Friday, December 13, 2013

birthday celebrating

My birthday is tomorrow.  It's the time of year when I will be a year older than my favorite man.  ;)  Not really...we're only thirteen days apart, but I am older.  He teases me relentlessly about this fact.  I've already gotten my present from him and the boys.  A couple months ago, they were at Costco, and they saw the blender I had been wanting...they got it while it was on sale and I have used it almost everyday since then.

I do, however, expect some birthday cards.  Because I am a sucker for them.  AHEM, Todd.

I feel like I've been celebrating all week.  Sunday night we went to our old church to hear their Christmas program and I got to see a bunch of old friends.  Afterward, we went to Abner's with my dad, step-mom, and in-love's.  Todd was riding that night, but he and his riding partner stopped by to say hi.

On Monday we went to the Enchanted Forrest.

On Tuesday my dad took us to lunch and to see the movie Frozen.

We stayed home on Wednesday and Thursday, but last night we had cake at my sisters' house.  I share a birthday with my nephew, and he's going to be hunting all weekend.  This is Tyler, or "Beau", as my kids call him.

Isn't he handsome?  I love his facial hair.  It suits him perfectly.  ;)  This boy...I remember the day he was born.  My mom let me stay home from school that day so we could go to the hospital.  He has scared the daylights out of us (he once tried to burn down his house while I was babysitting he and his brother and sister), he has shocked us, made us laugh, made us cry.  I'm so proud of the man he has become...he's working hard and making a good living for himself.  I'm proud of all my nieces and nephews...God blessed me with some pretty special family members.

We were all cheesy as they were singing 'happy birthday' to us...we were singing it to each other and to ourselves and acting all goofy.  I love him.

Awe...we're so cute.  ;)  It was fun celebrating with them, and watching his excitement as he opened cards and the presents he picked out, which were a duck call and a duck decoy.  He was like a little kid and went into his mom's bathroom so he could try out his duck call without busting our ear drums.  We were laughing at his enthusiasm.

Today my dad is coming over again!  He's taking us out to the restaurant of my choice, and afterward I promised the boys that they could go to the park and play football.  They love the turf field at Johnson Park, and it's a good way for them to get some exercise.  Speaking of that, for the past two days, they've been walking to get the neighbor kids from school.  They took Crash on Wednesday and they took both dogs yesterday...I'm thinking they need to do that everyday.  The dogs are so much happier when they get to get out of this house.

Tonight is the night I've been waiting for!  Dinner out with my sisters and A Madea Christmas at eight.  I'm so excited!  What better way to spend the night before my birthday than watching Tyler Perry on the big screen?!  It's still so surreal that we got to see him live at the Orpheum a couple years ago.  I love this man and I love his movies even more!

Well, I'll share a couple more pictures and I'll go.  I love this one below of the boys from last Christmas.  We were at the airport picking up my mom and step-dad.  This was the day after Christmas.

I used part of my Christmas money and treated them to Starbucks.

And a post would not be complete without a picture of a dog and a kid.  Yesterday, Drew took a nap before dinner and Crash did this:

Is that not precious?  He can be sweet.  This dog, I mean.  I love how he curls up with the kids, and he does this with all of them.  He's also taken to sleeping with them every night.  He hates his new dog bed in our room, so that's his excuse to sleep in one of the bottom bunks.  Most nights will find him in Graham's bed, which he loves, but some nights he switches it up and moves to Drew's bed.

I hope your day is wonderful!  Love to all.


  1. Thanks, Meagan~it's actually tomorrow, but I have been celebrating all week! ;) It makes hitting 37 a wee bit easier!


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