Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Blue Walls

We finished Graham and Drew's room!!! You have NO IDEA how happy this makes me! They loved, Trish and I loved it! Thank you Mom...Nana...for giving them this generous gift. They are so proud of their new room!!

O.k. well I am just sore everywhere. I actually limped in church tonight. My everything is aching. We definitely got our workout today! We even moved all the furniture back into place, and let me tell you, bunk beds from the 1960's (or 70's) are NOT light. Those are some stout beds. At least I know they're not going to give way when my kids jump on them. Except I don't know if they can stand up to Jonah and Noah (Noah mostly) jumping from the top down to the bottom. He asked me if he could do that today. I have no idea if he's ever done it before, although I'm guessing he has since he said how much fun it was. Hmmm...

Do you ever feel like you have no control over things? You can tell the kids no, they do it anyway? Boy if I'd ever caught him doing that, he would have been in TROUBLE. That could be why the wooden supports under Drew's mattress were broken. Oh well, now he knows. I very sternly told him we are NOT to jump off of things in this house. Especially since he's Todd's son. The same Todd of all the broken bones. Or stitched up places. Or drilled~through hands. You know...that one.

Well I am going to sit and watch my husband play golf on the Wii. I am too tired for anything but sitting. Bon soire.

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