Friday, February 28, 2014

the rest of our week

Our weeks are a little unorthodox.  I love that, and that's one of the million reasons why I love homeschooling.  Each day, where and how they do school work looks different.  It's funny how they kinda look to me to decide where they'll be for that day.  On this particular day, I think Wednesday, I was upstairs cleaning and this is where they all landed.  Three of them were in the playroom, and one of them was in the room that holds the ping pong table.  (I don't know what else to call that room, but that's pretty fitting, right?)

The reason why one was in the ping pong table room by himself was because he was hiding in there, with the door shut and locked.  He (Graham) scared the daylights out of Drew, and Drew was waiting to retaliate.  Life is never dull at my house.  :)

I'm still not drinking soft drinks, just two cups of coffee in the morning and water all day.  I'm still not eating carbs that are found in bread, pasta, potatoes and rice.  I am still eating fruits and veggies.  For lunch on this day, Drew and I had sauteed mushrooms, onions and spinach.  I sauteed these goodies in olive oil, 1 tbsp of butter and about 3 tbsp of Worcestershire sauce.  It was delicious and really filling.

And pretty.

We went to church Wednesday night and for the first time ever, I went upstairs to the youth service.  It was really good...their worship is amazing.  A sweet friend was back to visit, Erin, who used to be the minister for our girls at church.  She went to Greece for three months, to work with the A21 Campaign, an organization that brings girls out of slavery.  The fact that this kind of thing exists today and all over the world (including Memphis) is astonishing.  Yesterday was the 27th of February, and on this day, to raise awareness about the 27 million people who are trafficked each year, we wore red X's on our hands.

These young people are sold into slavery for sex, work (sweat shops) and to be child soldiers.  Anytime there's a huge event (think Super Bowl), these kinds of horrific things happen.  Just recently, in Sochi, during the winter Olympics, some reporters almost became victims of this.  They had been "interviewing" for a position to cover the Olympics, and had been going through the process for months ahead of time.  When the one they had been talking to asked if she had any girlfriends who could come with her (without being interviewed for months), she knew something was wrong and notified authorities.  Sure enough, the company was bogus and the man is believed to be in the industry of slavery recruitment.

(This also reminds me of the movie Taken.)

There is so much more information about this out there, if you want to read about it.  Just Google "end it movement".

Todd was out of town Wednesday night.  We thought he was going to be gone Thursday night as well, but he was able to make it back home.  :)  We had the most amazing dinner ever (or maybe I was just starving!) of chicken parmesan, pasta (just for the boys, I skipped this part) and salad (they had ceasar, but I made my own healthy dressing).

Olive oil and red wine vinegar make for a delicious, healthy dressing.  There was nothing fancy about my salad, either, it was just organic green leaf lettuce and two huge bunches of spinach.  I'm really, really trying my very best to eat healthy.  I know some days might be more hard than others, but this first week has gone a lot better than I thought it would.  :) dad just pulled up and it's time to hit the road.  I hope you have a great day~happy Friday to you!  Love to all.

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