Friday, April 21, 2017

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, my friends!  I'm linking up with Andrea and friends for this blog post.

I have been missing on the blog and just generally not feeling like it much these days.  Some days I love writing on this thing, but sometimes it feels too much like work, and I can't make myself write anything.  I don't really write on this for anyone other than my family, and sometimes they read, and sometimes they don't.  I'm okay with that, and anyone other than them who reads is a bonus.  Lately I've been struggling to find things to write about.  It all kinda feels redundant to me, so I am totally open to suggestions, if you have any for me.  Just comment and tell me what you love to read, and maybe that will pull me out of this blank that I'm currently in.

I will always do these Friday posts, though, because they're my favorite.  (Truthfully, they are.)  I try to practice being grateful for at least five things everyday, and this is one of my favorite things to do: to look back on the week and thank God for all that He has done.

If you ever find yourself in a funk, try this activity of being grateful daily.  I promise you, there is no better way to change your perspective.

Even though I didn't blog any this week except for Monday, I have so much to be thankful/grateful for, and I thought I'd share some of my favorite things and activities from the week.

These are my favorite teenagers in all of the world, and I think they're best that were ever around.  Here are a few reasons as to why they're my favorites:

For Graham, I love that he has never met a stranger.  Ever since he was a young boy, he has loved being around people older than him.  He's never had a ton of friends that were his age, but that has never bothered him.  He has always had friends that were girls, though, and to this day, they're still whom he prefers.  Especially one named Rachel.  ;)  These days it's usually him, Drew, a couple of sisters, and anyone else who wants to join in with them.  I love that.  His group is small, but they are loyal.  I love that Graham has NEVER been afraid to show affection to me.  Most teenage boys won't hug their mom or be openly loving to them, but no matter who is around, he will come kiss my forehead and tell me he loves me as he walks out the door.

For Drew, I love that he has this ability to have fun wherever he goes and whatever he does.  He is (almost) always joyful, and that shines through in his personality.  He loves to laugh, he loves to have fun, and hanging out with his friends is his favorite thing to do.  I love that he has always just included Graham in his set of friends.  I have told them since they were teeny tiny, that friends would come and go throughout the years, but that his brothers would always be around.  My desire has always been for them to not only be good brothers, but good friends, and all praise and glory to God, they are just that.  I pray it will last forever, this bond that they have right now.  

Looking at this picture of Jonah just makes me smile.  There was a time in his elementary school years that he became painfully shy.  He would not talk to adults, and he wouldn't make eye contact.  (He did talk to family.)  When I started homechooling him and Noah in their fourth grade year, he slowly started to come out of his shell, and he has blossomed into this young man that loves talking to people.  He has such a great personality about him now, and he doesn't have a shy bone in his body.  He still hates having his picture taken, but I love capturing him when he's smiling so genuinely like he is in this picture.  And about that smile?  It is always in place, with his dimples on display.

Sweet Noah.  The word 'sweet' will always and forever precede his name.  He loves life in general.  He is the most genuine, loving, loyal, and caring young man I have ever known.  He would prefer to go without than to have someone around him go without.  He loves kids.  Just the other day, my friend Christa came over with her daughter Annalise, and the whole time they were here, Noah stayed with Annalise and did whatever she wanted.  He colored with her, he made paper airplanes for her, he took her to jump on the trampoline.  He loved being around her and took such great care of her while she was here.

It's a joy and privilege to see these four become godly men.  Being their mom is one of my favorite things in all of my life.

I said I would post about this book, but I never did.  This book will probably be my favorite book that I read this year, other than the bible.  I love Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth and her radio ministry, Revive Our Hearts.  I've listened to her podcasts for sometime now, and I love how she speaks and ministers.  I've never met her, but it is evident to all how beautiful her heart for the Lord and for others is.  I basically want to be just like her when I grow up.  This book is based on Titus, mainly chapter two, verses three through five.

When I am able to write more, I will post about it, but there's so much to write about that I don't know where to start.

It is that good.

 A while back, Todd bought us a family account on Spotify.  I love, love, love having this account!  We can listen to all the music we want, any genre you can imagine, for a low price, and without commercial interruption.  I love K Love, y'all know that, but they play the same four songs over and over and over again.  There are so many old songs I love that I never hear anymore, but thanks to Spotify, I can now listen to them again.

There are a few I am always listening to: Matt Redman, Elevation Worship, Chris Tomlin, Crowder, Casting Crowns, Matt Maher, Travis Cottrell, Brooklyn Tabernacle, Prestonwood Baptist...but y'all.  This week it has been this album pictured above.  Never Lose Sight by Chris Tomlin.  It is my favorite this week.  Earlier in the week, I had this song Kyrie Eleison on repeat, but for the last two days, it's been First Love.

Another album you will hear playing all year long is These Christmas Lights by Matt Redman.  Please, don't judge me for this.

Worship music is my absolute favorite music, and I listen to it all throughout the day.  I love music in general, but worship is my preference.  Music speaks so deeply to my heart, and I really feel that God often uses it in my life to draw me closer to Him.  Even as I write this, I'm listening to some.

One requirement I like in the music I listen to is that I prefer it to be about Jesus.  I don't want to sing about how He makes me feel, I want to sing to Him about how wonderful, caring, kind, and loving He is.  One lyric in the song First Love I've been listening to is this:

Oh how I love you, Jesus
You are my greatest joy
How I adore you, Jesus
Oh, my soul, rejoice!

See what I mean?  I like to sing to Him.

Yesterday was my favorite day of the week so far.  My beautiful best friend Christa has moved back home to Memphis, and I am thrilled.  I have so missed her the last seven years of life, and I am so thankful to get to see her regularly now.  I saw her Wednesday when she and her daughter came over to eat lunch and hang out, then I saw her again yesterday as she took Graham's senior pictures.  We met on the square and walked around as she photographed him, and then we ended it by eating lunch together.  I cannot wait to see how the pictures turn out!  Our town square is beautiful, and the day was gorgeous.  This church was our last stop.  Annalise wanted her to take her pictures, and she posed for the next ten minutes.  I snagged a couple of her myself.


Life with boys is my favorite.  One of mine did this last night, and I had a good laugh over it.  Also, the little ball ripped, and I love how he drew eyes to make it a face.

It has been a great week, and I am looking forward to the weekend.  I hope yours is wonderful and restful.  Love to all.

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