Thursday, December 19, 2013

what we did Wednesday

We were supposed to be finished with school on Tuesday, but I'm waiting on my slowest child before we can officially be done.  ;)  My slowest one and the one who has the most work, and whose work is the most difficult~my high schooler, Graham.  It's okay that he's not done yet, though...that's the beauty of homeschooling and he can take his time and finish when he's ready.  (Except that it needs to be before January 15th, because that's when I have to have all their grades entered in the computer.)

We got up and got dressed, did a few things around the house, a couple of boys finished up their school work and Graham and I went to Walmart.  While we were there, the lights went out.  It was the strangest, most creepy thing ever.  I won't tell you the images that were running around in my mind, but I had this really weird feeling overcome me and decided we should just leave.

I'm not saying anything bad was going to happen, I'm just saying I had a weird feeling, so we got out of the store.

We went to Kroger after that and the lights were out there, too, but I was okay with it there.  We shopped for our items then came home to eat lunch.  After lunch we made Christmas goodies!  I was inspired by a card I found in Kroger.  And I was inspired by Pinterest, and a blog that I love to read by Shea Shull.

And, of course I took some pictures.

Graham was trying to hide, but I forced him to cooperate.  Sometimes I think he does things like that just to aggravate'd think he was in the throes of his teenage years or something.  ;)  It's okay...sometimes the answer to his difficult behavior is to hug the daylights out of him.

They were making these little delights of chocolatey goodness.

You should have heard them, as they were getting ready when they came out of the sounded like major surgery was about to happen.  We were having a wonderful time of being ridiculous and goofy with each other.  ;)

We also made chex mix and some more of the chocolate/peanut butter/oatmeal no-bake cookies.  And then we packaged some up and shared them, with a widowed neighbor on our street, the mailman and a young man in college who asked for some goodies that we go to church with.  I love this time of year!

The boys spent the rest of their afternoon outside while I cleaned up, then I got started on making dinner.  I made a new recipe called King Ranch Casserole that was sister Tricia came over to enjoy it with us.  The older boys went to church, Noah had basketball practice and Tricia and I watched the Michael Buble Christmas special.

Sigh.  I love his voice.

Today we are going to watch Christmas movies.  I haven't told them that yet, but I'm sure they'll love it.  ;)  Or not, if your name is Jonah.  Later, we're going to have a "company" (or in our case, family) Christmas dinner at a yummy Mexican restaurant.  I am super excited about this dinner~if you know me, you know that Mexican food is my favorite.

It's been a fun week!  Love to all.

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