Thursday, June 13, 2019

a few things I love

I love reading or hearing about what people love right now, and things I may or may not know about.  I thought I'd share a few of mine, but I really want to hear from you.  This could be any category of your choosing, if you have something right now that you can't get enough of, share it with me.  (i.e.: books, makeup, hair stuff, a product, a new place to eat, flowers, you name it, anything goes.)

First up is this makeup that my niece introduced me to.  It's Limelife by Alcone, and it isn't very expensive.

I do not sell this.  But I know people who do, so if you want to try this out, let me know and I can put you in touch with a gal who can help you.  Here is the thing about makeup, though, at least for me: I don't really think you have to have makeup all by just one brand.  Before my niece gave me this foundation and powder to try, I was using Clinique color correcting foundation, and everything else was from a drugstore.  Now, I use Limelife for foundation and powder.  I don't wear a lot of either of those, so the stuff lasts me forever.  The cool thing is that it comes in these little metal containers, so when your foundation starts to run low, hold a hot blow dryer to the bottom or place it on a flat iron, and it will melt back down to where it looks full again.  There is little to no waste.  The foundation is light and does not go anywhere, and I do not have the time setting spray they sell, because in my opinion, it's just not needed.  I sweat like nobody's business, and cry actual tears most days, and still, this stuff stays put.  The powder is translucent, but I apply foundation, then blush, then a bit of the powder and it kind of sets all that I just applied.

Now that I have tried this makeup, I will never be able to wear anything else.  It's really good for your skin, and doesn't contain all the other junk that most other makeups contain.

Two things about this picture: one, I want to start getting my nails done again, because LOOK how good they look.  I am still doing my own and do a good job, but I miss being able to do this.  That stuff is terrible for your nails, though, and ruined mine, so I probably won't start up again.  Bummer. 

Two, is this Pop Socket.  I love mine!  I had this one for a long time, but it all faded from this to white.  I still have one, even on the new phone I just got a few weeks ago.  The thing I love about the Pop Socket is that it helps me hold onto my phone better.  I drop it way less, it makes it easier for me to hold, and it's a great stand to prop it up on when I watch a show on my phone. 

Nowadays, I buy all mine on Amazon.  Here's the one I have. 

Next up is quiet time related.  I always, always sit at the kitchen table, but with my back to the window.  Yesterday as I was about to sit down, I wondered why I keep my back turned away from the window, so I switched spots and sat here facing the outside. 

I like to sit at a table or desk for this, because I write a lot during this time.  I also feel so close to the Lord in nature, so I enjoyed this change of scenery, and I was less distracted.  Bonus. 

When I came home from Bentonville Sunday night, this is what I came home to find.

Drew was eating dinner, Alex (my bonus son) was here hanging out, and this is his little brother Carson.  LOOK at how precious he was.  He was thoroughly entertaining us by singing Baby Shark and asking all kinds of questions.  He is the cutest, most funny little guy, and I have loved watching both him and Alex grow up.  I've known Alex ever since he was Carson's age, so it's crazy to think how long he's been in my life. 

Hello, my name is Jennifer, and I love lipstick.  The brighter, the better.  Although I've actually been in a phase where I'm wearing more neutrals now than ever before, the other day, I pulled out my Revlon lipsticks and mixed a couple of colors together to get to this look.  I mixed a cherry red with a bright fuschia.  (Um, hello spell check, that word is NOT misspelled.)  In my personal opinion, when everything else on your face is neutral and you're wearing a plain top or dress, it's okay to go all out with a fun lip color. 

And lastly is this that I saw on Instagram the other day that I cannot get out of my mind.

Man, that hits home to me.  This is who Jesus is to me, my friends.  When I mess up, I go straight to Him.  When I'm happy, I go straight to Him.  When I'm sad and/or overwhelmed, I go straight to Him.  I envision myself sitting in His lap, pouring out my heart to Him.  I don't have big fancy words I say to Him, either, though I do pray His word back to Him a lot.  I just talk to Him.  He is always with me, because His Spirit lives in me.  There is nothing I can ever do that would separate me from Him. 

Other things I love that I don't have pictures of:

I am on a fresh flower kick and have been buying cheap bouquets from the grocery store.  The ones I have right now are two weeks old.

Avocados and soft boiled eggs.  I could eat them both everyday of my life, but for now, lunch or dinner will do. 

Fresh fruit and veggies!  I am buying tomatoes today from the grocery store and plan on eating tomato and mayonnaise sandwiches this weekend. 

Beach towels.  They're all over the place in these warm months, and no matter how many times I wash them, they still smell like sunscreen.  I love that!  It's baked in, it seems. 

Having my car accessible to me again.  Drew had to drive it for several weeks while his truck was being repaired at the body shop, from the wreck he was in recently. 

Spotify summer playlists.  I follow several and created a couple of my own.

This cool weather we've been having!  It is GLORIOUS.

Fries and friends.  Every single Wednesday night for the last six, I have done this with a few ladies from church, after our bible studies.  Last night was so much fun, because it allowed me to get to know a sweet lady that I sing in choir with, and don't get to talk with that often.  I love the whole older lady/younger lady concept of disclipleship.  I have another lady that I meet with as often as possible as well, and I love our times together just as much. 

Well, I am having lunch with Mom today, so I have to run.  Thanks for reading, and share whatever it is that you love right now.  I'd love to hear from you! 

Love to all. 

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