Monday, January 13, 2014

just so that you don't think every single day is perfect

It all started out quite normally~everyone got up and had breakfast, we did a devotion and we prayed.  Everyone had a pretty good day's worth of school work, too.  Like I said, everything started out nice and neat.

And then the day creeps forward and the arguing and aggravating starts.  I know that I have a house full of boys, and I know that part of what they "do" is bug each other.  But y'all.  This is on the verge of being ridiculous.  I am so tired of having the same conversations over and over and over and over about not aggravating one another.

And it's usually just one or two that cause all my headaches.  The two who are exactly alike, but shall remain nameless on here.

The more I heard, the more aggravated I got.  (And this is after we did a devotion about patience this morning.)  I finally had had all that I could take and I separated three of them from each other and I started taking away electronics.  Again.  For one of them, I also took away anything he wants to do in the next week, aside from church.  I will never punish with taking away church.

So that's how my afternoon ended.  I sent an SOS text to my sweet friend Andrea, asking for prayer and guidance because I was so frustrated.  She never lets me down and she prayed the sweetest prayer over the both of us, because wouldn't you know that she was struggling with the same things today?!  I was bawling by the time I was finished reading the prayer she wrote out in her text to me.

It's so good to have friends like that~the type who will drop everything and pray.  It's good to have people you can be real with~the kind you can laugh with, cry with or just vent to.  The type of friends who are always willing to prance for you.  (Yes, I said "prance"...I couldn't resist talking about our inside joke.)

On a more positive note, our day wasn't ALL frustrating.  We had lots of moments of laughter today, which is good for the soul.  I made a hot, yummy lunch for them and I cleaned out the cabinet that causes my headaches in the kitchen.  I actually had that penciled into my planner for today, and it felt so good crossing it off!  In cleaning out the cabinet, I came across this fun little headband:

I might have forgotten that I'd put it on to begin with.  My kids were cracking up at me and I didn't know why.  Graham said it was because he couldn't take me seriously with this on my head.  ;)

I also came across this little gem of a picture:

That would be me at the age of ten or eleven in Jacksonville, Florida at the Jacksonville Landing.  Was I cool, or what?!  I love that my Converse high tops perfectly matched my yellow shirt and shorts.  And the purple socks with them?  Icing on the cake.

I totally get where Drew gets his crazy dressing from.

This is also probably why my sister Tricia hated to be seen with me when I was young.


How was your day?  My tomorrow cannot get here fast enough~my eye doctor's office called and told me my glasses were ready!  I can't believe it was that fast.  I plan on going first thing tomorrow to pick them up.  Well, I need to go to bed, or I will not be able to wake up early enough.  Love to all!

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