Monday, December 14, 2015

It's My Birthday!

Y'all.  I love Facebook during birthday time.  I especially love how my family and friends keep posting pictures with memories that are special to me that we've shared.  I have had the biggest smile on my face all the morning long!  Which is surprising, because my husband would NOT LET ME FALL ASLEEP until after midnight so he and the boys could smother my face with kisses at twelve a.m.

That made my heart so happy, just remembering it and writing it out.

I am a sucker for sentimentality.  And sweet memories.

On Friday, my dad took me and the boys out for my birthday lunch.  My favorite food is Japanese, and for several years in a row, we've gone to Osaka for my my birthday to celebrate.

I love this man so much.  I am so thankful for another year to celebrate with him!

On Friday night, we had our junior girls Christmas party.  It was so much fun!  Those crazy girls took a polar plunge and jumped into the pool.  The water was FREEZING!

This was Missy and I being all smug that we were nice and dry while they were all shivering from the frigid water.

We played secret Santa and I got this mug from Graham's friend girl, Rachel.

Is that not precious?  You know I love a good coffee mug!  And how funny that she drew me.  I gave a set of colored pens to my friend Renee, whose name I drew.  I gave her my favorite kind, the Stabilo set I order on Amazon.

The rest of the weekend was spent at church, getting ready for our Christmas program that we did Saturday and Sunday nights.

This was my mom in love and me, all sad that we couldn't attend one another's programs!  We were supposed to be making sad faces.  I had her text me this picture of herself.  It makes me laugh.

The three of us sat together for the program, and we had so much fun together.  We laughed a lot, especially during the parts when we didn't sing the right notes.

And then after yesterday morning at church, we came home and did this with the pizzas I picked up for our lunch.

We watched Elf, but I slept for two hours.  I was so tired.  We had to be back at church early, and we took one last picture of us before going out to sing our little hearts out.

Abbey, me and Sunday, the wife of our youth pastor.  These were our excited faces.  It was so much fun doing the program, but we were tired and I fell into bed at nine thirty, after I took a bubble bath.

I was reminiscing this morning over my Timehop app, and saw this from two years ago, and it made me a little teary.

This was the year that Andy the Wonder Dog ate all my birthday cards.  I guess he didn't know what to do with himself, with all the added excitement.  I still miss him!

I'm going to lunch with my mom today and tonight is a Christmas party for the youth leaders and their families, so we'll be there.  I hope your weekend was great!  Love to all.

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