Monday, January 16, 2017

the weekend and a special favor

This was a very chill weekend.  Todd and Graham were out of town since Thursday morning, and with it being just the other three and me, things were pretty slow.  On Friday, Drew made plans to go see a movie with friends, so Jonah, Noah and I invited ourselves over to my mom's house for dinner.  When Todd's gone, I miss the company of adults.

I ran a couple of errands on to my favorite shop on our town square, CJ Lilly.  I found this adorable sign that I bought with some of my Christmas money.

It's the one that says bless your heart.  (I always say that!)  I love it and I was pleasantly surprised at the size of it.  If it hadn't been so big, I wasn't going to buy it.  In the hanging of this, I re-situated some of my other pictures, and cleaned things up a bit.

I couldn't resist snapping a picture of one of my favorite spots on the square as I was waiting on the light to change to green.

This used to a church, but is now a museum.  I even attended a wedding reception here, back in the day.  I love this beautiful, historic building.

The day started out so pretty, with sunshine, but ended up drizzly and dreary.  I miss the sunshine.  Even now, it's drizzly with the sun peeking through the clouds.  This weather is as confused with itself as we are.  All the ups and downs in the temps are enough to make all of our heads ache.

We had a mini-family reunion with Todd's family Saturday night, which was fun.

Yesterday our church started an Answers In Genesis conference, and it was yesterday morning, afternoon and evening, with more of the same today.  I'll be honest and confess here that I was going to go just to the Sunday one, but y'all, it's been so amazing that I'm going all day.  And the boys want to, as well.  The speaker is Bryan Osborne, and he's speaking on all sorts of topics, like dinosaurs, evolution and the age of the earth.

It's been phenomenal.

Here's the special favor portion of this post.

This is my beautiful niece, Erika.  She's pregnant with identical twin girls, and since about the twenty-six week mark, she has struggled in this pregnancy with her baby girls having a rare blood disorder syndrome.  The pregnancy has been full of uncertainty and anxiousness, not really knowing what the outcome would be.  Well, today, she is delivering these sweet baby girls.  I know she's nervous, and if my timing is right, she'll be in surgery in about an hour.

Will you please help me pray for her, and her babies, Kinsley and Kylie?  We would SO appreciate all the prayers we can get.

Thanks, in advance.

I need to get moving, so I'll keep this post short and sweet.  Love to all!

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