Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Yesterday was just a normal day for us.  I have been running around more than usual lately and got way behind on my Bible study homework, so while the boys did school work in various parts of the house, I caught up on that.  I am loving the new Entrusted study by Beth Moore.  Her writing is so different this time and the homework is way more involved than normal, but I am loving every single part.  I keep on crying over the homework, too, and where she has us read in the Bible as we learn about the relationship between Paul and Timothy.

I love Bible study, in case you didn't know that about me.  Something she said in the video session we watched last night stood out to me, and it's true of me as well: I want to be a lifelong student.  I do not profess to be a teacher, because that is not my spiritual gifting, but I am a lover of the study that goes with the teaching.  I love spending hours pouring over the pages of Scripture, or reading commentaries about what I've just read.  I also love to read different translations of the Bible.  I LOVE studying the original origin of words, too, therefore I love learning their Hebrew, sometimes Aramaic (in Daniel, for instance) and Greek meanings.

I am a words girl.  I'm sure you knew that too, though.

Speaking of words, do you ever take these silly little quizzes?

Supposedly, they take all the statuses you've posted and show your most used words.  I am such a dork.  But this really makes my heart happy.  I love seeing the words I've used most.

Thankful is a big one for me~I've started keeping a gratitude journal again.  I did this a couple of years ago and filled up one little notebook, so when I found another new small notebook last week, I started again.  There is something about having to evaluate your day and writing down what you're most thankful for that puts things into perspective.  I love doing this.

After I completed my homework and after I made them a yummy lunch, we all headed upstairs to do our big task of the day.  It involved cleaning out a bookshelf that was in the playroom and moving the shelf into the hall at the top of the stairs.  It's not just a bookshelf, but it's a lawyer's cabinet that I have had since I was a teenager.  I love this piece of furniture and I LOVE seeing it at the top of my stairs now.

I took this picture and texted it to Mom, because she's like my personal decorator.  :)  The lamp and the picture above are not staying, but for now, I'm leaving them.  I want a smaller lamp there, maybe an iron lamp with a cute shade, and I am most likely going to paint over the rabbit picture you see.  I'm thinking of some ideas I've got rolling around in my head.

I love a good bookshelf, y'all.  I cleaned out all the books from it and am going to donate a bunch, but I also found the ones my kids loved most as little boys.  And I am keeping all of their favorites.  And also?  I have a whole Christmas book selection.

I know.  I love Christmas, though!  Last night Todd, the boys, and my stepdad, Bill, went to a men's night thing at a shooting range.  I'm so glad they got to go together.  My boys all had a blast.  All five of them.  Jonah chose a freaky clown as his target and it creeps me out.  While they were doing that, I ate a yummy dinner alone while watching Gilmore Girls, and I went to Bible study.

Well.  I have to get dressed!  I have to be somewhere in 45 minutes.  Love to all!

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