Tuesday, April 25, 2017


If you're an adult, then you know what this is.  It's when the final weeks of your senior year hit and you are officially done with high school.  Maybe not done in the official "finished all the work" done, but done as in, you're incapable of doing one more day.  I keep hearing this term.  I'm one of the senior girls community group leaders, and they've been throwing this around all year, but we have officially hit senior-itis here in our house.

I do feel as if it's different for us, because we homeschool.

Graham will be officially done with his high school career as of this Friday.  He will have completed the last of his subjects, and we will begin the wait of his graduation day.  His pictures have all been taken and chosen, he has decided what he is going to do after graduation (PRAISE GOD!), we will pick up his cap and gown on Thursday afternoon, and we will address and mail out graduation and party invites.  Our first celebration will be next Tuesday night, when we will attend a dinner to honor the seniors at a country club nearby.

I cannot believe how fast his school days have flown by.

I feel as if he should still be in elementary school, and I well remember the days when he would break free of his line when he saw me in the halls to run and hug me.

I need someone to sit and hold my hand!  I am so grateful for my friend Missy, who has promised to keep back up tissues stocked up for me in her purse.  She even offered to ride with us Thursday, but I assured her that I would be fine by then.


I was so emotional yesterday!  All day.  First the pictures that my bestie took, then the call about his cap and gown, and a song I've had on repeat all day, called I Got Saved.  (I'll share it at the end of this.)

I am trying to soak up all these lasts with Graham.  Our life won't be changing dramatically with him graduating, but it's just an emotional time for us moms.  I know some of you will get that and some of you will totally disagree with me.  That's okay.  Missy gets it, and for that, I am grateful.  I even cried a little with her on the phone and she just patiently listened.

Here are a few of his pictures that are my favorites.

Thanks for reading!

And here's the song.

Love to all.

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