Monday, July 25, 2016

the weekend

Our weekend started off on Friday, with my dad coming over for lunch.  Usually, we go out to eat, but I am officially over eating out.  I made us lunch (his favorite~egg and olive salad) and we enjoyed eating here.  Graham and Drew worked that day but came home in time for lunch.  And only one kid likes egg and olive salad, so I made something different for them.

We visited and got all caught up and my sister Trish stopped by on her way home from work, so it was a loverly afternoon.  (I made that word up, but it's a good one, right?)

Later in the afternoon, Alex brought down a couple of visitors from his house: his little cousin and his nephew that is pictured with me.

Carson is the most adorable baby I have EVER seen.  I love his chubby little cheeks, and the way he holds his top lip.

We had pizza for dinner this night, then all the boys went night swimming.

Saturday I woke up to a massive thunderstorm.  Those are my favorite kinds of morning.  I took the dogs out and fed them, then settled into my chair to read.

Imagine that.

I finished The Antelope in the Living Room and I started Love Does.

I have a few chapters left of Love Does and I'll be done with it as well.  I had a teenager ask me to annotate a book for her last night before school starts.  I laughed, because I'd probably hate the book and because she needs to read it for herself!  (I was tempted to say yes.)

Because of my love for her.

Anyway, my husband had an entire day at home with us, which is extremely rare.  We went to my mom's house for dinner that night, minus Noah, who went swimming with Alex.

It was a beautiful night, way hot, but pretty, all the same.

We had church yesterday, then community group last night, for the first time in AGES!  We watched them swim in my friend's mom's pool and sat talking and laughing with that friend under a fan and the canopy of bug spray.

I have so missed having community group.  This has been a busy summer and we've had to cancel a lot, but I have an idea about next year that I want to talk about with the youth pastor that would help prevent that.  I think it's genius, but we'll see.

I hope you enjoyed your weekend!  Love to all.

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