Friday, December 2, 2022

Friday Favorites, 12.2.22.


Happy Friday, friends and HAPPY DECEMBER! It's my favorite month of the year! If this is any indication of how this post is going to go, you'll have to forgive me. I told you I loved this time of year and I can finally go all out in saying it and sharing all the Christmas things that are my favorite. Before I get started, I'm linking up with Andrea and Erika for today's post. I also want to remind you that the next Currently link party is happening on the first Wednesday of the month—which will be next week, December 7. We'll be talking about what we're currently loving, gifting, wrapping, hoping and attending. I hope you join us! If you want to read last month's, you can read that post here.

I have all the things to share today, because I didn't post last Friday, so here goes! You may want to grab something yummy and hot to drink while you read.

On the night before Thanksgiving, Todd and I had our second annual pre-Thanksgiving dinner date night and once again went with Mexican food. We went to a place about thirty minutes from where we live, in a town called Arlington for our favorite- street tacos made with brisket meat, salsa with chips and margaritas! All of the above was delicious, but I only took this one picture to send to my sisters. 

Cute and seasonal wallpaper and lock screens for my phone are my favorite. I love this one above, though it's not what I'm using right now. I'm using this one...

Isn't it cute? I love it with my bright red case and Christmas popsocket. I'll share a picture of that next week, because it arrives today or tomorrow. All I do is search for these on Pinterest. I type in Christmas phone wallpaper, take a screenshot, crop it, then use it as my wallpaper and lock screen. Easy peasy!

This is my favorite view!

This is my favorite cozy thing to wear. If it's super cold, I pair it with fleece pajama pants, otherwise I wear my cotton ones that I love or leggings. One year Todd and I went to dinner with my best friend Missy and her husband Jeff, and Jeff surprised Missy and I with these matching sweatshirts. I don't think she wears hers like I wear mine, but he has definitely gotten his money's worth out of mine, because it's my favorite thing to wear once the weather turns cold. I've always loved hoodies! 

This is one of my favorite things that I've seen all week. My Graham went to Walmart the other night to buy this adorable reindeer car buddy and has been riding around with it just like this in his front seat ever since. I told him this made me love him even more!

So, once Thanksgiving is over, I pull out all the Christmas things that are my favorites to wear every year. I wear bright red lipstick one hundred percent of the time, I wear sparkly Christmas earrings and wear all the red/green/brightly colored things that I own. Here they all are below.

I posted this for the example of the red lipstick. This one actually isn't my favorite, but it's a close second. My favorite came in the mail this week from Amazon. It's Neutrogena color stick in classic red. 

I considered this me being kind of understated Christmas-y at church on Sunday. I couldn't go too bold because I sang on the praise team that day, but I sure did still wear the green I had in my closet! This poncho and tiered shirt are both from J Jill a few years ago and bought on their clearance. And my black Dansko clog type shoes are my favorite as well. I get compliments on them every time I wear them. 

In this picture above is my newest favorite lipstick that I mentioned. This fleece is also my favorite! I was so glad I wore it last night to church, because it was FREEZING where I was. I bought this on clearance from Old Navy last year. 

On my way into my office Monday morning, I stopped in my favorite little coffee shop that just happens to be next door to where I work (Square Beans) and treated myself to a gingerbread latte. It was delicious! The owner Katie made my drink—I told her I was impressed with the art she was able to draw with the foam. ❤

Favorite mug, nails and hot drink! Noah had been asking me for hot chocolate and I finally remembered to buy some this week when I ordered my groceries from Kroger. He was so happy to have some! I love his and Graham's love for cozy Christmas things. 

Cold and foggy mornings are my favorite, particularly when I get to stay home. I didn't stay home on this day, though and by the time I left for work, the fog was gone. It's so cozy and kind of like the beginning to a perfect Christmas-y day. 

A few of my favorite things are in this picture—a Christmas book on my Kindle, ornaments that mean something and this adorable table runner on my kitchen table. 

And lastly, yesterday was my favorite, because I was able to get my hair done. I love it when this day comes around, which is only about three times a year, so it's a treat for sure! 

This was right before, during and after! It always feels good to be fresh again. Every year I think I'll go dark again, which is my natural color. Then every fall rolls around and I decide to keep with the light and bright. I definitely prefer myself with light hair, versus the dark that you can see in my roots in that first picture. I also think that maybe this will be the year I let my grays just grow out and I stop coloring altogether, but then I snap out of it, because I'm only 45 and hanging onto that despite the birthday looming ahead of me in thirteen days. 🤣

How was your week? Do you have a favorite moment or product to share? I'd love to hear from you! I wrote blog posts everyday this week, including one bonus post, in case you missed out on any of them. Here they are linked below.

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Thanks for reading my blog, friends! I hope you have a wonderful day and weekend. I'll see you back here next week! Love to all!


  1. Keep going light! It makes me happier to get highlights, too. I love all of your outfits and I think I need that Neutrogena red. These sticks are just so good. I'm not happy with my lipliner so I need to find a better option. You should do a post all about lips because yours always look perfect. I'm serious!

    Happy Happy Friday! You had lots of goodness!

  2. Amy- I will! I like it so much better immediately afterwards. You should get the Neutrogena red! I do love it...hmmmm. I may do that! I might include that in one of my posts next week. You should SEE my collection of lipsticks. It's ridiculous! The boys laugh at me, but I use every single one of them! I have always been a huge fan of lipstick, from about the age of five. My mom will attest to this. 🤣

  3. Love your festive attire and phone screens- so cute BUT my favorite is that red lipstick on you! Such a gorgeous color- thanks for sharing all of the holiday joy! :)

  4. Thanks, Holly! I love it too...even if it's only for December!

  5. I love so many things in this post! Love your hair, the shirts, the lipstick, the coffee! We've been talking a lot lately about gray hair, every since my mom came a few weeks ago. In fact, I made David shave his white beard this week and he looks so much younger! I don't color my hair, but I think I will, once it starts showing too much gray. Plus I love your curls (I can relate).

    I left you a response on your comment on my blog about how I got the name Millie :)

    Have a great weekend!

  6. All your fashion is so cute this week and I'm inspired to bring out my red lipstick for the month! Enjoy your weekend!

  7. I started wearing my Christmas earrings yesterday too! Your reindeer ones are just the cutest!!

  8. What a happy post! I love Christmas too and you have so much goodness here! I am totally going to Pinterest now to look up lock-screens. I need a new one! Love your hair! I have started getting grays and am just letting them come in. I don't color my hair and say I am just going to keep letting them come, but who knows. Lol!

  9. I absolutely LOVE the rainbow fleece ... and the reindeer earrings!

  10. You are just SHINING with Christmas joy! I need some of it to rub off on me so thank you!
    I love the idea of doing a Pre-Thanksgiving dinner with Mexican - what a fantastic thing I need to start.
    I need that Rae Dunn Christmas mug!!!

  11. Gosh I love that sweatshirt AND your hair!

  12. I vote for the lighter hair too! For me, I think it brightens up my face a little when I have a lighter shade. Love the red lipstick too!

  13. Your tree looks amazing! I love all your Christmas tops and your earrings are just the cutest. I really enjoyed reading your post. Its so full of fun festive cheer!

  14. Thanks, Debbie! If I hadn't already started coloring my hair, I probably wouldn't start now...that's just my opinion. I have a friend who is my age who has never colored her hair and she has beautiful curly gray hair! She's just so naturally pretty, which I always think is beautiful in its own more special way.

    Thanks for answering that. I'll go check it out!

  15. Thanks, Marilyn! I hope you's definitely the month for it, more than any other!

  16. Thanks, Joanne! I'll look forward to seeing yours as well! 🎄

  17. Thanks, Bri! It's fun looking for new phone wallpapers. I change mine all the time! It's a fun way to make my phone a little brighter and happier. I think it's wise to never say never! Things always have a way of coming around to bite us in the rear, so it's great that you're flexible on your hair color. 🤣

  18. Thanks, Rebecca Jo! My best friend says the exact same thing. 🤣 It's always so fun to start new traditions! You should definitely do that next year. I love Rae Dunn mugs!

  19. Thanks, Andrea! It's so appropriate for me, because they're my favorite! 🤣


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