Thursday, June 9, 2016

things for Thursday

I am so glad that today we will be DONE with packing for our trip.  Once everything is loaded and we are on the way, I think I'll feel better.  And if I forget something, I know the world will not come crashing to a halt.

So today is going to be spent packing!  Have I said lately that there is so much we have to take?!  And remember?!  There is.  I'm really praying I don't forget anything major.  The boys and I all have a full day.  There is yard work to be done, dog food for Callie to be bought, containers to be packed with clothes, snacks and supplies that we will need for the nine days we'll be gone.  I also have to pack up things for our dogs to be taken to their grandparents house while we're away, and there is a list for them as well.  (I'm not kidding.)

Last night while all the boys were at church, then swimming afterward, Todd and I finished up our list of things to buy.

I thought my fortune was appropriate.  We ate dinner first, then went to Walmart, Academy in Collierville, then to the Olive Branch Academy.  We had to buy sleeping bags there and the one in The Ville only had one.

I hated missing church and a fun youth thing, but necessity took precedence.

I am so thankful to my husband and for all the help he has been in helping me shop for things.  He and the boys made a huge Costco trip on Tuesday night so I could go to my book club and then bible study.  I think he realizes I needed those things to stay calm, cool and collected.

And because the front of my house makes my heart happy, I'll show you this picture I took yesterday.

I love all the color I see in the flowers and in the giant flower pots.  We use pots because there isn't room in the flower beds for flowers.

Also, in trying to coax Crash inside this morning, I took this picture of him frozen in place for twenty minutes.

Crazy dog.  He catches a whiff of some critter, and he freezes.  It's the pointer that is in him.  I finally got him in ten minutes after I took this.  He thought he was in trouble and came sneaking inside.

He wasn't in trouble...I loved on him some, because I'm going to miss him (and Callie) while we're gone.

Well.  My lists are calling my name and I have four teenagers to wake up to get started on their chores.  Love to all.

(I won't write again until the Monday after we get home...I can't wait to give an account of what all took place and how amazingly God worked.)

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