Friday, January 2, 2015

Friday Favorites

It's my favorite blogging day!  It's a good thing it's Friday, because if not for that little tidbit, I would be seriously disappointed that it's raining here.  Again.  I feel like I live in the Northwest.  I have felt that way for the past few weeks, because it has rained more than it's been sunny.

But on to my Friday Favorites from this week.  

It's actually going to be just one moment that I loved most this week, and it took place last night.  

I took Graham and Drew and some of their friends to the local ice skating rink.  Before I go any further, I have to tell you that when I was a young girl, I loved hanging out at the ice skating rink.  We had this mall in Memphis, called (quite appropriately) The Mall of Memphis (the teenagers laughed at me when I said this to them last night), that had an ice skating rink.  While I never loved the actual sport of ice skating, I loved going to watch other people do it.  And here's where I sound mean: my dad and I would do this with my childhood best friend Stacy, and we would laugh our heads off at people who fell.  I know.  I have a problem.

Anyway, last night did not disappoint in that department.  I still laugh.  Every single time.  I can't help but watch their faces as they are about to go down.  I mainly laughed at my own children.  Graham, especially, this one time almost fell and he kind of jumped when he was trying to catch his balance.  I about died.  He did recover, though, and never actually fell.  

Here are the few pictures I got.

This one, though, fell quite a few times and was covered in ice.  Right after I took this picture, he skated past me and fell.  He didn't just fall~he fell and slid forward ten feet.  

I still love to watch the Zamboni make the ice all smooth again.

Left to right: Katie, Drew, Kathryn and Andrew.  Drew tried to let go of the wall to put his arm around Kathryn, but he almost fell.  He decided that maybe he should hang on instead.

I did get this one Graham.  I was proud of him for not giving up, which he tends to do, when he's not great at something.  Like I said, he never fell in the two hours they skated.  By the end of the night he was able to skate without holding on to the rail the whole time.  They all could, actually.  I was pretty impressed!

It was such a fun night.  Drew and his friend Andrew set all this up, and while I hadn't originally intended on going, I ended up having fun and was glad I did.  Especially because of the big game that came on last night (Alabama and Ohio).  My husband likes to "coach" the football players from our living room.  

I would love to hear about your favorite moments from this week!  Especially if they brought you joy.  There is something so therapeutic about laughter.  I had a great time with some pretty great teenagers.  They continually amaze me.  And speaking of being amazed, I cannot believe that tonight Jonah and Noah are attending their first youth lock-in!  It's at Incredible Pizza.  When did they grow up?  

Time needs to slow down.  

Thanks for reading.  Love to all!

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