Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday Favorites, Christmas edition

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My favorite thing about this entire week has been having a Christmas decorated home.  I have enjoyed sitting by the lit tree every night and waking up to her beauty each morning.  I have loved seeing all of my favorite ornaments again, mostly the ones that were either given to me by someone or made by my kids.  I know I've said it a million times, but I love this time of year!  It's my favorite.


I love it when my kids play games together.  This game has been set up on my dining room table since Monday night.  Or maybe it was Tuesday morning.  Either way, when the school work was completed each day, they all sat here and played a competitive game of electronic banking Monopoly.  :)  My husband joined in on the fun Wednesday night.  It is still sitting there, and I'm sure they'll be playing it again today, since we were gone all day yesterday.


Wednesday was definitely one of my favorite days of this week.  We had to make a Costco run and Crash wanted in on the fun. I can't take Drew or Noah anywhere~they were actually IN the freezer at Costco.  Crazies.  After Costco, we went to Crash's favorite place, Pet Smart.  He loves going in there.  He's paid much attention to, and he is in doggy heaven, sniffing all the bags of goodies, looking down the aisle at the dogs going through obedient school and torturing the kitties awaiting adoption.  :)

Before we leave, he knows he gets treats, so he sits perfectly still and adorable at the check out until the cashier gives him at least three treats.  And when they find out that he can catch the treats when they're tossed to him, they give him triple the amount.  :)  I love this dog and all his crazy quirks, like "talking" to all the dogs he sees inside.


Thursdays are always my favorite.  It's our homeschool group day, and I adore meeting with these like-minded women each week.  I will seriously miss them over the next few weeks.  (We are done until the Thursday after New Years.)

Yesterday was made even better when I got to have dinner out with this sweet lady.

This is my friend and co-conspirator in life and in our Bible fellowship class on Sunday mornings.  I adore her.  We've known each other really well for about eight years, and the more I'm with her, the more my love for her grows.  She has such a fun, addictive personality~and all my family feels this way about her.  My kids jumped in her car right before I took this picture and tried to talk her into making a Starbucks run.  We love our Scottie!  She made my day even better yesterday.


I don't have a picture, but we love Friday too!  My dad comes over today, and we always enjoy spending time with him.  We're going to Chick Fil A for lunch today, then we'll be coming back home until tonight.  Our Christmas parade is supposed to happen tonight, but with all the rain going on today, it's not looking too good.  :/  If it gets canceled, this will be the second year that this has happened.  I hope it will get rescheduled...although, it may not.

Well.  Thank you for reading!  And for visiting my blog, if you don't usually.  I get lots of traffic on Friday because of my link-up.  I pray you have a wonderful day wherever you are.  Love to all!

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