Wednesday, June 12, 2019

a bunch of random things on a Wednesday

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Happy Wednesday, friends!  I wish I had a fun or wise post for you today, but I don't.  I do, however, have a list of random thoughts and things rolling around in my brain that I thought I'd share. 

I took this picture above yesterday morning, but check out that forecast!  It is unseasonably cool here this week, at least through Thursday, and then the humidity and heat will start to come back.  I opened the door yesterday morning to let my dogs outside, and I was shocked by how cool it was.  At the time I woke up, it was sixty four degrees.  If my back porch were nice, I'd sit outside for quiet time, but it's not and I'm slightly scared of it, so I will just stay inside. 

Also, this post reminds me of the kind of house I came home to Sunday evening.  It was moderately clean when I came home, so I'm grateful for that, but it was dark and kinda stale.  When I'm at home, I turn a lamp on in the living room, I plug in these mantle lights you see in this picture, I usually burn a candle.  I like for my house to always feel cozy and inviting, even if it's just me at home by myself.  I like the furniture to be dusted, so I do this every other day because we have three dogs, and for the floor to be as hair free as possible.  I will say that someone started the Roomba, but it had gotten stuck by the time I came home, and there was hair everywhere.  I just ignored it all until Monday, when I cleaned and fluffed and freshened things up.  It's just funny how things are so different when I'm away from home.  This is such a prime example of men and women and how vastly different we are.  I am so thankful that I didn't come home to a messy kitchen, though.  That is my biggest pet peeve. 

My church family is still reading along in the New Testament reading challenge, and yesterday, we finished out the book of Acts.  I'm so excited about today's reading, starting in Romans!  If you're doing this with us and have fallen behind, today is a great day to start again.  We just read one chapter per day, so this week we will read Romans 1-3.  I love the book of Romans. 

Speaking of the bible, I'm also doing a bible study on the book of Galatians.  We are doing this together as small group leaders during these weeks of summer, then in the fall, the women in the church will be offered this same study on either a Monday morning or a Wednesday night. 

Yesterday was a happy mail day.  I pre-ordered this book a few months ago, when I saw the reviews for it, and that Amazon recommended it for me.  The actual description on the back talks about Nora Ephron, and I read in a review that if you're a Nora Ephron movie lover, then this book will be one you love.  Nora Ephron was the mind behind movies like Sleepless In Seattle, and You've Got Mail. 

It seems like it will be a fun and lighthearted read.  I'll read it and let you know what I think.  I've only finished one book this month so far, so I need to get to reading.  I picked up a book last night and it's not holding my interest, one that I had already started.  I'm probably going to put it down after last night. 

Other random things:

I'm looking forward to tonight!  Wednesday night church is something I love, and I always look forward to catching up with friends afterward. 

Drew is at orientation for his first semester of nursing school this morning!  I'm so excited for him. 

Jonah is off all week at work, and this has been an unexpected blessing.  I miss him when he's gone!  Noah and Drew are my quiet ones, and now that Drew's summer schedule has started at work, it's just Noah and me all day.  He is like his mom and likes the quiet.

Graham and Jonah made it back home Monday in time for dinner, and it is SO GOOD to have them back home.  They're my talkers. 

A Christmas miracle has occurred twice in one week, and we have all eaten dinner together at the kitchen table for TWO nights in a row!  I cannot remember the last time we all ate together before this week.  Last night we had two extras join us, and the Lord multiplied our food.  (I had enough for six and there were eight of us.)  We had no leftovers and just enough.

I am more on top of the laundry this week, than I have been in AGES.  The only thing in the hamper is the clothes everyone wore yesterday.  I love it when that happens!

Chip is on the struggle bus and has been a punk this week.  He is on my last nerve. 

Not helping said nerve is that for two nights in a row I've asked someone in the house who drinks coffee to make it the night before because I keep forgetting, and TWO mornings in a row, I've had to come downstairs to no coffee.  Not helping this even more is the fact that we have no k cups right now, so I have to wait on the coffee to brew. 

I'll stop with that last thought, because I need to get started on my day.  I also don't want to think too long about that last statement, because I don't want to be even more grumpy than I was this morning.  I need some time with Jesus.  If you know me at all, you know I mean that and don't say it flippantly.  It's been a busy morning, getting everyone out the door, so I am just now having a quiet house.  (I need it to be quiet, so I can better concentrate.) 

Thanks for reading!  Love to all. 

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