Tuesday, April 8, 2014

miscellaneously random

I thought I would share what we did the rest of today, and even a little from yesterday.  We had a lot of school.  That's about it.  ;)  Not really, we did more than that, but I'm trying to get them to finish before my surgery.  (Have I already said that?  Sometimes I feel so repetitive.)

Anyhoo, I mentioned that I'm addicted to the show Parenthood?  My sweet friend read my blog post yesterday and brought season one over!  I have the world's sweetest, most thoughtful friends.  :)

Her response to me?  She was repaying kindness.  I almost cried.  I love little random acts of kindness, and this was no exception.  God love her sweet soul.  She brought a huge smile to my face and made my day.

When Todd came home yesterday afternoon, he told me he would eat dinner later because he was going to change the brakes (not breaks) on his truck.  His little helper immediately went and changed into something sloppy and rushed out to help him.

I captured the shot.  (Did you honestly think I wouldn't?!)  Then I left for Bible study.

This morning dawned bright and early, and when I turned around from doing something, I saw Jonah doing this.

This was after he and Noah folded an entire load of towels all by themselves and Noah started a load of laundry.  They cleaned the whole kitchen for me, including loading the dishwasher and starting it.  Jonah told me he was trying to learn to do all the things that I wouldn't be able to do for the weeks after my surgery.  My heart might have melted a little when he said that.  He even told me he would make lunch for me everyday.  "I'm great at making grilled cheese sandwiches now, Mom!"

These boys of mine do love me and I am so blessed!

I sat and looked at my calendar for a bit, to make sure I wasn't going to forget anything of utmost importance.

I've got a busy next two or three weeks.

I am so excited about tomorrow!  I'm packing a picnic lunch for the boys and me to meet my friend Abbey at the park.  She loves picnics and the weather will be amazing and beautiful.  :)  I can almost picture the Instagram photo ops now.

The boys and I went to Walmart today to pick up a few things.  Post-It Notes was one of those items.

Because who in the world doesn't love brightly colored Post-It Notes?!?!

Sigh.  Sometimes I amuse myself at my love for the most piddly of things.

We're also eating dinner at church again tomorrow night, which is an added bonus because I don't have to cook anything.  I loved sitting at the table with sweet friends as we ate last week.

Well.  I am going to bed.  I have a couple chapters in my book left and I am dying to finish it!  I pray the Lord brings you sweet rest.  Love to all.

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