Sunday, March 9, 2014

Birthday Season

 Yup.  It's what I call this time of year.  Everyone who knows us, knows that after Christmas comes birthday season.  Jonah and Noah turn eleven tomorrow, and Graham turns fifteen on Tuesday.  Poor little Drew has to wait to turn fourteen until April third.  I thought I would share some pictures from a while back.


This was in 2009, when they turned six.  I love the look on Jonah's face, and Noah...oh my goodness.  I miss these days, back when they had no opinion on what their hair looked like, and when they knew how to smile for my camera.  ;)  It's okay, though.  I really wouldn't trade where they are now for anything.  I loved them well during those days, and I honestly can say that I have no regrets.

We do very low-key birthdays around here.  They usually only invite a couple friends, we have hot dogs and macaroni and I make a cake from a box.  Usually with sprinkles.  ;)  We spend all the next day just doing whatever, and since tomorrow is their actual birthday, their friends are staying all day, and we're going to picnic at the park.  Our families are coming tomorrow night for cake and ice cream.

Here are these same three cuties from five years ago.

This is Andy, their lifelong best friend.

And here is them just a couple months ago.

How time flies, when you're having fun.  I cannot believe these guys will be eleven tomorrow.  How I wish time would slow down, because you know it speeds up with age.

Well.  It's almost time to cut their cake.  I'll write more about these two tomorrow.  Love to all!

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