Monday, October 5, 2015

weekend update

It was a beautiful weekend in The Ville.  I was very hopeful that the lovely fall weather would stick around this week, but alas, it will be warming up again today.

We started off our weekend by seeing my daddy for the first time in almost a month.  He's been out of town, and we have missed him!  He met Callie for the first time.  This one is smitten by her.

They're so cute.  As I am writing this, Callie is playing fetch with herself.  She has this tiny bouncy ball that she keeps on dropping and then chasing around like a mad dog.  I suppose it doesn't take much to amuse her.

We went to lunch that day and then made a giant trip to Costco.  It's been a few weeks, and the pantry was looking a little bare.  That night, the boys and I went to my friend's house to watch the local football game.  It was a little chilly, but perfect football weather.  It ended up being three of us moms who sat out there, while some of our kids played in the yard.  Graham was my only one to go inside the gate.  The rest of the boys don't care that much about sitting in the bleachers with all the students.  (Introvert much?)

When we came home, I watched an episode or two of Gilmore Girls before going to bed.  Todd was at a local fair, hanging out with his friend who was there doing sound.

On Saturday, the older boys had a scrimmage at Germantown Baptist, but I didn't go.  I stayed home and did some laundry, watched tv and the boys played outside almost all day long.  That night our old neighbors and dear friends came over to celebrate Myles' birthday.  We had pizza and cake, and Myles and Zander spent the night.  It was so good seeing our friends again!

We have missed them so much.  The boys stayed up way too late, but I could hear them laughing as I went to bed early, because we had to be at church at the crack of dawn.

Yesterday was our nineteenth wedding anniversary.  We have now been married as many years old we were when we got married.  (We were nineteen, in case you're not up for math this early.)  It was another day at church for us, though, with the usual activities and lunch out with some sweet friends.

I was freezing when I came home from lunch and put on this sweater to help me warm up.  It's so cozy and blanket-like.  

The rest of the family was at middle school girls soccer game.  I stayed home and took a nap.  :)  It might be one of my best Sunday activities.  It was a great and restful weekend.

I hope your day is great!  Love to all.

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