Tuesday, May 6, 2014

summer book club

So, apparently I am bored, and I'm coming up with things to look forward to.  And I came up with a great idea~a summer book club!  I've always wanted to be a part of one of these, so I'm starting a trial one.  The plan is to decide on the book, buy it, read it in a month's time (if it takes you longer, that is totally fine) and meet for dinner to talk about it.  (It's a trial book club, because none of us may like doing this, so if that happens we can end it after the summer.  OR we can continue on with it past the summer.)

This also sounds like the perfect excuse for a night out.  ;)

The first book that we will read and discuss is Bridge To Haven, by Francine Rivers.

I'm so excited!  Buy it from Amazon, Target (not sure they have it), Lifeway, Barnes & Noble or Amazon.  Then read it!  And we can plan a night out to talk about it.  Care to join me?

Call me (901-301-0067) or text me, email me (allboys@gmail.com) or Facebook message me.  But let me know!

I hope to hear from you!  A lot of you, even.  The more, the merrier, right?!  Go buy it and get to reading!  Happy day to you, and love to all!

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