Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Day Of Rest

After church, all the boys decided they wanted to go home with Mimi and Papa. Todd was gone, working for the sheriff's department, so that left me alone. =) I started to go somewhere to pick something up to eat and bring in home, but decided against it. So when I pulled into my driveway, I noticed that Katie and Travis were home. I called and invited myself over to have lunch with them!

Travis made the best lasagna Friday night, and I was hoping that's what they were having...they were! It was even more delicious the second time around! Yummy! Todd ended up coming home for a little while, then left again. He decided to go ahead and finish out this month for his time, since I'd planned on him being gone all day today...he was working for the sheriff's dept. today. We came home and I took a nap. Doesn't this make for exciting reading material?

Anyway, so now I'm just sitting here waiting on 5 to come so I can leave for church. I'll try to write more later...I'm planning on watching a movie from Netflix. It needs to go back so we can have another movie night this week. I think the next movie on the list is a kids' one. Happy Sunday, and love to all!!!

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