Tuesday, June 1, 2021

weekend wrap-up and Tuesday things


We had a really good weekend. I always love this weekend with Memorial day—for us it's always the unofficial kick off of Summer. I get why it's a weekend people love to celebrate, but I can't ever let the day pass by without pausing to remember those who gave their lives in the ultimate sacrifice. 

On Sunday our Pastor asked people who had lost loved ones while serving our country to stand and there were several families who stood. I love that he did that. I also try to always reach out to my childhood best friend Stacy—her family lost a loved one while he was serving in Iraq. I just want them to know they're not forgotten. I think that's important for anyone who has lost a loved one.

On a much lighter note, here are some other things I did over the weekend.

My hubby worked Friday night, so I ate Taco Bell for dinner and watched this movie. It was SO GOOD. My mom and sister have been telling me forever to watch this and I finally got around to it over the weekend. 

We also had some late night excitement when Crash found and killed a baby possum that had been hiding out in our garage all day long. I'll spare you the image, but it was gruesome and I went to bed right after with an upset stomach. I'm not sure if the two were related.

The night before this happened, Jonah hit and killed a deer in his truck. 

Animal Kingdom=0
Goodwin household=2

I didn't really have anything I wanted to do on Saturday by myself except for one thing—

Making a trip to my local library. Needless to say, I read much of that day in between laundry and watching a movie or Netflix. I watched a really good Hallmark movie on Saturday morning called The Beach House and that day I finished season two of Virgin River. 

This movie made me want to read the series of books it's based off of by Mary Alice Monroe. I forgot I was watching a Hallmark movie, because the acting was so good. 

I also want to read this series of books by Robyn Carr. Do you see why I have a to-be-read reading list a mile long?

I was at church super early on Sunday morning and back at home by twelve thirty. Todd had worked the night before as well and never came home to sleep, so he went to bed immediately and I finished this book.

I totally judged this book by the cover and hit the jackpot. It was SO GOOD! 

I enjoyed the deck for a few minutes that night and was checking to see how my potted hanging baskets were doing. Isn't this sign cute?! I love it—my mom in love bought it for me while we were out one day a few weeks ago.

On Monday I went grocery shopping, I started another new book and caught up on laundry. We went to Mom's and Bill's for dinner around four and enjoyed THE BEST catfish. We had that with fries (baked potatoes for Trish, Mom and me), cole slaw, hush puppies and brownies. It was so good and it was a packed house since the boys took three of their friends. It was a fun night and a really nice weekend. The weather has been really cool, so it's been even nicer because of that. I'm loving the cooler temps, but it's messing with me getting to swim. I was supposed to do that tomorrow with my mom-in-love, but it may be too cool and raining. Today all I have scheduled is a dental appointment for getting my teeth cleaned.

How was your weekend? I'd love to hear from you! Thanks for reading my blog, friends. Love to all. 

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