was.  I hung about 4 things in my family room, and I moved dust catchers knick knacks around to different areas.  I changed up some lamps, and I de-cluttered. 

My problem is that my home is not a newer big, open floor plan home.  Which I like, don't get me wrong.  I love that each room is its own, and that they're all different...even in color.  My problem with this older, smaller, closed off floor plan is that we are almost always in the same room at the same time.  I love this too..I'm just thinking about clutter when I say this.  So...a room can't just be pretty.  (Even if it could, I'm not sure I would want it to.)  It has to be comfortable...lived in...functional. 

My desk isn't for looks.  It's marred from kids sitting at it and coloring me pictures for me to hang on my fridge.  My fireplace isn't just for fires.  It's for holding treasures that are important to me (from Iceland!!) and the books from the library.  My computer desk isn't clean and neat.  It's for Todd or Graham to sit at and do work or homework, and it's the keeper of school books and folders.  My couch pillows are beautiful, but like they are right this moment, they are all jumbled up in a huge pile because we all vegged out last night and had a family movie night (since we missed church). 

You see?  My dilemmas aren't really dilemmas at all...they are what I love.  And they are the reason my home is usually messy.  And un-decorated.  And cluttered.  However, yesterday did make the latter better.  Things look nice and they're still functional.  Woohoo!!! 

Can you tell I've been reading decorating blogs???  My favorite is The can google it.  And I just found her sister, Chatting At The Sky. 

Love!!!  Those gals have it together...they have their priorities straight.  Their homes just also happen to be beautiful, which is probably what inspired me. 

So...just thoughts for another warm Thursday morning.  I have to wake up the remaining 3 brothers.  Love to all. 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wannabe Hostess with the Mostest and a Full Moon?

I get to play hostess with my job.  I am the greeting committee.  I open the door (with a smile) for parents and usher them in.  I sign them in and smile at their young ones they bring to eat lunch with the older sibling in school, and then...I put up with the craziness of witnessing that parent let their 3 (or 4) year old run around like a chicken with their head cut off. 


Since when did the school lunchroom take on the characteristics of the playground? 

Yup.  Today, in fact, two parents (from different families) allowed their little ones to run crazy.  I assure you that tomorrow if it happens, I will say something.  I almost trampled the little ones a few times.  AND THEY MAKE THE KIDS NEARBY CRAZY.  Just once, I would love to leave and let them take my place while I watch my other kid act like they don't know any better. 

Full moon?  I don't know if we're having one tonight or not, but a coworker friend of mine strongly believes in the behavioral changes of kids on days when there's going to be a full moon. 

Even Todd believes it.  I don't know if I'm sold on that one or not, but for whatever reason (aside from the terrible toddlers) I thought today was a great day.  Sure, some annoying things happen.  Kids repeatedly ask for things they forget.  (Heck, they are kids.)  It's never quiet in the cafeteria.  Which is not wonderful if you have a head that feels like it's shoved in a drawer.

But at least the weather is beeee-eautiful outside.  I am loving this 67 degrees in February.  I just might don a pair of capri's before the week's over.  Is that legal yet?  I'm not sure...

Well.  I need to go think of dinner now.  Since I'm unprepared for it and all. 

Love to all. 


I don't have a title.  Whatever.  I feel like I only got 2 hours sleep!  I couldn't stop coughing last night, and I felt like my head was going to explode.  :(  It's not even a "real" cough...I'm taking medicine to make it that way, though.  When I finally went to sleep, Noah came into my room crying.  He couldn't breathe out of his nose, and I think the fan was making his throat hurt.  Poor baby.  We're a pitiful bunch around this house, that is for sure.

We'll manage.  I just had to get all that off my chest.  On the bright side, it is beautiful here in The Ville!!!  We got up to 60* yesterday and today it's a high of 65*!!  I love this boys all wore shorts to school yesterday.  Apparently, it was a great decision for Drew, b/c it was hotter than Haidi's upstairs yesterday.  I almost broke out the sandals, but my ankles would scream at me if I did I didn't.  (I have to wear my tennis shoes almost everyday b/c of the tendinitis I have in both ankles.) 

We had a nice, lovely romantic Valentine's dinner for six.  Lol...I put together stuff we had that was quick, because of lacrosse practice.  The kids liked it.  At one point, I said that I was sorry for not fixing something "fancy" b/c it was Valentine's day.  Drew looked at me and said, "What are you talking about?!?!  This IS fancy!!"  Have I mentioned that I love him??? 

So.  On the agenda for today is....I have no idea.  I pray that I feel start feeling better soon.  I am not supposed to get sick.  I certainly don't have time for it!  I pray that today will be just as good as favorite time in the whole school/work week is Monday morning when I meet with my Moms In Touch group.  I have become so much closer to these women that I pray with every week.  Yesterday was my fifth week, and it's the best hour and a half I spend every week.  I know that the women in that room are the ones that I can count on.  Regardless of what comes my way...I feel like we are an army standing united.  It's pretty awesome. 

I wish I could stress to you how awesome this time is...if you're reading this and are local to me and have a kid at CMS, CES, or Tara Oaks and would like to come join us, please do!  Next week we'll be meeting on Tuesday b/c of President's day on Monday.  I say this, but I also know there are some of you that read this that work and cannot come.  It's ok!!!  We cover every kid, teacher and staff person in all 3 of those schools, and we have got your child covered.  Trust me. 

To those of you who are interested in this and are NOT local to me or don't have kids in those particular schools, there is a Moms In Touch website you can get on to see if there is a group for your area or for your kids' school.  And if there's not...then I encourage you to start one!  My friend Sharon started ours, and anyone can do it.  There are guidelines to pray by that we follow every week, and I think there is a video you can watch to show you how we do it.  We spend time in prayer, and we end by writing short 5 sentence notes of encouragement to the teachers we prayed for that day.  We take 5 or 6 every week and pray for that we eventually pray for every teacher and staff person in the school.  We also cover all the kids...not by name, but God knows their names.  The fact is...we are praying for them. 

Anyway, I know I've gone on and on, but this is something I am passionate about.  Prayer is very powerful.  It presents a united front for us to be able to stand against trials and temptations in today's world.  And I know that God is honored when we spend quality, regular time with Him.  Carving out that time each week has become one of my lifelines. 

Well...I need to get off of here and get a jump start on my day.  Just a heads' up...if you're doing SSMT with me, today is the 15th!!!  Time for our fourth verse of the year.  I'll send out a reminder email/text later with what I'm doing.  Let's try to stick with it!!!  Love to all!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Rules of Being A Good Southern Girl

Know how to properly spell y'all.  As in "you all"...y'all.

When cooking dinner, it's always better to have too much than not enough.

The more truly is merrier.

Don't ever let anyone see your 'naked' toenails...even if you're letting them 'breathe', keep them to yourself.

Always keep a Bible nearby.

Teach your kids to 'say grace'.

Teach your kids good, old fashioned manners.  There is nothing sweeter than hearing 'yes ma'am' come out of a child's mouth.

Watch the words that come out of your mouth.

Never talk about the family's 'black sheep' in public.

Never disagree in public, and even if you are spitting mad at your significant other, don't ever let anyone else in on the fact.  Always treat one another with utmost respect and kindness.  You can always hash it out later, in private.  (My dear sweet Daddy enlightened me on this one.)

ALWAYS THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK.  And watch what you say and how you say it!  Nobody wants unwanted attention upon themselves. 

Be prepared!!  For lots of, uninvited drop-in's at home, running into everyone you know AND their brother at get my drift.  You should all know by now that anytime you go anywhere without make-up is the day you will see everyone you know.  Be ready for it.  (If you care about make-up, that is...if you don't, then more power to you!  I, personally am on the fence on this one.  I do like to appear put together, but I also have days that I don't wear a stitch of make-up.  Whatever you confident in who you are!!!)

Always make sure you're wearing 'good' underwear.  I have been warned that people in hospitals (and ambulances) WILL talk about your underthings.  And they will laugh at your unpainted toe nails.  Or're CHIPPED toe nail polish.  GASP.  Oh, the horror. 

Know and act out the Golden unto others as you would have them do unto you.  If everyone in this world acted out this one simple rule...most of our problems would be solved.  Seriously...but nobody asks my opinion. 

Discipline your children, please.  Nobody wants to be around undisciplined children.  Don't let them run around all crazy-like in restaurants, either.  I am aware that you have children, yes, I have 4 of my own.  And mine are all sitting down nicely and quietly, remembering their manners.  And for goodness' sake, teach them about personal in, 'don't be all up in mine'!!

Well, that's all for now...this might be continued at a later date...but then again, it might not. 

*Disclaimer: all of what is written above are my thoughts and my opinions.  If anything similar has ever been written, it is purely coincidental. 

My Hubby a great guy.  He truly is.  I wonder if other people see it...but if they don't, then I'm thankful that I do.  The thing that attracted me to him the most was his personality.  It still is.  He can take my bad day and turn it around in 2 minutes flat.   He makes me laugh the most and the our life, but also at each other.  Case in point...this week we both fell.  You all know the graceful fall I took in my driveway.  He did the exact same thing working for the sheriff's department that night.  I told him that it was nice of him to make sure I didn't feel like I was getting all the attention.

The other thing that attracted me to him was the way he helps other people.  The man truly amazes me.  I've never seen something stump him...he can fix anything and everything.  Not only does he do it for us...he does it for others.  He's very generous with his time, and I love him for it.  Maybe this is the reason why we're selfish with our time.  We don't have lots of 'date' nights.  He works a lot of nights and on days when we're all home, he is usually doing something to help someone else.  We just genuinely enjoy being around each other, and we love it most when we're all together.  And we love to hang out with our kids. And we love when they have friends over, especially when they're ones that we can tease and laugh with.

We also happen to think the same.  Just now, we were sitting here watching The Godfather, and when I heard the actual godfather speak, I snickered to myself (or so I thought).  He joined me in laughing and said, "Those people did a great job with Jackson."  I know, you're wondering, "huh???".  But he knew I was laughing at this man's voice because of the impersonation Jackson from Hannah Montana did of him.  I told him I didn't know what I loved more...him knowing what I was laughing at, or him knowing Jackson's name. 

I am so thankful for my marriage to hasn't always been like this, but the older we get, the more I love him.  His face is more familiar to me than my own.  I love every thing about him, and am thankful that God brought us together all those years ago.  This is my Valentine's day tribute to my sweet, wonderful and amazing Superman of a husband.  :)

the things in my head

I went to bed at 9:00.  For some crazy reason, I feel worse today than I did a week ago.  :( 

I woke up at least 12 times to blow my nose.  (I accidentally just wrote 'blog' instead of 'blow'.  Not once, but twice.)

I dreamed about weird things.  Multiple times.  One of which was a strange show we watched ten seconds of last night, and then I dream about the weirdest part?  Seriously???  I would much rather dream about Steven Tyler and all the amazing voices we heard on American Idol.

I woke up at 6 (then 7, and finally got out of bed at 8).

The first thing I did when I came downstairs was discover that though I did make the coffee, I failed to turn it on.  :(

Then I was bombarded with kids wanting me to look up lyrics to songs on the internet so I could tell them
'yes' or 'no' to them downloading them.

I proceeded to go through half a box of tissues. 

I got on my email, then facebook, and now here I am on the blog. 

I read a couple of my friends' blogs and got caught up on their lives.  (I could spend a whole day doing nothing but this!)

I talked to my hubby's best friend since Todd is still snoozing away upstairs.  I don't see how, either, with all the noises coming from up there!

Andy and I are just hanging out, listening to the faint, faraway (Kidz Bop versions) of Boom Boom Pow and some other dance mix songs that I am too old to recognize.

Which is apparently making him nervous, because now he's pacing.

I'm thinking about what we're going to get the kids for Valentine's day...we don't do a lot, but we do a little something.  Graham and Drew are into iTunes right now, so we might get them a gift card.  Or we might get a new game for us all to enjoy.

Right now I'm going to concentrate on being able to fully breathe out of both nostrils.  I know...exciting, right?  I might make a library run while I'm out, too.  Jonah is reading through every book in our house almost, and he's requesting some more Flat Stanley books.  I will probably take him with me this time instead of picking them out for him. 

Well, that's about it for now.  Enjoy your Saturday with your loved ones!  Love to all.

Friday, February 11, 2011

HaPpY fRiDaY

F--> family fun friends fantabulous finger foods

R--> radical rich rambunctious

I--> insanely loud, in the presence of friends

D--> dinner date (I wish!!) ditzy Drew DVR

A--> awesome amusing amazing

Y--> yowza!  (the noises coming from upstairs are loud!!!)

Happy Friday, my friends. 


In honor of the upcoming day, I thought I would make this post about things that I love.

My sweet might get tired of me saying it, but without Him, my life would be nothing.  I am thankful that my life on earth doesn't compare to the one I will someday have.

My husband and all of his quirky ways.  His voice, his hands, his personality, his fierce protection of me and the boys, his playful side, his grumpiness in the morning, his laugh, his scarred self...all of him.

Each of my boys and their unique-ness.  I love their sweet selves in the mornings, and the times we share around our dinner table.  

The smell of a freshly brewed pot of coffee.  I can almost feel my mouth watering as I write this. 

And, speaking of mouth watering...pickle juice!  I prefer Mt. Olives hamburger dills...yummy!!!

My beloved, faithful dog.  I've cried over him a few times in the last week.  I think his days might be numbered, and I've gone to bed with a headache from crying more than once.  And so has Drew.  :(

Painted nails...fingers and toes.  Even in the winter.  And my newest favorite color is probably about half gone already.  It's OPI's My Private Jet.  LOVE IT.

Girlfriends.  I talked to my best friend for over an hour Tuesday morning.  I love that we might not talk all that often, but that we always pick up where we left off.  About anything and everything.  I love her, I love her hubby, their kids...she's the greatest girl I know and I am forever thankful that we will always have each other.

Books.  I love them and always will.  But, I have to admit...I really want a Nook.  I want it in color and I want a cool cover for it.  The reason I want the Barnes and Noble Nook is because it has a light built in for reading in bed.  :)  Hint, hint.

Music.  I am always singing, humming or making up a song.  I love music.  I think in songs, I'm pretty sure.  Hmmm, wonder where Jonah gets his from??

Vera Bradley.  I didn't think I would ever like something so fru fru.  But I really love these bags.  Really.  I got 2 for my birthday and one from Christmas and birthday money.  One is for winter, one's for spring and summer.  My mom bought me one last year when Todd and I went to Iceland that I still love, too, although it's big, so I don't carry it everyday.  It's the huge messenger bag, which I still love.  :)

Painting.  Not walls, canvases.  I haven't done one since November, and I feel the itch to pick up a brush again.

Writing.  This kind of writing, and actual hand writing.  I am the word police.  You won't find many mistakes on this's because I proof read so much, and I am trying to teach that to my boys.

What do you love?  Care to share?  Love to all!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Our Week

It's been a great week!  Out 2 hours early on Monday, out 2 and a half hours early today, pretty sure NO SCHOOL tomorrow (or Friday, for that matter!)...all these are the makings of a fantabulous week!!!

And, here is the's completely justified this time!  If I had to guess, I would say that we already have about 4-5 inches on the ground, and from what I hear, the roads are terrible.   I was thrilled to get a call from the hubs this morning telling me he wasn't driving to Poplar Bluff, MO after all.  He left this morning with an overnight bag (for just in case), and I was apprehensive about him being out on the roads with all this mess on the way.  However, the dr. called him and told him not to come.

So, even though he is in town, he's still not here.  He is riding with the sheriff's department again tonight.  He did Monday night, too.  He rides as O.I.C. (officer in charge), and the chief trusts his driving.  :)  I'm pretty proud of him.  And speaking of that...I'm really proud of him for saving someone's life Monday night.  Poor thing was sore from doing chest compressions for so long...but I'd say it was worth it.  It makes it worthwhile having to give him up some...I'm thankful that God has given him a good, strong work ethic and a servant's heart. 

So, my funny story for the week is about me taking an epic fall.  I was getting into my car to go pick up the boys, and between the slippery ground, my wet shoes, and a slippery running board along the side of my suburban...I busted it.  Have you even fallen and felt like it was in slow motion?  I felt like that.  I had absolutely nothing to grab onto, and I couldn't do anything to stop myself.  I fell flat on my back, and I think my head might have bounced a time or two.  Lol...I'm fine, but why did my neighbor pick that moment to drive by??? 

It was funny...I laid there and just laughed and laughed.  Well...I'm going to get off here and listen to the joyful sounds of my boys (+2) playing and watching Beethoven. I hope you all stay warm tonight!  Love to all!

Saturday, February 5, 2011


What does it stand for, you wonder?  Siesta Scripture Memorization Team. 

What is a Siesta?  It's a term that Beth Moore's computer came up with.  When she started her Living Proof Ministries blog (click HERE to go to it), she wanted to think up a catchy name to call the women who read her blog.  She wanted them to be "Sista's", but when she typed that word, her spell check changed the word to "Siesta".  So that's what we are...and yes, some us do love our naps.  ;)

Back to does it work?  We are working on memorizing 24 Scriptures this year.  Two a month.  We pick our first verse on the first of the month, and the second verse we pick on the fifteenth.  You can pick your own verse, or you can read Beth's blog (and comments) and either go with what she's doing, or what someone else is doing. 

Who can do this?  Anybody that yearns for more of God...more of Him, more of His word, and the craving to have His word in our very souls.  I love to have His word pop into my brain at unexpected moments.  During a conflict earlier this week, I remembered the verse that I am currently memorizing.  The verse mentioned perfect peace, and it was exactly what I needed at that very moment. 

Coincidence?  I don't believe in them.  A God thing?  You got it. 

How do I remember the verses?  A few different ways.  I keep a SSMT spiral notebook in my kitchen.  I've written all the verses so far, and if something stands out in that verse, I write it on that page.  I wrote out the way Isaiah 26:3 helped me this week...and I dated it so that I would remember exactly the moment that the verse popped into my head.  Another way I remember is by looking at the notecards that I keep in my purse.  I had brightly colored index cards, so I punched holes in twelve of them (I'm using front and back), and bound them together with a ring that I bought from a teaching supply store forever ago.  One last thing is that I have made a note on my smart phone.  That way if I am somewhere with nothing but my keys and phone, I'll have Bible verses on my phone to go over in my mind. 

If you want to join me in this journey for 2011 it's not too late to start.  So far, there are literally thousands of women across the world doing this with Beth Moore.  God is raising up an army of women that are tied together by His living word, and I know He is going to move in huge ways because of this.  I have a group of friends who wanted to join me in this, so we are kind of holding each other accountable.  Some of us are local, some are not.  I love how we reach across states in this. 

If you're curious about the verses I've memorized so far, I'll write them out below.  Consider doing this with me!  God's word is the most powerful weapon we have.  His word is alive and sharper than a 2 edged sword, Hebrews 4:12 says.  When He is for us...who can be against us (Romans 8:31)?  The enemy does NOT want you to do this.  Do you dare? 

(1) James 1:17  All generous giving and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or the slightest hint of change.

(2) James 2:1  My brothers and sisters, believers in our glorious Lord Jesus Christ must not show favoritism. 

(3) Isaiah 26:3  You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in You.

Football (and Food) on the Brain

Yup.  You read it right.  How can I not be a little excited about Super Bowl tomorrow night?  I am surrounded by boys, and some of the excitement and anticipation is wearing off.  One reason is because of a show we watched last night.  It was the best commercial from Super Bowls of years past. 

I also might have planned my entire grocery shopping trip around the food I plan on serving tomorrow night.  :)  I know, right?  So far I'm planning on nacho's, meatballs, chicken tenders and leftover potato soup.  We don't have any plans for anyone else being here, though.  I also plan on doing stuff ahead of time so I can enjoy the commercials game. 

I've had a pretty lazy day so far.  I slept in, took a leisurely shower (because nobody else was here but me!), and watched tv while I drank my coffee.  Good times.  Then I got up to get dressed when the boys got home and ended up cleaning both upstairs bathrooms.  Then I helped all the boys put up their laundry and changed some sheets. 

The boys were gone because my sweet father-in-love Wiley bought Todd and the boys tickets to our church's annual Super Bowl breakfast.  That was why it was quiet in my house this morning.  It was heavenly.  That just about wraps up my day.  We have a birthday party to go to this afternoon, and the boys are thrilled.  They're going bowling for our neighbor's party.  I'm kind of excited myself. 

I hope you all have a great Saturday (and Sunday)!  Love to all.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Just a Glimpse

I am so glad this is Thursday!  It's been a good week, don't get me wrong, but I'm always excited for another approaching weekend.  I can never get enough of all of us being home and together...the way God intended.  ;)  And, today is kind of my Friday.  I am going to work for an hour tomorrow, but then I have to leave for a doctor's appointment.  The hour will fly by.  Which is fine by me!

I'm sure we'll have friends around over the weekend, and I know we'll be catching up on Idol.  :)  We have a bowling birthday party to go to on Saturday, then we'll go to my Mom's, Graham and Drew mentioned wanting to go to a friend's last basketball game...busy for sure, but lots of fun in the mean time. 

Thankfully, we will NOT be doing science fair projects!!  Wahoo!!!  One thing I have learned with having a middle schooler, is that I have to make sure and ask Graham on Thursday what he has due the following week.  Because I cannot tell you how many times he's told me on Sunday at 4:30 that we need to go to Hobby Lobby for the supplies he needs.  Because he forgot about it!  Ugh...I have definitely learned that by now.  And thankfully he is paving the way for me to know what to do with Drew when he goes next school year! 

All in all, it's been a great week.  I made a comment on facebook yesterday about me being able to write a book and titling it "Tales from the Lunchroom".  All I meant by that was that it's been a very interesting week.  Things that usually don't happen have happened...multiple times.  And in front of parents who are eating lunch with their kids.  It's been interesting.  I'm reminded often of my need to be flexible.  Because I don't do only what I was hired for.  I do other stuff too, the biggest of which is playing hostess to sixty something parents who come on Friday, and trying to make them all happy.  Plus lots of other little things that I would love to mention on here but won't. 

Anyway...I need to run.  It's almost that magical time...the time of waking up the other brothers.  And hoping that they don't get out of bed thinking it's Saturday like I did.  :(  Man, I can't stand it when that happens!  Love to all!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What Helps Me Along in my Life

"You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in You."  Isaiah 26:3

I really love that one...this is the third verse I'm working on memorizing for this year.  It jumped out at me because of that word 'steadfast'.  I love it.  And, it just happens to be my theme word for this year.  I've been talking about Klove's challenge to do this, and at 10:30ish on Monday morning, the word 'faithfulness' popped into my mind.  I've been praying for God to give me a word, and I believe that He did.  When I got home, I pulled out our handy dandy thesaurus and looked it up.  One of the other words offered for 'faithfulness' was 'steadfast'

I couldn't look it up because I ran out of time and had to leave for work.  But when I looked it up in an online dictionary (Miriam Webster's), this is what I found:

Definition of STEADFAST

a : firmly fixed in place : immovable b : not subject to change steadfast doctrine of original sin — Ellen Glasgow>
: firm in belief, determination, or adherence : loyal steadfast>
stead·fast·ly adverb
stead·fast·ness \-ˌfas(t)-nəs, -fəs(t)-\ noun

Examples of STEADFAST

  1. He was steadfast in his support of the governor's policies.
  2. steadfast supporter of women's rights>


Middle English stedefast, from Old English stedefæst, from stede + fæst fixed, fast
Is that amazing, or WHAT???

My goal for this year is for me to be steadfast in living for the Lord.  I want to know Him more.  I want to love Him even more than I already do.  I want to stand firm, fixed and immovable in my faith.  I want my faith to grow as a result of staying secure in His word.  I want Him to be the One I aim to please.  I want Him to be the One who's opinion matters most.  I want to live my life as an example for non-believers.  I want them to see Jesus in me...because let's face it, that may be the only Jesus they ever care to see!  I want Him to use me as a vessel for Him to work through and speak through.  I want my words, my thoughts, my opinions and (most importantly) my actions to be pleasing to Him.  
Sounds simple...but it's not.  In order to do this, I have to remember that I have to first deny my self
"Then he called the crowd to him along with his disciples and said: “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me."  Mark 8:34 
Sound easy?  Not to me.  It's a daily struggle.  I'm okay with admitting it.  I am a constant work in progress...which is why my word for 2011 for myself is steadfast.  

Another verse that helps me with my daily struggles is this:

Galatians 5:22  "But the Holy Spirit produces this kind of fruit in our lives: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control.  There is no law against these things!

Well, I just wanted to give you a tiny glimpse of how I get through my days.  I just looked at the clock and have to get going if I want to make it anywhere on time today.  Love to all. 

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