Friday, December 11, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, my friends!  The kiddos in my house are on official Christmas countdown.  It's crazy that to think Christmas eve is two weeks from today.  (This will make Noah so happy!)

I am linking up with Andrea from Momfessionals for this post.

One of my favorite moments from this week was on Sunday, when I got to spend time with these sweet girls.

I love them so much!  Also, I am very excited that I get to spend a few hours with them tonight, at our Christmas party.  I can't wait.  There will be excellent food, fun (and funny) games, food, a Polar Plunge, will be seeing pictures from the party on Monday, I promise.

A favorite product of mine is this fingernail polish that I've been wearing for a week now.

I've had so many compliments on it.  It's called Dear Santa, but it's no longer being made.  OPI will do a holiday line each year, and when it's gone, it's gone.  You might be able to find it on Amazon, though, if you're really interested.

A favorite moment of mine from this week was the night when just Graham and I were home.  He had come home to eat dinner, and the rest of my family was at church.  We only had about ten minutes, but we had a really sweet conversation.  Then when I woke up the next morning, I read in Deuteronomy six, which reminded me of the whole conversation we had just had.

Definitely NOT a favorite day of mine this week were the couple of days that Jonah felt really bad.  (Wednesday and Thursday.)

This was him after coming down to get some ice water and some medicine.  He and Crash fell asleep together on the couch, and Callie is on the floor right in front of them.  Crash is a great companion to have around when you're not feeling your best.  He loves to cuddle with you on the couch.

We actually missed our homeschool group yesterday because he still felt so bad.

We are studying Daniel in our Bible study, and this week was my favorite week of homework so far.

This was me at lunch on Wednesday, all spread out over the dining room table.

This might be my favorite picture of Callie so far.

Isn't she adorable?!  I love her coloring.  Her ears and her paws have been full grown since we got her, and she is finally growing into them.  She's not as clumsy as she used to be, and she is almost as big as Crash.  She's still really skinny, though, so we may have to up her food intake.  I don't know if it's normal that you can still see her ribs.  She is five months old now.

Either my family or I (or all of us) have spent a lot of time at our favorite home away from home spot this past week.  This was me waiting on choir practice to start last night.

Isn't it pretty?  I am so thankful for my church family.  It's a good thing I love these people so much, because we spend lots of time together.

My favorite choir practice to date was last night.

We are three of the four alto's on the back row (and we feel like we do a poor job of singing the actual part), and Abbey and I named ourselves The Jingle Belles.  The man beside our friend Mallory is a crazy and funny gentleman named Richard.  That's all I know of him.  He took about fifteen or twenty selfies of all of us last night and had us cracking up the entire time.  (I am sure the sweet lady who was directing us before we went into the sanctuary was not as amused as we were.)

Speaking of choir and church, if you are local to me, you should come to our Christmas program!  It's called A Christmas To Remember, and we perform at six o'clock on both Saturday and Sunday nights.  It's going to be so good and the music is amazing.  I would love to have you there!  And bring the whole family.  I attend Collierville First Baptist Church.

Well.  Thank you for reading!  And for the comment love some new people have shared with me this week.  Happy Friday and love to all.

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