Tuesday, March 18, 2014

when you have to honor the "in sickness and in health" part of your marriage vows and other, random things

My poor hubby came home sick yesterday afternoon.  I won't joke around~it's not been a great 24 hours.  He slept on the couch last night so I wouldn't have to share a bunk bed with somebody.  He woke up feeling better, stomach-wise, but he's been really sore all day.  I'm praying nobody else gets it, and I've been walking around my house, randomly spraying Lysol all day.  Thank the good Lord for the person who invented Lysol.  :)

Because of him being home all day, our day has been wonky.  Hopefully he'll feel good enough to go to work tomorrow, and we can resume a sense of normalcy.  Because, not that he creates work, but when he's home our day does not go like it usually does.  I have yet to figure that out.  Anyway, I ran all over town today between Germantown and Collierville.  Before I left on my driving marathon, I snapped a really cute picture of Jonah and Noah.  They weren't allowed to sit anywhere near my sickly husband, so this is where they landed when they woke up.

Don't they look so cute and warm and snuggly?  They were.  :)  I love them.

When I went upstairs to get dressed, I folded some laundry.  When I came back into my bedroom, I saw this.

I mean, can I not just fold some clothes and not have an animal lay across them?  Is he cute or what?  

I am happy to say that my laundry is almost completely done!  It's a rarity and I stopped myself from adding too many exclamation points, which is a huge pet peeve.  I'll have lots more tomorrow, as I will be washing all the sheets and blankets in the house.  And the normal amount of clothes and such that we always have.  I live by the mantra that cleanliness is next to Godliness, especially when your spouse has spent the better part of four hours in the bathroom, paying homage to the porcelain throne.

That totally just made me laugh.

I had to take Graham and Drew to Germantown for a service project for their student council.  We came back home to eat lunch, then we left for a couple of errands, one of which was to my happy place.

(The library, in case you didn't know that.)

I have been in a book funk lately.  I've been doing lots of re-reading of my favorite books, and I've even read some books for a second time that I've gotten from the library.  I was trying to think of what kind of book I wanted to read last night (I finished the one I'd been reading and read a whole 200 page novel on the Kindle app I have on my tablet, all because I couldn't sleep.), and I remembered this author.  I love her books!  They're mystery, but they're not so scary that I wouldn't read them if Todd were gone.  I'm only about a chapter in to this one, so far, but I think it's going to be good.  I always borrow several books, because I never know if I'll like the book or not.  Usually, when it's an author I've read, I know I'll like it.

The other place we had to go to was Wal-Mart.  Jonah bought a gigantic Nerf gun with his birthday money.

Because in this house, we have Nerf gun wars, usually at random times, when it's least expected.  ;)

We came back home and I started my book, then I got started on dinner.  I had the thought that it takes so long to make dinner each night, and when we finally sit down to eat, it's consumed in twenty minutes or less.  Sometimes they eat so fast!  Tonight was that kind of night.  I made chicken Parmesan, which is one of their favorite meals.  I get a really good golden brown crust on the chicken in a pan with olive oil, then I bake all the chicken breasts in the oven for about 30 minutes, maybe longer if they're large.  They were either really hungry, or it was really good.  I'll go with both of those statements.

One of my favorite times of day is after dinner, when what I've made has been eaten and the kitchen has been scrubbed clean.  I have this thing about not going to bed with a dirty, cluttered-up kitchen.  I think another reason I love this time of day is because once that kitchen is spotless, it signifies that Mama is done for the day.  The kitchen is officially closed for business, and anything else they might eat (dessert or milkshakes) is their responsibility to make and clean up.  The last thing I do each night is make the coffee for the next morning (but sometimes, Toddley does that) and put the cups from the day into the dishwasher.  Sometimes I go ahead and run it, but usually not.  I wash all the big things by hand, so I'll have more room for plates and cups and bowls in the dishwasher.

Tonight, the kitchen struck me as peaceful, and to celebrate, I lit a candle.

Then I went upstairs, put on my pajamas, took off my make-up and came back downstairs to give myself a pedicure and manicure.  Nothing makes me feel better than doing that one small, seemingly insignificant task.  It's my one vice to being girly, and after the last twenty-four hours, I needed some time alone.

How was your day?  For the ones who have commented lately, thank you!  I feel extra loved when I read comments.  I'm a words of affirmation type gal.  ;)

Enjoy the rest of your night!  Love to all.


  1. Buttercup is suffering from food poisoning. We aren't getting much done this week.

    1. Oh no! Who is Buttercup? Days like today make me realize how important it is to be laid back.

  2. Now I am going to have to pay more attention to my exclamation point usage. I love to use them so I know I am one of the ones who drive you crazy! :) Love that you make time for you! I have been trying to steal a few minutes everyday to work on projects for me. It definitely makes a difference.

    1. In general, exclamation points don't bother me....I just don't like reading tons of them. Feel free to keep on using them! I promise I wasn't talking about you...I never noticed that on your blog.

      It does feel good to make that time. There are days I feel like I can't get away!


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