Wednesday, August 27, 2014

catching up

The rest of our weekend was a blur to me.  I had to take a nap after I got home Saturday afternoon, because I knew that we had a long night ahead of us.  We went to a Redbirds game~the last game of the summer that would have fireworks.

We met up with Todd's parents, his brother and their family.  I love getting together with them, we never see each other as much as we'd like, so I knew it would be a fun night.  Even if it was a thousand and nineteen degrees outside with not enough wind blowing.


Sweet cousins...I hate that I didn't get a picture of all three of the eleven year old's.  Nathan is about six weeks younger than Jonah and Noah and they are best buddies.  They love being with him!  Joseph is below the picture of Nathan and Noah.  I love his sweet smile!  This boy is full of all kinds of joy.

I also did not get a picture of Zeke by himself, but he is every bit as cute as his brothers.  :)

All the Goodwin grands.  Left to right: Drew, Nathan, Zeke, Noah, Jonah, Joseph and Graham.  These kiddos are a hot mess when you put them all together.

My loves.  We were nasty and hot and sweaty and all fought over the showers when we got home.  I got first, though, and loved every bit of the coolness that sprayed me.

This week has gone fast~Todd was home sick both Monday and yesterday, but he was feeling better this morning.  We've had a great week of school work so far, and a couple of really fun days, with projects and experiments.  I'm thankful that my boys are loving this school year so far...I'm praying they keep that level of enthusiasm.  :)  You can join me in praying that same thing, if you would like! household stuff is calling me.  Love to all!

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