Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wacky Wednesday

How do you like the title? It's not wacky, by the way, I just thought I would title this post that way. :) I came across a quote that I really like and thought I'd share. It was in my devotion for today.

"Every thought we think, in every hour we live, must be not necessarily about Christ, but it must be the thought Christ would think were He placed in our circumstances and subject to our conditions. This is what it means really to feed on Him and be nourished by the true Bread of Life that cometh down from Heaven."~Hannah Whiteall Smith (1832~1911), Quaker Lay Speaker and Author

I love the passage that says "our thoughts are not our thoughts". It's along the same lines as the above quote. I have to sit back and think about myself, though. I must admit, I do not always have the thoughts that Jesus Himself would have. Jesus is not too happy with me when I have bad thoughts like that. Whether they are judgmental, nagging, negative, mean, jealous, it does not matter. All I know is it happens way too often.

So today I am challenging myself (and you if you would like to join me) to start thinking more like Jesus. I never profess to be perfect or to never get mad again, but when I feel that thought creeping in, I am going to ask the Lord to take it right back out of my head. I do not need thoughts like that, and all I have to do is ask Him to take it away and He will. He delights in us, remember, and I think He would be delighted to do this for me.

The Lord uses lyrics in songs to speak to me sometimes and last night (in one of my negative thinking times) He used this song. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did last night. This is In Christ Alone by Travis Cottrell.


  1. I just love Travis. He's coming to Orlando in Sept here in Orlando and I am going. You need to come down and go with! hugs!

  2. Shut up! Wish I could!!! I'd be there in a heartbeat! Love you!


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