Friday, June 21, 2019

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends!  I'm linking up with Andrea from Momfessionals, and her friends Erika and Narci, for this blog post. 

This week has gone by so fast.  It's been moderately busy, too, which I never mind these days, and yesterday I spent the entire day with Noah.  That never happens!  I was getting him ready to leave for camp this morning, and we shopped, ate lunch, and ran errands to our heart's content. 

My mom joined us as well, which was fun. 

Here are some of this week's favorites, either products or experiences. 

Newest favorite movie?  This one.  Missy and I went to see Aladdin last Friday night.  We both had popcorn, diet coke, and peanut M & M's for dinner, and it was glorious.  Recliner?  Check.  Sitting there singing all the songs at the end and being one of the last couple of people left in the theater?  Even better.

Running errands with Mom is always a favorite thing to do.  I love when we just do life together.  This was me waiting on her last Saturday and being all cool and comfy in one of my favorite and most worn purchases this summer, the infamous Walmart dresses.  I think they're all sold out online, even, but I am so glad my friend told me about them, and I am so glad I bought several.  Please excuse my tired eyes in this picture.  Also right after this, I found a wasp in the car with me and I almost died trying to get it out.

I also almost fell later that night outside of Barnes & Noble with my dad and Trish.  It was like slow motion.  I managed to save myself, but they were just watching it all go down, and somehow I jumped and jogged my way out of busting it on the concrete.  I'm already klutzy, but this boot makes it a hundred times worse.  I'm rolling my eyes again.

I am not at all a name brand person, but this does just so happen to my favorite purse, and it was one I was given.  I also don't know why I am obsessed with pink right now, because all of my life, I have hated the color, but now?  It's my new favorite.

More proof.  I've had this polish on for a solid week now.  It's Just Lanai-ing Around by OPI. 

I got these shoes last week.  I totally splurged on them, but the only reason I even say that is because I have ankle and feet issues.  I'm known for getting tendinitis in my ankles, and my foot is currently fractured for the second time in about three years.  I mention all that to say that I cannot wear bad shoes.  They need to be supportive, and they need to able to firmly encase my feet.  I cannot do cheap, flimsy, or flat shoes.  I have tried and tried, and every single time, I end up hurt.  This brand is Naked Feet, and like I said, were a total splurge.  My husband and I both have issues with our feet (his are completely flat, as are Drew's), and neither of us can do cheap shoes.  He wears boots with those expensive arches from The Good Feet Store in them 24/7.  These are currently "on sale", though it's not much of a sale. 

This is my current favorite view.  This is dad's house.  I will always consider this home. 

I made a visit to my favorite happy place (the library) yesterday.  I have been in a major reading slump all of June, and can't seem to get out.  I am hoping these books will change all of that. 

I am slowly making my way through this key lime pie I made Tuesday.  It is my favorite dessert during the summer time.  If you want the recipe, scroll down until you see this picture, and it's on that post.

I love to cook and come up with different things.  Last night for dinner we had a breakfast casserole and pancakes.  I made all theirs, and then I made mine.  These are lemon blueberry pancakes, and are now my favorite type of pancakes of all time.  I zested a lemon and squeezed in all the juice, then used Bisquick, an egg, milk (until it was the desired consistency), and blueberries.  I didn't even eat the breakfast casserole...I took one bite, then I just ate #allthepancakes.

Last but not least, is this picture that a friend tagged me in on FB nine years ago.  This was us, in Iceland somewhere between Vestmannaeyjar and Rekjavik, on a ferry in the North Atlantic Ocean.  It was windy and freezing, and this was right before I was so sick that I wasn't sure how I would make it all the way to where we were headed. 

Well, that's Friday Favorites, in a nutshell.  Thanks for reading!  I need to go get dressed for the day.  Love to all! 

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  1. Iceland...that must have been a fabulous trip. I love doing errands with my husband because he can be my "driver" while I run into the various store. Have a wonderful weekend! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road


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