Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Weekend's End

We've had such a great weekend, as usual! Friday night we went to some friends' house and had the yummiest dinner ever. Brad made grilled chicken and to go with it we had mashed potatoes, salad, bread and cupcakes for dessert. Yes, cupcakes. Not the fanciest variety of dessert, but one all the kiddos loved. They iced them themselves and decorated them with sprinkles. What fun. We hung out with them and just caught up on our lives and then played the new dice game I love, Farkle. Fun times, indeed.

Saturday was just a really nice lazy day. My weekend would not be complete without some sort of organization project, so that's what I did for part of the day on Saturday. This week's culprit was Jonah's and Noah's closet. It was a mess, but all is well now that it's all neat and tidy once again. We'll see for how long.

My hubby and I have this weird tradition of NOT celebrating valentine's day. This day means absolutely nothing to me, and I once told him that if he ever bought me flowers on this day that they jack up the prices, I would be mad. But of course, being the wonderful man he is, he still bought me flowers. I'm sure they came from Costco, home of the $14 bouquet of roses. Doesn't matter to me, they're still gorgeous!

We don't celebrate this day because we celebrate it every single day. I don't need one day a year for him to show me his love. He shows it every single day. On Saturday morning, he chose to show God's love to an elderly lady we go to church with. Him and one of the pastors went and repaired her fence for her. I would much rather him do something like that, than to shower me with unnecessary gifts. I know, I know, that's not very romantic, but trust me, we can be that way. Why do you think we have 4 kids???

So tonight Graham and Drew are having friends spend the night with us. We opted to stay home from church so they could play. Currently, they're all upstairs playing the Wii, and Todd and I are downstairs watching Indiana Jones. The newest one. Me and the boys watched it the other night when Todd had to work, so now we're watching it. It's really great, if you haven't already seen it. I love me some Indiana, I gotta admit. Even after all these years.

Well, I'm gonna run. I'm turning this thing off to watch our movie together. I hope you have all enjoyed your weekend...I know I have, and it's not even over. I have tomorrow and Tuesday off, too!!!! I'm very excited!!! Well, goodnight and love to all!!!

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