Friday, March 20, 2015

things I've learned since last Saturday

I have a new key phrase in my life to keep things in perspective that I will explain later, but it's not my own thought.  I got it from someone else and I can tell you more about it later, but for now, just know this: some things in life we should consider "on the beam" and some things should be considered "off the beam".  As in being a gymnast~she's on the beam, or she's off the beam.  On the beam are things that are important.  Off the beam are the things of little or no importance, at least in the grand scheme of life.

With that being said, I have learned that trusting in God's divine plan is on the beam.  Having it all together at church when my friends ask me how I'm doing~totally off the beam.  My example is that I bawled all over my friend Kim last Sunday.  I didn't mean to, and I cried so much that I made her cry!  But what is on the beam is having friends who don't mind seeing my real side~my sometimes ugly, messy and downright unpleasant side.  I thank God for those friends~and I have a few of those types of women!  I could name them for you, and they might not fit on one hand.  Trust me when I say that I thank God for these women in my life~I have prayed for good friends my whole life and I've never really had that until adulthood.  I pray the same for my kids, that God would give them just one good friend.  They can make all the difference in the world.

Another thing on the beam is making memories and spending time with my family.  Off the beam is tonight's example of my craving a combo meal from McDonald's, buying it and considering the super size (but restraining myself), eating every last crumb of the fries and NOT FEELING GUILTY.  Praise God and hallelujah.

Two of my kids have been out of the country without me this week~mess with me.  I earned this meal o' grease.

On the beam is sitting in the same room with my kids, watching them play Minecraft while listening to every cover song Anthem Lights ever performed and writing this blog post.  Off the beam is the fact that I am watching my kids play Minecraft on the X-Box.

I made my own self grin.

On the beam is that my husband has a wonderful hobby!  He volunteers as an Emergency Services guy with the sheriff's department.  This has given him purpose and has added richness to his life and bonus!  It provides us with wonderful medical insurance.  Off the beam is the fact that I have to be okay with him being gone several nights each month in order to get his shifts in.  We've all adjusted to the varying schedule he has each month and we make the most of our nights alone.  We usually eat while watching television on these nights and sometimes we rent movies.  Tonight Jonah and Noah played outside extra late and now we're inside, relaxing.  Sometimes we have teenagers over and one time, we had a dance party in the living room.  Not really, but some of them did learn some new dance moves.

On the beam is our love of music!  Off the beam is that not all the music we love is Christian.  We all love any and all types of music and I consider us a musical house~someone is always singing and sometimes you will find me sitting at the piano playing a worship song that I've recently taught myself.  Because yes, I took piano lessons as a young girl.  And didn't learn much except where all the main keys are~C,D,E,F,G,A and B.  Don't get me started on the black keys.  I have no idea.  But guess what I did at all the recitals?  I sang.  Maybe that should have been our first hint that I sucked at playing  the piano while reading music.  But I sure didn't mind belting out a song with the microphone in my hand.

On the beam is that my oldest boys ARE COMING HOME TOMORROW!  Off the beam is that I know they'll be leaving me again to do the same thing next year.  I'll  cross that bridge when I get there, but now that I've done this once, I'm thinking each time might get easier.  Unless I was to go with them.  !!!  I have already been thinking about doing just that.  Another off the beam is that this week has been just a touch of what will most certainly be my future.  Letting go of them has been hard and relinquishing that control I always have over them has been an experience.  On the beam is that God is good.  His ways and His thoughts are higher than our ways and our thoughts and His plans are always better!  I hold these kids of mine loosely~not with my fist clinched tightly closed, but I hold them out, with open hands.  They are not mine, they are HIS.  And as much as I love them, He loves them even more.

Now that you get the hang of on the beam and off the beam, what are some of your things?  Do you hold too tightly to anything?  Share the love.  I don't much love the sound of crickets chirping.

Love to all.

The above image is from MK Hill.  I saved it to my phone when she posted it on the Facebook page.

The below image is from my friend Belinda.  I did the same thing with this picture that she took of them jumping off this ledge.

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