Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday (homeschool version) Favorites



I love how peaceful our days are.  We love to stay home and when the cool weather hits, there is nothing quite like it.  Our days are peaceful, for the most part, and we keep the television off all day.  The only time we might turn it on is if we eat in the living room at lunch time, to catch up on a recorded show.  On this day, Noah had finished his work for the day and wanted to lay down.  He asked if he could get on his galaxy player, but I recommended a book instead.  :)  Crash jumped up on the couch to join him.  


I loved chemistry in high school!  Graham is taking it this year, and I am helping him memorize the periodic table.  I made flash cards for him so he can study them quickly before each test on Thursday.  I took this screen shot on my phone so I could refer back to it often.  Some of the symbols I couldn't remember, so Google was my friend. 


On Tuesday, I made grilled cheese sandwiches and white cheese queso dip for lunch.  Our kitchen table was full of the kids' school work, so we dined at the dining room table.  Jonah photo bombed the picture.  

We had a candlelit lunch.  :)  I'm bummed that this candle is no more...after this day, there is no more of it to burn.  


Speaking of this candle...shortly after I took the picture above, Graham asked me why the key to Jonah's handcuffs were in the melted wax.  Apparently, one of his brothers thought it would be funny if they hid the key in the melted that it would be lost until the next time we burned the candle.  

I can promise you that Drew is the one who was behind this little scheme.  He was the kid who once hid his wallet so well that he lost it for six months.  Inside his wallet was $60, so imagine his delight when he finally found it again.  

The turkey.  

These were my favorite moments from this week, all of which happened on Tuesday.  I'm linking up to Momfessionals.

Love to all!

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