Thursday, October 30, 2014

catching up (or my breath)

A few weeks ago, I noticed when I went to upload pictures to my blog post, that there was a new option, and that was to upload pictures from my phone.  I clicked on it, thinking surely that it would not have all the pictures from my phone, but it did!  It's been so much easier since Blogger changed that.  :)  That's my techie news for the day.

I finally finished all the camp laundry on Monday night.

And for thirty minutes, these baskets stayed empty.  Did you know that this never happens in our home?  Well...rarely.

Graham and Drew have been working this week.  They worked Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, and tonight they are at the Ronald McDonald house at St. Jude for a fundraiser.  I love all these hours they're getting, after weeks and weeks of no work whatsoever.

Tuesday was full of school work.

And projects, experiments and cleaning up messes.

Wednesday was the same, but with a Toon'd Up party in the youth.  They dressed up as cartoon characters.

The boys decided to dress up, and Graham only decided to do this thirty minutes before we left.  Considering the throwing together of it all, I thought he did great.  They were Barnacle Boy from Sponge Bob (Drew), Chuckie from Rugrats (Noah), Woody (Graham), and Jonah was Linus from Peanuts...but he was part of a group and all he had on was black shorts and a red shirt.  He wouldn't even let me give him freckles.  The dork.

Graham placed in the top six!

Here are some other awesome costumes from our teenagers:

Now THAT is a photobomb.  :)

They were so creative!  My personal favorites were Carl Frederickson from Up! and Blue from Blue's Clues.

They are so creative!

Today was our homeschool group.  I adore this group of ladies!  In my small group and the group as a whole.  I love our time that we spend praying and catching up with one another.

After our group ended, we headed to Academy, so Graham could pick up his bow.  He hopes to go hunting soon.  While they were inside, I was entertaining myself.

This scarf is my newest favorite thing.  For twenty dollars, you too, can have one!

And proof that I own jeans and close-toed shoes.  It was chilly this morning!  I am loving this awesome fall weather.

I thought my house looked so pretty today, with the leaves changing.

Crash wanted a bite of my lunch.

But he didn't get one.  :(

Cold weather!  This makes me so happy.

And last, but not least...

...I decided to paint my nails in a festive way for Halloween.  :)  Tomorrow night, hopefully, my house will be full of my kids' friends.  We plan on having soup for dinner, and roasted hot dogs, then we'll be toasting marshmallows for s'mores made in the fire pit.  The boys will be trick or treating alone and Todd and I will stay and pass out candy.  And by being outside, hopefully Andy won't get so nervous.

I'm looking forward to it all!  I hope your week has been great!  Love to all.


  1. I love that picture of your house! I am jealous you have your nails all painted. I have been wanting to paint mine all week but can't seem to find time to sit and do it. I guess I should be doing it now rather than reading blogs. ;-) I totally agree with being happy about the cooler weather!! I LOVE it!

  2. Thank you! I love the color of the trees right now, I feel like it enhances the front of my house. Ha~aren't they fun?? I was wanting to do black with one glitter, but I think I threw my bottle of glitter polish away. Then I remembered the coppery color. ;) I will be redoing them tomorrow. Oh, girl~I am totally looking forward to our big pot of chicken tortilla soup for dinner and sitting around the firepit all night! I cannot wait! Love you, my friend!


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