Friday, September 6, 2019

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends!  I'm linking up with Andrea from Momfessionals, and her friends, for this blog post. 

This week FLEW right by.  I walked around being thoroughly confused every day, as to which day it was.  I'll start with last weekend, to kick off my week of favorites.  Todd worked at our local fair all last weekend, and Graham joined him for two out of the four nights.  Friday night I just stayed home and watched a movie (I wish I could remember which one it was!), and then on Saturday night, my sister and I met Dad and Sandy at our favorite Mexican restaurant. 

It was Trish's birthday weekend.  Our dinner was so good, and we both went back to our houses stuffed and slightly miserable.  It's a good thing we ate at five. 

I just remembered what I watched Friday night.  I tried to watch the new Netflix Original movie, Falling Inn Love, but it was terrible.  Worse than any Hallmark movie I've ever seen, with even worse acting, and then somehow I went down the rabbit trail and ended up watching a curly hair tutorial video on YouTube for a solid two hours. 

And yes, I learned some things, like what type of curls mine are (3A) and how to better dry it and what products are best for my hair.  And then the next day, at Target, I spent thirty minutes on that aisle looking over them all.  There are so many choices!  I need to buy some now, so I won't run out or forget what it was that I should use. 

On Sunday morning, I was at church by eight with my hubby, and then I came home and stayed put the rest of the day.  It was glorious.  Usually I have choir practice on Sunday afternoons, and though I love choir practice, it is exhausting.  Two and a half hours of singing wears me out like nothing else.

On Monday morning, I piddled around here at home, and did laundry and some straightening up from the weekend, and then Trish and I went to see Overcomer.  That day was her actual birthday, and it was her choice doing that, but I'm so glad she picked what she did.  It was a great movie!  I watched more movies (Father of the Bride and part II) to round out my marathon movie weekend, and went to bed pretty early.  And then on Tuesday, I decorated for fall!  This time of year is my favorite!

Those are a few of my favorites that I put out.  On Wednesday, I stayed home all morning and afternoon and spent some really good, extended time with the Lord, and then I caught up on Bible study homework so that I could be fresh that night.  Yesterday I spent the morning with a couple of really sweet friends, and it was so good being able to just sit and catch up.  I've missed them!  Today my daddy is coming over for our weekly date.  And a possible Costco run....I'm not sure if I want to do that today, though.  Although, if I don't go today, I'll have to go tomorrow, and I REALLY don't want to go tomorrow, when half the city is there.

Some other favorites from this week are a podcast I've been listening to for the past week.  If you've not ever listened to her, Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth at Revive Our Hearts has had some great ones this week. 

My favorite one was the day she talked about this verse, regarding God's providence in her life. 

Rachel Martin is one of my favorite people to follow on Instagram, and I loved what she wrote here, about friendship. 

Scripture writing is another favorite of mine, and I am loving the theme of this month. 

My current favorite Timehop memory was this of Jonah (left) and Noah that came up yesterday.  We used to have friends over each weekend for dinner and game night, and every week, this was how these two ended up.  They never could quite hang with the big kids.  Those  were the days!  If you have young kids, I would encourage you to get some friends you can start traditions with like this.  We will never forget those days, and neither will our kids.  This only lasted for a short window of time, maybe just a year or two, and then we never really had that again.  The older the kids get, the harder it becomes to keep up with traditions like this. 

Well, I need to get started on my list of things to do before eleven thirty, so I'd better run.

I hope you have a great weekend!  Love to all. 


  1. I love your tiered tray! Fall decor is so fun. Thanks for linking the scripture writing...I'm going to give it a try. Have a great weekend!

  2. Lots of cute fall décor items! I have three boys and I totally agree that there is never a dull moment (especially when they're young).

  3. Thank you, Tanya! I love that tray so much, it was a gift a couple of years ago. Keep your eye out for them at Hobby Lobby, and maybe you can get a 40% off coupon. I'm glad you're going to try the scripture writing, it's something that has been a great blessing in my life!

  4. Thank you,@Mother of 3! I love this time of year! And yes ma'am, you are right about that!


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