Wednesday, January 21, 2015

a stellar day

A day in the life of homeschool moms looks different for everyone.  What works for me doesn't necessarily work for anyone else.  One of the things that we do in our family is let our kids stay up later than normal.  We're not really on any time schedule, fortunately, so if they sleep in a little, it's no big deal.  We usually get started with a substantial breakfast, then they all go off in different directions.  Nowadays, most of them work upstairs until they're finished with their school work.  Sometimes Jonah and Noah join me downstairs while they do their Bible or read out of their history book.  They also come downstairs to watch their math dvd or a Netflix documentary.  (We use Netflix in our homeschool!  We watch all kinds of historical things and documentaries on all kinds of different places.)

Jonah's and Noah's work usually takes them anywhere from three to four hours a day.  It totally depends on how productive they feel each day.  :)  Graham and Drew usually have to work well into the afternoon.  Yesterday it was about three o'clock before the both of them finished.

My fastest worker is Jonah.  I have to carefully go over all his work because often times, he is very careless in his hurry to get done.  I know you cannot imagine that.  Even when he's done with the school work, I won't let him spend time on his galaxy player or play the x-box.  I make them do productive things, or read.  Usually they take this time to care for their pet leopard geckos or do their chores.  While the others were working yesterday, Jonah asked if he could wash the front windows on our house.

My Jonah is not a lazy kid.  He always prefers to be doing something.  When he finished with the front windows and door, he moved on to the back deck.  He cleaned it so well that he asked if we could eat dinner outside last night.

So we did!  And yes, I totally took this picture while we said grace.  It has been so nice here lately!  We have thoroughly enjoyed the warmer temperatures, and last night was no exception, although Toddley did say his arms got cold from leaning them against the cold metal table.

Crash enjoyed us being outside, too.  And yes, he sat in Graham's chair as soon as he got up.  ;)

It was one of those days that was just good, all around.  Not everyday is super productive, and though we got a late start yesterday, it was a great day and they got a LOT done.  I did too.  On our list of things for today is to finish two chapters of math (we got a tad behind last week) and to take a trip to The Ville courthouse.  I was pulled over on December 13 and my court date is tomorrow.  Or I could just go today and pay the fine, which I will not get out of.  After that we have a few other small errands to run, then we'll come back home to eat a light supper and head off to church.  It's that time again!

I pray your day is good and that you get to soak in some sunshine wherever you are.  Love to all!

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