Tuesday, December 17, 2013

why my house stayed really clean for 24 hours

It's been a whirlwind past few days...past couple weeks, actually.  One thing homeschooling has done for us is slow us down.  Our lives are simpler and we have less going on than we did, even just one short year ago.  I love it...and please don't mistake that statement for complaining.  I truly love our simple days, I love hanging out at home all day, I enjoy every single minute with my kids.

But I spend every single minute with them.  (Again, not complaining, just stating the facts.)  There are times when I cannot be in my bathroom without hearing, "Mom?  Can I come in?"  I'll be getting dressed, blow drying my hair, putting on make-up and will always yell back, "No!"

Because of the above statements, I jumped on the chance for them to spend the night with their Mimi and Papa for a night.  Todd and I had a much needed date and finished up some Christmas shopping and just enjoyed being alone.  Our kids are always around us~we have a playroom upstairs, but they are ALWAYS. WITH. US.

We ate dinner at Booya's (Todd was a Booya's virgin!) and went to several stores.  We came home and attempted to watch Sing Off, but were falling asleep sitting up, so off to bed we went.  It was lovely.  Poor Crash missed his brothers, though.  He's taken to sleeping with them every night, so he was a little lost without them here.  It was pitiful.

Today I woke up with Todd and enjoyed The Today Show in total silence.  I even turned it up loud!  I enjoyed my coffee while it was hot, and I did not answer one single question.  Heaven, to a homeschooling mom!  I got up and started wrapping the boys' Christmas presents and decided then would be a good time to give myself a pedicure.  I finished wrapping gifts while they were drying.  I ate lunch, then painted my fingernails, then watched a Christmas movie while they dried.

Then I showered and got dressed.  At two o'clock.

Heaven, I tell you.

I cleaned up after myself, emptied the dishwasher, folded some clothes and started a new load in the wash, then finally headed to the in-love's to join these people in my house whose voices I miss when they're gone.  (Didn't I just mention their non-stop questions?)

We ate dinner at their house, and now we're back home watching The Voice.  (I know who won~Todd accidentally turned the tv on to that channel, but I had already guessed.)  It's good to have all my people back home.  The break is always nice, but man I miss then when they're not around.  This is a definite season of my life, and I love every single second.  The time of refreshing is good, though...for Todd and me and for the boys and us.

It's important that Todd and I remember to stay connected as a couple.  It's hard to find the time, but nothing that was easy was ever worth fighting for.  We will be married long after the kids are all gone, and it's important that we like each other as much as we love one another.  Maybe that'll be my thing for 2014...taking the time to spend more quality time with just him.  Even if it's for an hour lunch on Saturday.

I have some pictures.  :)  Imagine that.

The "Be Merry" one I just love.  I found it this morning on Facebook.  The bottom picture is a purposely blurry picture of our tree.  My favorite thing at night is to sit and admire the lights of the tree.  I hope you've had a great past few days.  Thanks for reading this 'ole blog.  Love to all.


  1. My house didn't stay clean during that time but that is okay!!! I can always clean later! I love having my grandsons at my house and love knowing that you get some special time to yourself.

  2. Your house stays clean all the other days of the year! It's okay, though...I wouldn't trade my messy, lived-in house for all the freedom in the world.

    A break is nice but to have them back home is always better. Thanks for keeping them! They're really excited about Sunday night.


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