Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial Day

As we're in the beginning throes of summer, and spending time with our families, I hope you all take a moment and thank God for this country we live in. I praise Him that we have the freedom to worship Him, and to write about Him, like I'm doing right now. I also hope while we're thanking God for this wonderful country we're so honored to live in, that we'll also take a moment and say a prayer for our country, her leaders (and soon to be new leaders), and our troops. I know I am thanking God for each new young man or woman that joins our military. I pray for His protection to be over them, and their families. I also pray that He will give their families endurance they need to be without them. I know several military families, so this is easy for me to do. Join me, also, in having a few moments sometime tomorrow, telling our kids about why this day is a holiday. I've already told the boys that we celebrate this day to honor the people who are fighting for our freedom now, and the ones who did so in the past. I also explained to them that many young people died during protecting us, and that we should take a few moments of silence out of our respect for them. I hope all of you enjoy this day together with your families and with your friends. Join me in remembrance of all the ones we've lost. Love to all.

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