Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday Favorites

I love Friday.  It's the last day of the week, my dad comes over, my house gets all straightened up for the weekend, and usually some fun plans are on the agenda.  This day and weekend are no exception.

Here are my top favorites from this week.


Orange rolls and turkey bacon.  This was our breakfast yesterday before our homeschool group.  I know it's not the healthiest of things to eat, but we don't always indulge like we did yesterday.  And orange rolls?  Yes, please.  I love them.  The boys love them.  Todd does not, he prefers cinnamon rolls.  It's been at least a year since we've had these little lovelies.  And our turkey bacon was really good and crispy.  I cooked it in the microwave on some trays that my mom-in-love just sent home with Todd this week.  I love how crispy it makes the bacon!


We'll Always Have Paris, by OPI.  This was the polish I wrote about in yesterday's blog post.  It's kinda a deep blackish-purple.  I love it.  :)  This was the first dark nail polish I ever bought, almost five years ago.  I used to hate the darker colors, but one day I decided to try some on, and I've loved them ever since.  I only wear the dark colors like this in the fall and winter months...unless it's summer and I'm sick of the bright stuff.  ;)


Spotify, the app.  My teenagers introduced me to this app over the summer and I love it.  I listen to it multiple times during the week, like if I'm sitting in the living room writing on this blog and I don't want the television to be turned on.  (I am actually watching tv at this moment~The Today Show.)  I took this screen shot of my phone on Wednesday.  I was listening to Kristian Stanfill at that moment.  The thing I love about the app is that you can search and listen to music by artist.  So I listened to thirty minutes, give or take, of Kristian Stanfill at that time.  There are genres that you can choose from, but I love the worship stuff.


My mom gave me this lamp several years ago...and I cannot remember what it is called, but it makes me really, really happy.  I've had it on our computer desk for at least a year now, so I decided to pull it out and move it into my kitchen when I was re-purposing things in my home on Wednesday.  There are little charms you can hang from the neck of the lamb, and in this picture I have a heart and a cross hanging on it.  Isn't it sweet?  I also love the light it shines in my kitchen.  I was trying to clear off the clutter on my counters this week, but you can see that I still have stuff sitting out.  I really love my counter stuff, so for now, it's staying.  I did move things around and de-clutter some of the junky areas.


I love the new room arrangements that took place last week.  When Jonah and Noah got the added floor space in their room, they put Noah's mini-trampoline in one corner.  Yes, it's Noah's~he bought it with some money he had saved.  Sitting on the trampoline are these giant teddy bears that Noah purchased from Costco two years ago.  Are you seeing a theme?  Noah buys stuff for multiple people to enjoy.  He even bought Jonah his own teddy bear.  Since last week, Crash has made this his new bed every night.  He loves to sleep with the boys, and this way, he feels like he's with them, but he's not taking up their entire bed.  This dog is so rotten!  He has a really, really good life.  They love him sleeping in their room each night, and honestly, so do I.  That is what having a dog is all about, and is exactly what Todd wanted for all the boys.  Sometimes before Crash settles in for the night, he'll go into Graham's and Drew's room and hang out on Graham's bed for a while, but he always ends up back in the laps of these teddy bears.  :)

Well.  That wraps up some of my favorite things from this week.  I am linking up with Momfessionals again for this post.  I hope you have a great day!  Love to all.


  1. Aren't dogs awesome? Zoe is such a little lover here too. I can't imagine what we will do without her one day. We love the Spotify app too. The kids have that thing going every minute that they aren't in school. I also love repurposing things around the house. I do it all the time. I get tired of things being the same so I always have to change things up. Plus, I am always looking for ways to make things work better for us which means moving things too. Love that nail polish!! Your nails are so pretty! YES we need to meet up for breakfast one day over fall break. I would LOVE to see you!!!

  2. I LOVE that lamp!!! Sheep are my fav!

  3. never heard of orange rolls but sounds sooo yummy! And now I need to go check out spotify!

  4. Shari~Thank you! For the nail compliment and comment love. :) I will text you tonight about next week! Have you had their ham biscuit? It's sheer Heaven. I can't wait!

    Farris Family~Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog! I love this lamp, too...I almost feel bad for "hiding" it for a year on another desk. It deserves a place of prominence. ;)

    Sarita~Thank you for stopping by and and for the comment love! You should definitely check out the orange rolls and Spotify. I visited your blog after reading your comment~your girls are precious! Thanks again!


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