Thursday, October 2, 2014

a list of random things

I know you probably couldn't care less, but last Thursday my friend and I were talking about fall nail polish colors, and I came home and re-polished my nails.  That polish was absolutely flawless from Thursday all the way until Tuesday.  I am not even joking.  The only thing I did different was use a different color~We'll Always Have Paris by OPI~and I added a top coat.  I love having polished nails, but I don't love polishing them.  This makes me happy.  :)

I have written a lot in my journal this week.  I love technology and I love this blog, but sometimes all this technology makes me neglect my love for handwriting.  This week I wrote pages and pages and pages of Scripture, of funny things that happened, of what we were doing in homeschooling and even an October to do list of sorts.

One of the things I love about our homeschool days (there is much) is how much Bible my kids get.  All four of them have written out long passages of Scripture in their notebooks and are supposed to be working on memorizing them.  They've read whole books in the Bible, too, like Esther and Daniel.  Next week we'll be working on reading and writing out the book of James.  Yes, I said "book of James".  I am that mom who believes that even though they hate to write, the more the write, the less they hate.  It really does work, I promise.

It rained here this afternoon.  I adore rainy days, especially when I am able to enjoy it from the comfort of my home.  After our homeschool group, we came home and I changed into my pajamas and called my husband and asked if he could please pick us up a giant pizza from Costco for dinner.  I am craving pizza from there so bad, that I can taste it.  To go with our pizza, I made a big Caesar salad.  I am ready to eat!

I never really eat lunch on Thursday~I don't like to eat that late after our homeschool group, so I might snack on something small, but I usually don't eat.  Which means I am starving by dinner.

I laughed ridiculously hard at this last night.

Ridiculously hard.  I immediately sent the picture in a text to Drew.  Because this is him, almost every single meal.

I think I'm falling apart.  I was sick to my stomach all day Monday and most of Tuesday, but then I felt better when I woke up Wednesday.  All of a sudden, before we left for church yesterday afternoon, I started feeling my neck start to hurt.  Then my head, then down my back and down my arm.  It's my right side, not the left, in case you're concerned I am having a heart attack: I am not, I promise.  It got progressively worse last night, even after eight hundred milligrams of Ibuprofen.  It hurts today, but the pain finally seems to be dimming this afternoon.  I started to go visit a chiropractor today after our homeschool group, but later on I came to the realization that I hurt so bad that I should wait until I'm feeling a little better.  I will have to go next week, but today I would have bawled my eyes out on the table.  I think I slept weird, so I think it's either a crazy crick in my neck, or something pinched in my neck.  I tell you this, because if you see me and I am favoring my right arm, or turn weird to see you, that is why.

I am so excited over a night at home.  And I'm excited that this rain will bring cooler weather tomorrow.  And these next few days.  We might have to break out the fire pit tomorrow night.

On Saturday, my husband and I will celebrate our eighteenth wedding anniversary.  We are leaving these kids at home and going to have dinner at Cafe Piazza here in The Ville.  :)  I might even talk him into coffee afterwards.

Well.  I'm going to go munch on some croutons.  Did I mention how hungry I am?!

Love to all.

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