Tuesday, June 16, 2015

a post of random things

I love the Timehop app on my phone.  That was one app I was slow in getting, but I don't know why.  As great as this app is, if you don't take pictures on your phone often, then you won't care about this.  And you have to post the pictures to social media, or at least, I think you do.  The next two pictures are from Timehop.

I cannot even handle this picture of the boys and how much they have changed in the last four years.

Apparently in the summer, I change my nail polish colors every two days.  This post is slow going because I just polished my nails a light, bright blue.  I don't want to mess them up!

You know how (when you're a girl) in the summer, you get in the shower and look down at the color on your legs as opposed to the rest of your body and you're all excited over how dark you appear?  I just experienced that.  :)  And yes, I used sunscreen liberally. 

I am obsessed with the Food Network.  Have I ever mentioned that?  I have rubbed off on my family.  We all love this channel!  

I bought another new Bible.  (I have a problem.)  It was on clearance at Lifeway, for fourteen dollars.  It's small and blue and green striped.  I am keeping it by my chair in the living room.  I've reached for it countless times already, because of its small size.  

I am loving my summer Bible study!  It's so good!!  It's called Life in the Spirit, and it's by Kay Arthur.  We are meeting on Tuesday nights's at my friend Denise's house.  

I have had to say I'm sorry twice today already.  And I'm about to have to do so again when I talk to my mom.  (In the spirit of keeping things real on the blog.)

It's funny when I give someone advice (a teenager), I go and follow that same advice and I'm instantly convicted.  God is so good, though, and He disciplines those He loves.  

I love to swim and could do so every day of my life and never tire of it.  We swam again today.  

I had to wake them up at nine to get ready and this one was still sleepy. 

We are never without friends in the summer time.  Everyday we have at least one extra, though usually, it's more like two or three.  Today it's two.  And I think Drew might be having friends over tonight, though, we are not positive yet.  

I love a good afternoon nap after a morning of swimming.  Although today I did not get one.  I thought I had finished my Bible study homework on Saturday, but I left one lesson out.  I did that after we came home and after I showered.  It was a good opportunity to sit and let my hair air dry.  

I'm feeling it now~I might have to shut this laptop down and take a ten minute siesta before I start getting dinner ready.  ;)  Love to all!

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