Thursday, December 17, 2015


I can't think of a title for this post, so I won't dwell on that.  I feel shocked that people read this blog.  It has to be boring to those of you who don't share my love for all things Christmas, or who don't understand how I can love my days because they're so simple and quiet.  Although lately, my days have been anything but simple and quiet.  December is a busy month.  Throw in a birthday or two, and it's chaos and full of events.

Yesterday was another such day.

Back at Thanksgiving time, my mom asked me to invite some friends over to her house for a Christmas brunch.  She is fully retired now and has more time on her hands than she's ever had before.  I picked just a small few and we met at my house, then headed out to her house yesterday at eleven.  I picked up two ladies on the way.

Mom made quiche and little chicken salad bites, there was fruit and fruit dip, a cheese ball with crackers, little Dinstuhl candies and some other little chocolate loves.  It was DELICIOUS.  And it was so precious and sweet that I wanted to cry.

In fact, one of us did, and my eyes filled up right along with hers.  She told us that she'd been asking God for a group of Godly women friends, and felt like He had answered her heart's cry above and beyond what she had asked, all in the last few months.


I have been there and I so get that statement.

Here are all of us, in two pictures, because I took one, then my mom took one, so we could get all of us who were there.

Left to right: Missy, Mom (then me), Sunday, Cathy and Abbey.

We had such a great time!  We ate and shared stories of Christmas traditions from past and present, we laughed, then we opened up a gift!  We had a scarf exchange.

Please forgive my terrible, makeup-less picture, but here's my scarf.  I love it so much!  It's actually the one my mom bought, and I picked it out.  :)  Is that cheating at Dirty Santa?  It may be, but they all let me, and anyone could have stolen it!

It was a magical day at Mom's, and of course, her house looked amazing, and we all agreed we should do this weekly.  ;)  We left her house around one thirty, then headed back to The Ville.

I came home and was excited over progress being made in my laundry room!  We had a massive roof leak a few months back, and had a new roof put on, and yesterday our laundry room construction began.  Sheetrock had to be cut out and replaced, wallpaper was removed and today he is painting.  I can't wait to show pictures!

I'm thinking I'm going to make it all cute and cozy.  More about that later, though.

Last night I picked up my Missy on the way to church, and we went and hung out with the youth for a couple hours.  It was a Christmas carrolling, game playing night, and what a fun night to attend!

This was pass the candy cane, or something like that.  It was so much fun to watch.

We all stood with our arms around one another and sang Christmas songs.  I might have teared up a bit.  I'll just go on and confess, I did.  I teared up.  I love these teenagers so much.

My Missy!  Our friendship was set in stone over the course of these last twelve months, and I thank God for her!  She saw me through grief, anxiety and laughter, and I pretty much saw her through all those same things.  She was/is God's gift to me this year.

It was a fun day.  Over the top, actually, and is close to one of my favorite memories of this season.

Thank you for reading my blog!  Love to all.

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