Wednesday, April 27, 2016

youth pastor summit 2016

What a fun couple of days away with some of my favorite people!  Every year, Student Leadership University puts on a FREE youth pastor summit in a few locations across the United States, and this year it came to Nashville (Franklin).  Last year we went to the one in Dallas.  It is totally free.  It's for youth pastors, workers, volunteers and anyone who does anything with youth.  (Students.)

We made the trek to Nashville on Monday morning and were there when the doors opened at two thirty.  And thus began a whirlwind of amazing speakers.  With each speaker, they got better and better.  The worship was led by Liberty University Worship Collective, a group of college students who lead worship for their school and for events like these.  They reminded me of Hillsong and were amazing.

Front to back: me, Abbey, Missy and Alexa, a senior about to graduate.  Jason drove us and his son JM came with so he wouldn't be the only guy.  Why, yes, my hair looks purple.  Or, according to JM, yellow or black or red.  

The event started at three thirty and went for the next two hours.  We broke for dinner at around five thirty, and we went to a nearby Mexican restaurant for dinner, because they love me.  :)

Jason may or may not have referred to Abbey as the birthday gal to our server a few times, and before we knew it, this happened.

She shared her dessert with us.  It was really good.  She was properly embarrassed.  We were cracking up over this whole thing.

We went back for part two and ended again at eight forty-five.  Then we went to the hotel we were staying at in Brentwood.  We talked some and laughed some and ate some, then went to bed.  

The event started again at nine the next morning and there were more speakers and break out sessions and they provided us with lunch from Chick Fil A, then we met up one last time in the main sanctuary for the last part.  The last speaker was Bob Goff, the author of the book Love Does.  He is the best speaker I have ever heard, and funny as anything.  He just loves people the way Jesus loves him.  

He is also an attorney, a pilot and the diplomatic consult for Uganda.  We asked if he'd take a picture with us all, and after warm squishy hugs from him, he was happy to oblige.  His joy is contagious.  

After this, we headed home.  

It was a great two days full of being refreshed and encouraged.  God willing, I will get to go again next year.  On today's agenda is school work for the boys and laundry for ME.  They took excellent care of the house while I was away, but laundry is piled up.  

Happy Wednesday!  Love to all.  

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