Wednesday, January 29, 2014

a busier than normal week

I live a very simple life, and honestly, I don't get out all that much.  I'm good with that, too!  I am perfectly content staying at home all day.  Because of our busy nights this week, I have been more intentional about not leaving during the day.  For that reason, but also because of the bitterly cold temperatures.

We concentrated a lot on creative writing on this day.  In the back of my mind, it always kind of bothers me that I think that Jonah and Noah might be missing out on great writing tips from a school teacher.  (Keepin' it real, friends.)  It's no secret that I love to write, and I also love to read.  I feel like the more you read, the better you write.  I'm not saying they'll ever love writing, but they need to at least know how to do this well.  They're doing so good at math, spelling & vocabulary, language, science and history, that I decided we are going to really concentrate on writing for the next few weeks.  We'll keep doing all the other subjects of course, but we will also be working a LOT on writing.  And being me, I snapped a picture of what the kitchen table looked like yesterday, while we were busy at work.

Because they don't love to write, I decided to make it fun for them.  I let them pick any topic they wanted and gave them a five-paragraph writing assignment.  We're working on really descriptive sentences and good, meaty paragraphs that contain five to seven sentences each.  Man, their teacher is a bear.  ;)  I also let them write with any writing utensil they wanted.  With a mom who loves all things bright and colorful, they had plenty of fun pens/pencils/markers to choose from.  We're working on the rough drafts this week, and next week we will write, then type, the real deal.  (Yes, I am also going to teach my children how to type properly at a keyboard, complete with correct finger placement.)

I'm excited about this project~they, on the other hand, might have shed a tear or two.  (Again, keepin' it real, should you think all our days are hunky-dory.  And it was just one who did that, but he shall remain nameless.)

Don't you love the little reindeer sitting in on the fun with us in the above picture?  ;)

We wrapped it up at three yesterday.  I came in to watch my favorite cooking show, The Pioneer Woman, and witnessed Drew doing this:

She was making roasted garlic mashed potatoes, and I'm pretty sure he was drooling.  I thought it was hilarious that he was standing that close to the t.v.

The kids all got dressed and their Papa took them out to dinner.  Remember how Todd was out of town yesterday?  He made it home by about eight thirty, so I was glad to hear that my dad-in-love was coming over while I was gone.

My mom-in-love and I attended a women's event at Central Church.  Angela Cottrell was there speaking...if you don't know who she is, she's married to my favorite worship leader (and Beth Moore's worship leader), Travis Cottrell.  She was a great speaker!  She talked about 'going for the gold', and how we are to put off our fleshly desires to pursue a more Godly character.  I really enjoyed it and had fun being social and seeing old friends.

I had my friend take this picture of us:

:)  We had a great time.  We pulled back in to my driveway at nine thirty, and the in-love's left for their house.  It was a great day, and I am thankful for these times when I get to go and do fun things.  Tonight is church for all of us~I'm going to the other Bible study class since I missed Monday night, and I can't wait to hear our sweet women's director teach again!  Hopefully there will be young people in there, as well.  ;)

Well...I need to get moving.  Nothing's going to get done as long as I'm sitting here!  Have a great Wednesday, my friends.  Love to all.

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