Saturday, March 28, 2009

What Are YOU Doing?

Remember that commercial with all the different guys saying their yuppy version of "Wassupppp?" And when it got to the white guys, they said, "What are YOU doing??" Funny. Anyway.

I am watching Aaron Stone on DisneyXD with the kiddos. We're having a lazy Saturday. It is seriously freaky looking outside. Sunny in one half the sky, dark clouds on the other half. Weird. Thunderstorms all day, I think, which makes for really fun times when you have a dog that has to go outside to relieve himself. I was thinking about mopping the hardwood floors today, but not if Andy's going to keep muddying them up.

Todd went to help some friends of ours who are moving. They're directors of Teen Challenge, and they just got a new job in Newport News, Virginia. They're loading up today and heading out on Wednesday. The only people there to help were Deb's brother and one guy from Mayflower moving company. So Todd is on his way over there and managed to find one more guy to help as well. Hopefully, more will come. This is yet one more thing I love about our church~the emphasis placed on relationships. This couple is in our Sunday school class, and there's just something nice about knowing that you'll have someone there for you when you need them.

I will be sad to see my friends leave, but I'm also happy for them to have this job. I know they're excited about this new phase in their life, and they're anxious to start their new job. They will be in charge of teenage boys at this Teen Challenge. They also happen to be just a few minutes away from the ocean, which they are super thrilled about.

Moving on to other things, tomorrow is my dad's 78th birthday and we're having a party for him tonight. We're heading over there around 5 or so. I need to go out at some point before then~to get haircuts for Jonah and Drew, and to buy Dad a gift and card. I really am not thrilled with the coming weather, so I may wait until right before we leave and have Todd drop me at the door.

Well, I hear laundry calling me. And the upstairs dust bunny that is residing on the table at the top of the stairs. So, I better go. Have an enjoyable day everyone!

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