Saturday, June 14, 2014

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I post lots of pictures to social media.  I was reminded of why I'm glad I do that last Thursday~I accidentally did a factory reset on my phone and deleted ever-thing.  Pictures, notes, phone name it.  I was able to restore some of the pictures, thanks to Instagram.  :)

I post a lot, but I'm not necessarily on there a lot.  I actually do know how to put my phone down and "be" in the moment with my kids.  (I am so over the "Dear Mom On Her Cell Phone At The Park" letters that keep circulating on Facebook.)

Well, I didn't mean for this to turn into that kind of post.  I'll move on now.

Tuesday I took Graham and Drew to get haircuts and somebody had fun messing around on my phone.

He is such a mess.  And I do not love this boy any more than I love my other kids, but he is the one kid who loves to pose for all my pictures.  And speaking of is what I caught him doing yesterday.

Please tell me my kids are not the only kids fascinated by escalators.  They went up and down these repeatedly yesterday at The Pink Palace.

I love going to this place.

I couldn't find Drew, then caught him doing this.

He was staring intently at the shrunken head that is on exhibit.  All my boys have always been so captivated by this gross little thing.

We saw the live spider exhibit here.  If you have that free summer membership, now is a great time to go.  We loved it...even if the spiders did gross me out a tiny bit.  Not just spiders, but tarantulas.  Blech.

I did get one nice and normal picture before we left.

Well, except for Jonah...he is the one who hates my pictures the most and rarely smiles.  The turkey.  ;)

Happy Saturday to you!  Love to all.

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