Wednesday, April 20, 2016

things I'm looking forward to

I was complaining about the rain to my husband this morning, (keeping it real) and he brought up Houston to me.  I instantly felt really bad for even complaining.  Is it just me, or have we had insane amounts of rain the last two months?


There's nothing too exciting happening in these parts today.  On my agenda for this day are painting my nails, praying with friends at twelve thirty, bible study homework, and church at five thirty.

Because of that, I thought I'd share another post on what I'm forward to.

One is this weekend!

My church is having it's annual women's conference on Friday night and Saturday morning.  Tickets are only twenty dollars and the author of The Accidental Feminist (Courtney Reissig) is our guest speaker.  I'm really excited about this~it's one of my favorite things that we do as women at our church every year, and I always come away so refreshed.

These crazy boys of mine posed while "reading" her book yesterday.

If you are local to me and are interested in this, I wish you would come!  Here is the link you can go to sign up and purchase tickets.

I am looking forward to getting the playroom and Graham's and Drew's bedroom situated again.  We have been redoing things up there, and are almost done.  We got rid of the sectional that was falling apart and shedding and replaced it with two futons.  Todd just bought new mattresses for them and we sold the ping pong table.  When the mattresses come in today, we will get things set back up in there and start on their room.  The bunk beds have to be taken apart and we will rearrange furniture, more than likely.  I'm excited for them!  I used to love rearranging my room.

I am excited about next week!  On Monday and Tuesday, a small group of us from church are going to something in Nashville called Youth Pastor Summit.  It's a two day conference and I know it'll be great.  I love being with my church family.

I am NOT looking forward to next Thursday, when it will be my last day of bible study at our homeschool group.  I will miss meeting with those ladies each week!

I know my husband and boys are looking forward to the first weekend of May.  If you're a local, you know that date means music fest.  Todd is working, and Graham and Drew are going with some of their friends and their parents.

I, on the other hand, have absolutely zero interest in something like that.  I hate big crowds of people and would much prefer staying home and watching movies.  :)

Well, that's all I can think of.  Have a great Wednesday!  Love to all.

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